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AT the Petty Sessions on Thursday, Mr Jobn Harvey referred to the obstructions which occur at certain entrances to the town on fair days. Of late years a practice has grown up of bringing horses for sale to the Bridgend, Cartlett, and Hol- loway, where they collect in such numbers as to render the streets at times impassable, and when it is possible to pass, there is considerable risk of injury, which is much increased by the sellers putting their stock through their paces in the public streets. The collection has recently so much increased in dimensions that it has become a positive nuisance, and the only wonder is that parties have been so long permitted to commit a breach of the law with impunity, particularly in these days when the unfortunate owners of donkey carts are occasionally made to pay fines with costs for allowing them to remain on the open spaces bordering on the streets. Mr Harvey has now made a public reference to the matter, and it is to be hoped that the authorities will turn a deaf ear to any solicitations that may be made to them oa behalf of those particular localities, and do their duty by abating the nuisance. The nuisance exists not because there is no policeman on the spot to put it down but because it has been recognised as a. new institution, and what has been permitted solely with a desire to facilitate the transaction of business, is now looked upon as a right which cannot be taken away. The horse fair should be held in the appointed place—Merlin's Hill; and if there are any persons who are not aware that there is a place specially assigned for the purpose or who choose to forget it, their ignorance or forgetfulness should be removed by a notice issued by the authorities. If the superintendent of police receive directions to attend to these matters, it will not be long before the nuisance will cease to exist. THE annual meeting of the Haverfordwest Bifid Association, which is announced to take place in the week commencing July the 29th, promises to be as attractive and as successful as any that has preceded it. The donors of special prizes in former years continue their liberal support, and the conditions on which their prizes will be competed for will be issued by the committee in a few days. The Lord Lieutenant of Haverfordwest has contributed £2(), and Mrs. Scourfield the usual Williamston Cup. The Picton Castle Cup, presented by Mrs. Philipps, of Picton Castle, also appears in the list, but with a slight change in the conditions, it being the wish of the donor that the winner should have the option of taking the Cup or its value in money. The county member has given the sum of £ 10, Earl Cawdor X5, Lord Kensington £10, Colonel Peel £20, Capt. Massy £10, Lieut. Harvey Lio, and Capt. Brady £5. There are several .L y smaller sums given by gentlemen and trades- men of the locality, which will be found in the list published in another part of our journal. While on the subject of rifle shooting, we cannot help referriag to the extraordinary i success of Capt. Horatio Ross, generally known as I the father of modern riflemen.' The veteran marksman, who is now nearly 66 years of age, defeated the best shots of the kingdom in a two days' match at Cambridge a fortnight ago. The contest was for the Cam- bridge Cup, and the ranges were 900, 1,000, and 1,100 yards, 30 shots at each distance. In this competition, which required the keenest vision combined with the highest skill, the gallant officer came out victorious, defeating his two famous sons and a number of other equally celebrated riflemen The match was followed by a dinner, at which the health of the winner was drunk. In responding to the toast, Capt. Ross remarked, I he believed the best and kindest wish he could express for the health and happiness of his friends around him was that when a good many years hence they were within a few weeks of their 66th birthday, they may be able to hold their rifles as steadily and see the bull's eye as clearly as he had done during the last two days.'


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