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SALE BY MR. HENRY PHILLIPS. Haverfordwest. IMPORTANT SALE Or varied, neat, and useful Household Furniture, China, j*lass, Ware, Feather Beds, Mattresses, Blankets, Quilts, 8-day clocks, Timepieces, Silver Watches, handsome Chimney,Che val, and other Looking Glasses, I ^tirror, Globes, Maps, Books, Oil "Paintings, Pictures frames, Patent Mangle, Cob Horse, Phaeton, and •Harness, Saddles aad Bridles, Double and Single- barrelled Guas, brace of Pistols, Revolver Pianoforte, Corn Crusher, Rick Covers, &c- &c. MR. HENRY PHILLIPS Will Sell by Auction at the MARKET HALL (and at a ^welling house opposite) Haverfordwest, on Tuesday, September !0th, 1807, aad following days, I TSfi undermentioned varied, neat, & useful HOUSE- HOLD JFURNITURE, Feather Beds, eight-day i rrks- Timepieces, Silver Watches, Handsome Chimney w Va* an<^ot^er Looking Glasses, Globes and Stands, ^aps, Books, Picturss^and Frames, Double and Single Guns, Brace of Pistols, New Six Barrel Re- aver, Excellent Piccolo Pianoforte, by Warnum, Corn pusher, Small Milliard Table incomplete, Rick Covers, ^°b horse, excellent 4-wheeled Phsston and Harness l^.toplete, Bridles, Saddles, and Stable Requisites; ^'tchen Ware, and various other effects above referred to) 0»mpr;sing rosewood, zebra wood and mahogany loo, 1:Ring, study, card, and other tables, mahogany, leather &d hair seat, easy, American, cane seat, invalids, and 'Per chairs, music stools, mahogany fluted, 4-post, iron, jIl"i and other bedsteads, child's swing cots and cradles, Bather beds, bolsters and pillows, spring, hair, wool, Id other mattresses, palliasses., mahogany knd painted °uble and single tO|pel and clothes horses, mahogany ardrobes, book cases,, book shelves, mahogany and footed chest ol drawers, linen presses, toilet tables and ashing stands, handsome pier, chimney, and toilet S asses, large cheval glass, sofa and furniture, couches, aho'gany bidetts, night chairs, and commodes, shower aho'gany bidetts, night chairs, and commodes, shower aths, brass wire, and other fenders, wire fire guards, dozen brass stair rods, window cornices, bed and "lndow furniture, mahogany cellarets, teapoys, large & etn!111 mahogany butler's trays & stands, boot rack, j.J*"Ogany 8-day clocks, timepieces, silver watches, rary table with drawers, handsome and usefuf mahog- office desks, mohogany and other plate warmers, inner and other lamps, ten urns, carpetting, flower ^atids, globes and stands, Campbell's map of Pembroke- „"lre, maps Europe and America, oil paintings and r_ames, engraving and frames, handsome gilt and other Pustule frames, telescopes, barometers,and weather glasses of ware, small size old billiard table, kitchen re- t ^isites, and innumerable other valuable effects, which PaHnot conveniently be enumerated within the limits of ^idbills. BOOKS. —About 1,000 vrlumes of useful works. About 20 pockets of very superior old, in lots. » V*TJXS, &c.—One double and two single-barreled guns, J.Jp6 °f duelling pistols, and one new 6-barreIed revolver, "ith bullet mould, &c> complete. Several large rick covers, a capital corn crusher and frame, Winchester measures, scales, beams, and weights, n excellent piccolo pianoforte, in rosewood frame, by "arrnim. co^ Siding, used to harness and barn 4-wheeled phasron, nearly new, with cover and 8"*ss, saddles, bridles, and stable requisites, &c, &c. prec; ,l° commence each day at Eleven o'Ciock a.m., Salp ^our Months' Credit, subject to conditions of tiorieer ThC Purchase Mone7s to *>e paid to the Auc- ^J^jU-street, Haverfordwest, 29th August, 1867. THE OF HEAL Tll. HOLLOWAY'd PILLS. rf^HE » — secrefc ,of attaining happiness is to seeuiv, Pleac. without which life is stripped of al) ^oul.t T,he first irregularity of any function °f thnqr> fi c ,an<l ^t right by an appropriate dose by tw De; PurifyiiR Pills, which strengthen the system fhev h inRa y cleansin§ the I'lood from all impurities, disturb Ce dlsprdered actidn, remove the cause ot every nv^6' an-^ res^°^e't3 normal and natural power to drawback8"' witil0uf luconvenience, pain, or any other Thi- • of Blood to the Head. the stnriS S^eraHv occasioned by some irregularity oi to, fs-Pm aC^i aU bowels< wliich if not quickly attended famouoqp-Ht!y ie'-minates fatally. A few doses of these Witv tntu never fail to give tone to the stomach, recti* 3imnP ° ?e?rotlon"» and Purity to the fluids. Vertigo, aPonioVx S al"? 'ndications of approaching ^mi;«^' are epfrely dissipated by a course of this advaiyable medicine. fo • Scrofula, and all Shin Diseases. cines m dIseases, however inveterate, there medi- ae f 80Vereign remedy. While the Pills act upon throueh H.' Purify' the O^tment passes jL poles of the skio, and cleanses every struc- The'Aj f Satu,rates 'he soil, or as salt penetrates meat, ^guiar PbysJoal machinery is thus rendered healthy, fc«mr, ana vigorous. •" Coughs, Colds, and Asthmas. asare^erwiU ?lire coldsofIonK duration, or such fills VtJed.upon fhe chest so quickly as these famous aPPearPdVC.rLm Car^? where tbe first staSe of asthma has f 8 may be rehed on as a °ertainand lin" remedy» particularly if the ointment be Hiirhf « ,oasly wel1 ruhbed into the chest and throat 8UC and mprning. The? Indigestion.—Bilious Headache. it s:ese COttJp!aints are sometimes considered trifling, but lp-ct th borne in mind that, by inattention and neg- to a'°^ten end most seriously. Give early thought CelebrKfaiwf^ 8toraac^t take Holloway's Pills, rub-his slinl me^ over t^e Pit of the stomach, and you ^Bestin- y P?rce've a change lor the better in your ^Provem' S,PIR|TS' APPetite, strength, and energy. The lasting 10ay gradual, will be thorough V & Tills are the best remedy known in the world forth — following diseases: Dropsy Liver com- Ticdoulourcux ll0li8 Pnm Dysentery plaints Tumours faints m" ^ryslfcIas Lumbago Ulcers 81t°^es on iemalcirregu- Piles Venerealaffec. 1» skin lariabs Rheumatism tions com ° a11 RetGntion of Worms of al C^-aints t,.1"11118 urine kinds Cnji108 r> (. Scrofula, or Weakness, ?T°^, „ King's Evil from what- Coneb°Welg Head-ache Sore throats ever cause, l £ uSUl&Ptior, ?n2lgeKtlon Stonefe Gravel &c &c. o!,ty Inflammation Secondary d>at t.lio T?JfUi1^i,ee symptoms ttrand (n the Estabhshment of PROFESSOR HOI.LOWAY, 244 Wifl8ts and nS! Bar,) London, also by all respectable *tt<i al the fftn° la .Medicines throughout the civilised »eaehbo°x110Wms Prices:~ls 2s 9d,4s6d, lis,22s, .-I)i eOnsiderablesavingbytakingthelargerair". K J, n8for theguidanceofpatientsin everr Msorde rT^lowav', T?„e ea°h Bo*. ruSeists?with W ain^ ?mtn?cnt cai? be had of a» ChemiBts i With Welsh Directions without extra expense. VISITORS TO HAVERFORDWEST, AND OTHERS WHO TVISH TO EXPEND THEIR MONEY TO THE BEST ADVANTAGE, ARE RESPECTFULLY INVITED TO CALL AT P. P. E L L I S'S GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT, I HIGH-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, I WHERE they can select goods of choice quality, at suitable prices to meet their requirements. The Teas T f and Coffees now on sale are unusually good. Reduced Prices charged on quantities. Orders by letter have particular attention J BSOWIf & POLSON'S P A T E N T CORN FLOUR, WARRANTED PERFECTLY PURE, p RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN'S DIET. T0 obtain extra profit by the sale, counterfeit cheap' kinds are sometimes offered instead of BROWN tfe POLSON'S. The Genuine Quality is supplied by most respectable Grocers and Chemists. PACKETS, 8d; TINS, 18. I And FAMILY TINS, 71bs. and BIbs., at 8d per lib.