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PEMBROKE. TK^ton°LIB ^EW INDEPENDENTCHAPEX.—The founda- « 9tK ,e this building was laid on Friday afternoon j" ofjg" *VIr- Morley of London, who gave the hi^Onv towards the funds. The trowel used at the >t J' ^.s presented to Mr Morlcy by the worthy #°asi(je F '\illiam Trewent, a gentleman who takes \a^nterest in the success of this body of Dis- t of ^d.dresse8 were delivered by Mr Morley, Mr. htS o ri?t0^> thg Kev. D. Salmon, and other minis- tteSfiT»t. jn"eiQen, a large concourse of people being L 6Q lho evening a public jneeting was held in <foi-a ^ost SSeaibly which was largely attended (J J i,lesPectl4We congregation, when addresses were filiation* above named gentlemen and others. K • Xh ^er.e Wade during the day, which realised V 80llth eS buildinS erected on a good site, to ast of the venerable eitn tree, and will be a bJ^u°ture, built in the Gothic style from designs k> i th ^ev T- Thomas of Swansea, who is the bf! 6 Do'ek 9 c"ntractor being Mr William Allen of Pem- it'a^»38ft length of the buiiding .is to be 61ft., tie buV" ^e. interior will accommodate 600 people. 8lto i! dr ?^^mestone, the front being of hammered fcm e anc^ 3P"'e °* stone. There will 8PaciQ 8 sc^°°l ai1d class rooms, together vestry room, beneath the chapel.




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