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T E N B Y. I ST. FLORENCE.—After an interesting address by tbO Rev. E. Ibbotson on Tuesday evening, 16th imtant, In the School-room, the sum of £ 5 lis 4d., inclusive ° subscriptions, and the proceeds of a card, was collected in aid of the operations of the Society fjr the PrJpagation I' of the Gospel. SAUNDEUSFOOT. —On Wednesday, the 24th instant, the children of the St. Issels, and other schools of the neig^' hood, were invited by C. Mathias, E-;qr., of Coedraotbi to tea. Some hundreds were present, who, after parttlk- ing sumptuously of the good things provided fur theOb amused themselves with rustic -arxieg on the grounds surrounding the house, and separated with the day's amusement so kindly and thoughtfully provided. ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS.—The following gentle* men, having undergone the necessary examinations for the diploma, were admitted members of the College at 9 meeting of the Court of hxarniners on the 23rd instf Messrs. Humphrey Lloyd Williams, Bala, Merioneth- shire; Griffiths Lock, M.A. Cantab., Tenby, South Wales, students of St. Bartholomew's Hospital; William Isaac Williams, Abergele. North Walts; and RicJ»/,f!* Arthur Pritchard, Pwllheli, jNurtli Wales, of the, Du^ School.. Nicw CONGP.KGATIONAL CHAPEL, TENBY.—The fo0?*, dation of ihe ne'v Congregational Chapel at Tenby, be laid on the Gth day of August next, by Mr Morlpy. The ceremony will take place at 12 o'clock giving sufficient time for those who travel by the do*11 train frortl WtJillanu and the up train from Pembroke Dock. MrMorley will spealc on laying the stone, ntl will preside at the public meeting :n the evening. site of the new chapel is in the Pill Field, on the road to the railway station. The design is of the early Englisil style of architecture, very simple and pure. Mr H. V Pall, of Manchester, is the architect, and the builder tS Mr J. Rogers, of Tenby. c TESTIMONIAl, TO THE ARCHDEACON OF ST. DAVID'S- At a meeting of the committee for the purpose of presenting Archdeacon Claik with a token of regard on his leavinS Tenhy, held in the Town-hall on Monday last, N.C' Dunn, Esq, in the chair, present,—Colonel Poole, Allen, J. Gwynne, A. A. Heithmd, A. Iltghmore, Sanders, and G. White, Esqs; Messrs Couseus, GregO'T' Henton, Mason, Phelps, and Walkinton. The ver? handsome and massive silver and breakfast service a11** selection of books that form the Testimonial were placed on the table for the inspection of the committee Oa the proposition of C. Alien, Esq, it was unant" mously resolved that a deputation from the committe3 should wait on Archdeacon Clark, at Kobeston Wathen, on Wednesday (this day), !or the purpose of making thiJ presentation. 1 POLICE COURT, Monday, July 22nd. — Before the Mayor, N. J. Dunn, Esq, Rev T. H. Dunn, G. White, Esq, and W. Rees, Esq. — William Darnel was charged by William Richards, fly proprietor, with using la°' guage towards him calculated to produce a breach of the peace. Case dismissed. Mary Nicholas, of the Tenby Out-liberty, was charged by P.C. Thomas Thomas wit crossing the pavement, from Bank Lane to High Street, with a horse and cart. Ordered to pay costs, 3s. Thomas Evans, formerly manager of the Tenby y0' operative Society, was charged by Mr W. J. Secretary of the above society, with unlawfully wit^ holding the sum of £ 32 Us 6;}j, the money of the sai society. Case adjourned unlil Aug. Sth. Mary of Monkton, Pembroke, was charged by Head-Constab Harrison with obstructing the pavement in the Street, by placing baskets thereon. Ordered to P8^ coate, 4s. SAUNDERSFOOT PETTY SESSIONS.—Police Station, Ju'j '23rd, before F. L>. Dvster, and F. Sauders, Esqs, Ke«* T. N. Dunn, and R. Buckby.— Thomas w» charged by George Griffiths, with unlawfully cuttiwj, alder trees, the property of VIi>s Harriet Richards. Knightson. Mr W. O. Hulm, of Pembroke, appeared • the defence. Complainant did not appear. Case di» mssed with costs, Mr Htili lis 6d, and 2s 6d one witness .— William John, parish of Begelly, charged by Sergeant Peter lloyle, with an assault o Enroa John, his wife. Bound over to keep the himself in £ 20, and one surety, John John, in £ 1"' r 4n/i Jones, a young girl, was charged by Sergeant lloyle, with cruelly torturing a chicken. Mr J '5 Hulm, of Pembroke, appeared for the defence.—Fran^ Thomas deposed: 1 live at U Ill, in the parish of Issells. On the 10th inst. I WAS sitting down in a house at Bill. In consequence of something I beai'3 got on the table. I saw Ann Jones in her garden, a joining our garden, about two yards trou) where I f She took up a chicken and twisted its legs: the bones g both were broken: the skin as well as the bones g broken on one of the legs. The chicken was five j{, old. 1 told her to throw it down, as I had see" 0t She did so, and said she would lull them all if I d to0lt keep them from her garden. When Ann Jones first i it np. it was alive. | picked it up after she had thro it down, and it waq dead. Fined Is, and 6s 6d c0S*7' Of seven days in the House of Correction.—Jane Edward Begelly, was chjarged by Charlotte Lewis, of (;roye, Issells, with using abusive language. Bound over in surety (her husband) in £ 10 to keep the peace for t months. CREMONA UNION.—On Monday evening, and Wednesday afternoon and eveuiug, the celebrated be mona Conoert Company gave their entertainments Royal Assembly Rooms. We are sorry to say t attendance on each occasion was small. It apeaiw