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TENBY CORPORATION. On Monday week a Special Meeting of the Town Council was held, the Mayor in the chair, to receive the Clerk's report relative to the expenses in the cause of Mr and Mrs Lock against the Tenby Local Board of Health. The Town Clerk stated thht the amount of the ex- penses incurred were,— £ tf. d. Mr and Mrs Lock's law costs taxed. 37 0 0 ,»i >. Surveyor's 71 17 3 Arbitrator's fees 38 6 S Damages 37 10 3 „ X 184 13 6 Estimated amount of Mr W. Vaughan James' and Messrs Gwynne and Stokes' bills for defending the Local Board. 90 0 0 £ 274 13 6 The collector was ordered to collect in sufficient of the General District Rate to pay Mr and Mrs Lock's oosts and damages within a month. A plan and section of the proposed Iron Pier was laid before the Council, together with the following letter:- 12th June, 1867. 'Dear Sir,-Since I had the pleasure of meeting you at Tenby, and submitting a proposal for an Iron Pier, I have prepared a formal plan a section, showing the arrangements in detail, which I now send you for the information of the Town Council. This plan has been submitted to the Board of Trade, who have now the Admiralty jurisdiction in these matters. You will per- ceive by the section that a minimum depth of 15 feet is obtained at extreme low water, and this is effected by an unusually short length of pier, 440 feet, and you will notice the soundings on the small copy of the Admiralty i chart, in the corner, and that from no other point near the town can such a favourable result be obtained.. Moreover, the approach under Tenby Castle will form an agreeable esplanade, especially when combined with the pier, and will have the additional advantage of proxi- mitv to the Life-boat house and Custom-house. The cost <1f this work would be between £ 8,000 and ( £ 9,000; but I should think it prudent in the face of contingencies, to fix the capital at £ 10,000. Having in view the great advantage this undertaking would have for Tenby, will you kindly assist in bringing it before the favourable notice of your town ? and with reference to the land required for the approach, it would be very desirable that an early arrangement should be arrived at, whereby its value should be assessed. Mr William Bell, of 26, Duke Street, the Parliamen- tary Agent who has acted for the Pembroke and Tenby Company, has kindly consented to assist in obtaining the sanction of Parliament in the ensuing session. I need not repeat what I formerly stated, that a pier which shall command the sea at all tides and ueathers is indispensable to every town on the coast, and all towns are providing themselves with one. They moreover have the advan- tage of being generally attractive to promenaders, and are in favour with the investing puUic, iron piers in general being found to pay remarkably well. I am, Sir, yours faithfully, J. W. GROVEB. 'To Dr Dyster.' It appeared by the plan that it was intended to com- mence the new pier just below the Lifeboat House, from whence it is to be carried along the side of the Castle Hill to the point opposite Saint Catherine's Island, where the iron pier would commence. The general opinion appeared to be, that it would not injure our harbour receipts, while it would increase the number of visitors, and add to the attractions of Tenby as a watering place, by affording an agreeable esplanade that would no doubt become the fashionable promenade.