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PEMBROKE. BOROUGH SPECIAL PETTY SESSIONS. [Town Hall, Friday, 30th August, before W. Huliu, and D. A. Reid, Esqti ] Elizabeth. Mathias, Anne Mathias, aud Maria War low all prostitutes, were charged by Superintendent Evans with being drunk and riotous at Pembroke Dock, about one o'clock on the morning of the 30th ult. Discharged on payment of costs. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. [Town Hall, Saturday, 31st August, before W. Trewent, Esq, (Mayor), W. Hulm, T. Mansel, T. Lewis, J. Cocks, D. A. Raid, and S. W. Hustlers, Esqs.] This being the annual licensing meeting, nearly all the innkeepers' certificates were renewed without any remarks, and a few were adjourned for a fortnight. The following were refused: Elizabeth Hall, of the Golden Inn, Golden Hill; William Morris, Old Lion, King-street, Pembroke Dock; and five new applications were granted, of wtiom three are now innkeepers, but did not take out certificates for the both houses. Thomas Oliver, a tramp, with several aliases, was charged by Superintendent Evans with wilfully breaking into the dwelling house of George Edwards, of Bush Lodge, on the 28th of August, and stealing therefrom one shirt, one waistcoat, and one cravat, the property of George Edwards. Mr W. O. Hulm appeared for the prosecution, I Mary Edwards deposed: I am the wife of George Edwards, and live in Ferry-lane. I went from home last Wednesday morning, about a quarter past eight: I shut i up the house and did utn return tlll the evening; I bolted the door inside and got out through the window, shutting it down after me. This waistcoat, shirt, and cravat were in the house when I left in the morning: they are my husband's. The waistcoat and trousers were hanging on the parlour door, and the shirt and cravat on the kitchen door. I had seen the prisoner the night before: he came to our bouse between eight and nine o'clock in tha evening: he came with a pair of boots to sell. George Griffiths deposed: I am a labourer at Bush. I was at Bush Lodge on Wednesday last about one for my dinner. I liv6 in the next house to George Edwards, I went to Edwards from information. I looked in through the window, and I saw the prisoner putting on a shirt. It was in the upper room I saw him in about two or three minutes afterwards: he came out of the room through the window into the road. When I went there first both windows were shut: became out through one of those windows. I saw nothing about him but his abirt and trousers: his shirt appeared bulky, and he may have had things. He went down the Ferry road. I told a woman to watch him, and I followed them as far as the railway bridge, and I went across the fields to Pater for a police- man. I met the policeman and pointed out the prisoner to the police, The policeman took him into custody and to the station. I went to the station and saw this shirt and cravat taken off the prisoner's neck by the police" man. Richard Davies deposed I am a labourer at Gierspool, I remember seeing the prisoner on Wednesday last at Bierspool fold between one and two o'clock. He offered me a waistcoat for sale, and wanted 6<1 for it. I delivered it up to Sergeant Irving. The prisoner said he belonged to the 'Revenge,' and that he was hard up for a pint of beer. I am certain the prisoner is the man. P.S. Robert Irving deposed: On Wednesday afternoon last I received the waistcoat produced from the last wit- ness Davies. It was identified by Mrs Edwards as her husband's property the same evening. P.C. David Griffiths deposed: I apprehended the pri- soner on Wednesday last in Pater, on the information of George Griffiths. I took him to the station. This shirt and cravat were on his person when I apprehended him. Mrs Edwards identified them as her husband's property- they have been in my possession ever since. Ihe 1 risoner (who reserved his defence) was committed for trial to the Quarter Sessions. William Hawkins, a tramp, was charged by Superin- tendent Evans with begging by the motions of a deaf and dumb person, at Pembroke. P.C. Herbert proved the charge. When the prisoner was asked his name by the Bench, to the suprise of every one in court he could speak very well. The Bench committed him for seven days' hard labour. [Same day, before T. Mansel, Esq.] Robert Holmes, another tramp, a native of the Emerald Isle, was charged by Supt. Evans, with vagrancv at Mi lion. P.C. Rees proved the charge, and that he was pre- tending .0 be blind. He was committed for seven daye hard labour. J