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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. HUNT WEEK.—The annual Hunt meeting will be held in the week commencing Monday, the l§th of November, ander the stewardship of Admiral L'lrt Stokes and Morris W. L1. Owen, Esq. There will be the usunl balls and ordinaries. SUDDRN DEATH.—A woman named Ann John, wife of Daniel John, residing at Crundale, expired suddenly on Monday nigbt week. The deceased, who appeared in her usual health, had partaken of a hearty supper, and was going to bed when she uttered the exclamation Oh Gear,' and expired instantly. The deceased, who had lost an eye, was well known in Haverfordwest, which place she frequently attended for the sale of vegetables. CONCERT AT NBYLAND.—On Friday evening, a concert cf vocal music was given at the National school-room, by Mr William Appleby, the schoolmaster, and organist of Landsfadwell church, assisted by several amateurs of the neighbourhood. The audience was large and respectable. A good programme was provided, and well rendered especially the part singing of Mr Appleby's choral cla?s, which gave much satisfaction. Mr A ppleby has been appointed to the school at Sketty. near Swansea, as weE as organist of the church at that place and this was his farewell entertainment, prior to leaving the school, which he has conducted for some years in the most satis- factory manner. MICHAELMAS QUARTER SESSIONS.—These sessions were commenced at the Shire Hall on Tuesday, before the Chairman, J. H. Soourfieid, Esq., M.P., and a BeDiJh of magistrates. The usual reports were received and considered. A county rate of a halfpenny in the pound and a police rate of the same amount were granted on the application of the Treasurer. The Court was oc- cupied a considerable time in hearing an appeal case, in which John Norris. of Pembroke, was the appellant, and Zetiico Ann Bowling, of the same place, was the respon- dent. The appeal was against an order made by the Justices at Pembroke, convicting the appellant cf a rwaance in respect of some pigs kept by him. The Bench dismissed the appeal with costs. THE PAY OF THE MiLniA.—The non-commissioned cmccrs of the Permanent Staffs of Militia. are very dis- satisfied, writes the united Service Gazette, with the way ia which they have been treated in respect to the late increase of pay. A large partion of these are non com- missioned officers of upwards of eighteen years' service, who have been transferred to the Militia to complete their time for pension. Under the provisions of the late Warrant they would, if they had remained with their Line regiments, have received an addition of threepence per day to their pay, while only twopence is given to them in the Militia. Hitherto the sergeants of the Militia Staffs have always been on a par, as respects pay, with the Line. They are thus deprived of one penny per day, to which they consider themselves clearly entitled, and unless it is granted it is difficult to know from whence the non-commissioned officers of the Militia will in future be obtained, as it is not likely that men will sub- mit to be mulct of a penny per day, as well as to double the time they would otherwise have to serve for pension JOINT COUNTIES' LUNATIC ASYLUM.—A meeting of the y isiting Committee of this Institution was held at the Asy- lum, on Tuesday week, when there were present, J. L.G. P. Lewis, Esq, (in the chair), Dr. Dyster, R. P. Davies, Esq., Capt. J. VI. Arengo Cross, Dr. Prothero, J. Jones, Ssq., D. Pug;h, Esq,, M.P., W. E. B. Gwyn, Esq the Dean of St. David's, and Col. Lewes, Llanllenr. There were 56 applications for the office ofmatron, which were reduced to three-Miss Morgan, Abergaver.nj Asylum Miss Bishop, Glo'ster County Asylum and Miss Probyn, Derbyshire County Asylum who were requested to at- tend before the committee on the 5th of Nov., when the final selection will be made.—The following tenders were accepted:—Isaac Jones, butcher for meat: bast sides of beef, 4Jd per lb do. pork, 5td; do. mutton, 5d, beef, 3|d.—Thomas Lewis, Parkers-plot, best Welsh but- ter, lid per lb; do. cheese, 25s. 8d. per cwt.—Messrs. D. Lloyd & Son, hard coal, 123. per ton s:oft coal, 12s. Gd. per ton.— Stephen Morgan, potatoes, 5s. 6d per cwt.— J. N. Buckley & Sons, best seconds flour, 52s. per sack of 2S0 Ibs.-Thomas Davies, Albion, for groceries.- White Brothers, spirits; Mrs Brigstocke, wines; D. E. Lewis and Son fur b-;er at 8d per gallon. —Thomas Townsend, for men's indoor shoes at 7s 6d per pair. The meeting was then adjourned until the 5th of Novem- ber, at twelve o'clock.





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