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bbits; Guildford was the only farm this side of the that Mr Lort Phillips let himself. nof fillips recalled, 6aid that Mr Lort Phillips did rj>??y 8 word about the game at the time of letting, i,,ls was the case for the defence. Bench retired, and after a brief absence returned to Court, when Mr 0. E, Davies said they had deputed Th363 deliver the judgment. ♦K Clerk said the Bench had directed him to state at they were of opinion that there was no evidence to .?°,w that the late Mr Lort Phillips ever reserved the the rabbits to himself; but, on the contrary, the idence which had been produced, and which had not en contradicted, showed that there was no reservation, ua therefore the rabbits having been in Mr Phillips, seetned that Mr Lort Phillips had no power to let to anybody else. The Bench had nothiug to do at to dismiss the case. ant' e-was some aPP5ause in court among the defend- ts friends when the decision was pronounced, and *Pt Child ordered the police to take into custody any M°n ^oun<* ma,Jin8 a row- Mr Price applied for costs, which the Bench allowed, a also asked for an order for the return of the ferret aa netSi but t^0 stated they had no power to one. ~*pt Child: You have your remedy, Mr Paul. Paul; I know; and I am going to use it.