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PEMBEOKE-DOCK. On Friday night laat, Mr E. Gibby, Hill Farm, had ^six sheep destroyed by a dog, and four others so badly worried, that the animals were obliged to ba destroyed. The total number of sheep lost through this cause during the past fortnight is about forty, and the dog or dogs have not been discovered, although every endeavour has been made for that purpose. t GUN VESSELS—An Admiralty return shows that on the 1st of April there were b2 gun vessels and gunboats under 1,000 tons in and 42 not in commis- sion, 30 are reported in indifferent or defective condition; two are unserviceable and vnry rotten two are only fit for harbour service; two have been frequently under repair, and another requires considerable repair; 12 with moderate repairs may be kept, effecti ve until 1870 33 are in good condition or serviceable. Of the 42 not in com- mission, six are rotten and not worth repair; 19 are defective, 12 of them unserviceable; seven are fit for harbour service only; three are not complete; seven are in good and serviceable condition. LAUNCH OF THE PBNELOPE.- On Tuesday evening week this splendid specimen of iron ship-building was launched from the Pembroke Dockyard. There was present a far larger concourse of spectators than is usual on such oc- casions. She is, we believe, the first man-of-war ship entirely constructed of iron that has been at this yard. Her length is 320 feet, and she is intended to carry eight guns. The launch was most successfully accomplished, the noble structure passing from the stocks to her des' tined element without the slightest obstruction of anY kind, amid the most enthusiastic cheers of the spectators. THE NAVAL REVIEW AT SPITHEAD.—The under- mentioned ships of her Majesty's Navy will be present at the great naval review which is to be held before the Sultan in the middle of July. His Imperial Majesty is expected to arrive in England about the 13th proximo and to prolong his stay till the end of the month Vic- toria,102 guns; Mersey, 36; Phcebe, 35; Liffey, 39 j Sutlej, 35; Nymphe, 4 Daphne, 4; Liverpool, 35» Duncan, 81; Revenge, 73; Donegal, 81; St. George, 72 Royal George, 72; Irresistible, 60; Lion, 60 > Minotaur, 26; Achilles, 26; Bellerophon, 14; L°r<i Clyde, 24; Pallas, 6; Valiant, 24; Warrior, 32 J Black Prince, 41 Royal Sovereign, 5 (turret) Prince Albert, 4 (turret) Wivern, 4 (turret) Research, 4 t Viper, 2 Vixen, 2; Waterwitch (hydraulic gun boa armour-plated, 777 tons) 20 gunboats. In addition to the above seven or eight large steam-vessels to the fleet of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam ^avl* gation Company, as well as a great number of yaohts> harbour steamers, &c., will be provided to convey he^ Majesty the Queen, the Royal Princes, the peers, lDeJØ bera of the House of Commons, and visitors,