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i"IIII' MILFORD. TU^SD?SP^'RA'T?0N T0 TIIE REV. MARK SYMONS.—On Weal 3y even'ng last a tea meeting was held in the >en chapel, Milford, for the purpose of taking fare- Milf i Mark Symons, who has laboured chiefly Terv or<j and Hakin for the last three years. After a CfbntlX • ? *ea ^eea'Parta^ea of by the members kavifta so^el;ies, Mr Perkins, who occupied the chair, Wif^6 tre^ °''joet the gathering,^ called on to M o > resident circuit steward, whohore testimony sterl"1" ^Mon8's faithful and indefatigable labours, and sent'111! worth, and concluded a feeling speech by pre- ^p aierev. gentleman in the name of the Milford ttafcin Bocietiea with a purse and fifteen guineas. who'was much overcome, replied in suitable %hf ?tU'^8': general Weeping. Several gentlemen spoke ?-om: 88 0 Symons'a pulpit labours, and special 'cflnsi't6DCe was given by all who spoke to his christian out of the pulpit. The meeting concluded *0 p. m. with devotional exercises. THEAT.—On Wednesday the 21st W „ children attending the Sunday School, at Hebo- id aPeh Haking, were treated with a trip to Tenby. giv orning was dull and cloudy and some slight mis- ^6"»8 Were aS t0 w'ia^ was likely state of f0ra eiJ(her these were| however, speedily dissipated, Sulj morning wore on the sky cleared and the re- el,^ as a very beautiful, if not a cloudless day. The aj.i re?< accompanied by numerous friends, embarked 8 Vf> ^ord pier» between nine and ten a.m., and after tail^ P^easant cruize to Hobbs Point, proceeded by to_Tenby. Soon after their arrival the several {!a 8 interest were sought out, the Castle Hill, the appealQent. &j the chief place of attraction, however, Vjjj4 red to be .the South Sands, where the numerous c];(f°r8'the fine refreshing breeze on the water, the W i Island, the noble expanse of Carmarthen *ater: c°mbined to make the old Queen of "Welsh tej 'n§ places look as lovely a3 ever. In the afternoon dii[ £ Provided in a field on the South cli'ff, which the e5ji>Jetlfas we^ as their friends appeared heartily to '^th 1 retum the evening was very pleasant *'1G railway anc^ steamer, and the whole party at the Milford pier, after a day of real en- any incident to mar, in the ^eSrfie> the pleasure. The trip to and fro was and ene by several pieces sang in Welsh by the children { pattt-eir friends. We should state that before the i ^'ven » t,rie steamer a vote thanks was unanimously j *ery Captain J ackson for his great liberality in the I Patty j rate charge made by him for the steamer the 0aBt ^8° expressed their obligations to Mr Kelway and !&ad 'p^low, for their kind attention to the convenience ^^•sure of the whole party.


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