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PEMBROKE-DOCK. WEFF^OKE-DOCK A RTILLERY VOLUNTEERS.—We ex- atoh 3 j°"0wing fron* ^be Jjondon Gazette of Tuesday, i6ll8,lt. Qfj. 1868Comro /ssion signed by the Lord Lieu- irtil). county of PetTihroke.—2nd Pembrokeshire l?b8 As °luDteer Corps.* ^Howard D. Reynolds, M.D.. «8.taDt Surgeon, vice Otiarles Vaughan Summons re8jgned. DateJ 26th February, 1868. •Og^a^NMENT.—On Friday evening a penny read- °f thQ in the Primitive Metho dist Chapel, in aid }5 of wll pe» f<»nd. A great many persons were present, «hadh 8ee°ied pleased with the ^rood programme Pa8f.nneea elected for their entertainment. The Rev. Presided. Thursday evening last, the Rev E. R. V^er' ? .Tenby, delivered a lecture on 'Martin Th Wesley chapel in aid of the Building V*blv fnC^a^r (aa bad been announced by placard) h *8re 14 by Dr Gwynne Harries, cf this place. ?'.] to that the merits of the rev. gentle- fOod lIu;.lecturer, were so well known as to attract a If61506" The lecture was extempore and the Jlf'e»cefe^ "P t'le excitement and interest of the in6 the'p near^ two bours. As certain incidents in the k'^lect re*1 ^e^ormer were brought on and reviewed forth'fet 8 own beautiful language, great applause Jjf Verv *1? auc*ien(Je« The rev gentleman wound L^llent e, an^ e^0(luent lecture by making some fr i- on the lessona which ought to be Sih-10 the ID ° creat bero of the Reformation. rennfc J6 vaa concluded the rev. lecturer retired to appiause. After a few brief and appro- 6o ? Rbb9 tl ^een ma^e by the chairman, as well teo&t^6 muok n Harding, the audience retired ap- pleased with this highly intellect lal TA^ 4V6RAL °F thi0IiTHE ^*ATE WM* BURDWOOD, ESQ.—The Vja^ternoon ente<i gentleman took place on Satur- fon °°d, althat ^°UF ^'TQ" un^ers^an^ that Mr v five, 'Was "ugb comparatively a young man, viz ■^ock.vn '^e 0^est officer with oue exception, now L "le ^habitants. 0D^ was bigbly respected by also held t'le town an(* neighbourhood, but men of t»,A in t'le highest esteem by the officers ^olieJjujejjj. "°Pal Dock-yard. The whole of the L°lor,:al rpm 6Slre^ to pay the last tribu'e of respect to W^ore madn a,n3 following it to the tomb • they (n a respectful request to the sorrowing re- ^ole nf .ua 8u't;able hour for the funeral, to enable tk at0rio ataWishment t0 attend. This request ). Ni>T 0QJplled with,and the men cheerfully worked H l?et hour t0 enafal0 them to leave the yard one etHU re the usual time* Tbis arrangement gave ol 6 to re^re t0 'beir homes, and prepare to attend 1)1 lie 6411 an^ ProPer manner. The corpse was interred Qe* military cemetery, in a very nicely prepared n wboriie thereto under a pall by workmen Ve/6^ 'n {be yard, the senior officers acting as p9.ll- C\fr8' ^'Je wk°*e o^be Dock-yard and Customs' offi- the superintendent down without one exception, "°t Jbe funeral. The inhabitants of this town have a 8reater ^°88 ^or year's by the death of any °od} than they have by the death of Wm. Burd- ^6Qiy 31: be was really the friend of all and to all and N^fnone.

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