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MILF ORD. PROPRIETARY COLLEGE, MILFORD. An important gathering of friends interested in the spread of high class education in Pembrokeshire as- sembled at the Milford Proprietary College on the 14th ult. The immediate cause of the meeting was the annual distribution of prizes following the annual examination and it must have been especially gratifying to the managers and promoters of the college to witness such a large attendance of ladies and gentlemen from all the districts of Pembrokeshire in addition to the numerous friends from Milford and its neighbourhood. The Milford College has at length become one of our local institutions; it has survived all the perils of infancy and the difficulties and dangers of nonage and has rapidly attained a position and influence rarely acquired by similar collegiate institutions until after years of trial and frequently of disappointment and defeat. Much of this success must be attributed to the persevering eff >rts, the constant attention/and the recognised abilitv as a teacher of the head-master- the Rev. T. A: Marshall, M.A.. and it must have sustained Mr. Marshall in the midst of hit trying labours to witness the success of those labours in the rapid improvement of the pupils, and to receive such warm testimonials of approval from the examiners and other friends of the college. The marked progress of the college during the past year and its growth in public favour will prove a stimulus to both teachers and pupils, and be an earnest of future progress and well-deserved prosperity. The examiners for the present year were the Rev. Canon Thomas, Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of St. Davids, for Divinity and Classics; and for Mathematics, Mr. Buttery, of Pembroke-dock. The proceedings of the prize commenced by the election to the chair of the Rev. J. H. A. Philipps, M.A., of Picton Castle. Mr. Philipps, in responding to the call, said that he felt considerable pleasure in occupying the position of chairman on that interesting occasion. He had filed the post in the previous year and he could truly say that he was more gratified with the state and prospects of the school now than even then. The increase in the number of the pupils was considerable, and the educational improvement most marked and gratifying. He expressed his regret at learning that one of the pupils bad been summoned from amongst them by death, Und urged this sad bereavement as an argument and inoentive for increased devotion to duty and study. Mtt Philipps concluded a brief but impressive speech, pervaded by kindfeeling and sound educational views by slightly re* ferring to the state and prospects of the college, and then called on the Honorary Secretary,-Mr. Alfred Starbuck, to read the report of the examiners. The report of the Rev. Canon Thomas was as follows 71, Euston-square, London, June 10, 1867. MY DEAB SIR,—Having been requested to send von a report of my examination of the^ pupils at the Milford College, I have much pleasure in informing you that I devoted the afternoons of the 21st and 23rd ult. to the examining of the classes in Greek, Latin, and Divinity, and that the result was in each department very highly satisfactory. I should wish, however, especially to notice the great progress of the pupils in Greek, for whereas last year there were only two prepared for ex- amination in that language, there was this year a large class (I have not by me a list of the names) which passed a very good examination in a portion of the Greek Testament and of a Greek Tragedy-The Medea of Euripides. That of the Latin class in selections from • Ovid was not less satisfactory, and I was much pleased with the ready, intelligent, and accurate answers to my questions on scripture history and the catechism. Having said so much, I think I need feel no hesitation in assuring the committee of the Milford College that the results which I have described may be considered .a8 incontrovertible proofs that the instruction of the has been conducted with great diligence and ability, and does great credit to the bead-master and his assistants. I remain, my dear Sir, Yours very truly, W. B. THOMAS. A. B. Starbuck, Esq., Milford. The report of the mathematical examiner was nest read. 4, Queen Street West, Pembroke Dock, 7 11 June, 1867. DEAR Mu FmcHAM.—The enclcsed result of TOO examination has been arrived at after a careful examina" tion of the papers sent to me.