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T LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. STATE CONCERT.-By command of Her Majesty a State Concert was given on Tuesday evening at Buck- ingham Palace, to which a party of upwards of 700 was invited. The invitations included the following :-Earl and Countess Cawdor. SUMMER ASSIZES.- The following is a list of the days & placee where the forthcoming summer assizes are to be held for the South Wales Circuit.—Haverfordwest. July 5; Cardigan, 9th; Carmarthen llth; Cardiff, l Brecon 27th; Prcsteiga, August 1 Chester 3rd. The Judge appointed to the circuit is Mr Baron GLaanell. ACCIDENT AT HOOK. QUAY.—On Monday week a man, named David Jones, master mariner, met with a severe accident by failing over the edge of the quay at Hook. Oa being pi eked up it was ascertained that several ribs were broken. He was at once taken up the river in a boat, and conveyed to the Infirmary in this town. We are glad to hear there is every prospect of his speedy recovery. HAVERFORDWEST PIFL:3 CorpS.—The contest for the prizes given by Col. Peel for attendance at drill during the months of May and June, will be shot for on .Monday next. There will be tea prizes. The raagea will be 200 and 600 yards, five shots at each distance, Wimbledon targets and scoring. The finst squad will be formed at five o'clock, and will com- plete the two distances in succession. A second squad •wiU-be formed at 6'30. Sergt. Major lieid will act as umpire during the shooting. PROPOSAL FOR THE DISFRANCHISEMENT OF THE FREE. MEN.—In the House of Commons on Monday, Mr Hard- castle moved an amendment with a view of prohibiting burgesses or freemen hereafter appointed from voting in that capacity. This proposition received the support of the leader of the Liberal party, Mr Gladstone, and was opposed by various members, amongst whom were the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Mr Scourfield. Even tually the amendment was negatived without a divi- sion. INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETy.-On the 6th instant Mr Edwin W. John, son of Mr William John, Town Clerk of this town, passed irith great credit the inter- mediate examination for articled clerks, held by the above society, at their institution in Chancery Lane, Lendon. The questions submitted to the candidates being of unusual difficulty, and not being confined to any given subjects, have caused much complaint in the columns of our legal contemporaries: we therefore regret that the examiners have not published the honour list of this examination. COUNTIES IN WALES. — The Parliamentarv return moved for by Captain Hayter shows that the nine counties of Wales are represented by 15 members, the gross sstimated rental, as taken in 1865, being thus epitomised — Anglesey, £166,871 Brecknock, £ 241,949; Cardigan, £ 169,202; Carmarthen, £ 411,391 Carnarvon, £286,013; Denbigh, £ 400,459 Flint, £ 298,454; Glamorgan, £ 793,648; Merioneth, £170,188; Montgomery, £ 311,873; Pembroke, 9316,470 and Eadnor, £ 129,287. These sums do not include the esti- mated rentals of districts of-boroughs in Wales. THE ExcisB MOVEMENT.—The Civil Service Gazette in an article on the excise movement, observes These public servants seek for no special privileges, no pecu- liar favours, no patronising graces, no unearned re- wards; they want only to share in the common rights, to be placed on a par with others similarly employed, to be secured in a fair allowance of daily bread for their <1 lily toil. They have nothing to conceal, nothing vrbich they are ashamed to tell; they court inquiry full and searching; they desire to make known what they do and how they do it, and what treatment they receive they was: to teli the public the truth, the whole truth, acd nothing but the truth, confident in the result. We need not say that we sympathise in their movement, and applaud their spirit and conduct.' THE TASKER CHALLENGE. Cup.-We announced in a lormer number that the cou'test for the above handsome trophy (presented by the Rev. James Tasker, of Carlisle, for cem petition by the Haverfordwest and Carlisle Volunteers) terminated in favour of the Haverfordwest Volunteers. We are enabled this week to lay before our readers the scores made by the competitors on both sides HAVERFORDWEST. e w r> T 200 500 600 TI. Col-Sergt. W. E. Jones 23 22 15 60 Sergt. T. L. James 22 21 18 61 L.-Corp. S. Thompson 20 H 10 u Private D. Phillips 26 H. < 18 58 „ R. I. Jones 26 23 13 62 Geo. Davies 20 22 12 54 A. Lewis 25 21 23 69 T. Rogpr?. 25 18 11 57 George Morris 24 21 20 65 D. P. Davies 25 16 O,, 50 T 580 Deduct 2 578 C.UU-I-LE. 2CO .?M 600 TJ. :)8qeant Carrie:{ 24 19 16 59 » little 23 16 15 54 Lieutenant Binning 28 16 10 54 Sergeant .Johnston 22 13 16 51 Corporal Gibson 2G 14 13 53 Sergeant Rudd 23 18 11 52 Col.-Sergeant Routing;. 25 9 11 45 Corporal Davithon 23 12 11 46 Lieutenant. Palmer 23 12 4 39 Sergeant Carton!! M." 20 8 2 30 483 Add 2 485 CRICKET.—A match was played on Portfield, on the evenings of the 18th, 19th, and 20th instants, between the, Haverfordwest Junior Club, and the Early Closing Club, the latter being assisted by Messrs Griffiths and Lewis, of the Commerce House Club. The game resulted in favour of the Juniors, with 8 wickets to fall. The ba ting of Mr W. M. Thomas was very good: his score of 25 was obtained by careful play, and consisted of four 3's, two 2's, and singles. Messrs Baker and Lewis bowled very creditably on behalf of their respective sides. The following is the score t- EARLY CLOSING. 1 st Innings. 2nd Innings. Jos. Davies, b Baker 5 b Baker 11 J. Griffi ths, c R. Williams, b Baker 15 b W. S. James. 1 J. Lewis, b Baker. 7 run out. 8 A. Instance, b Baker 0 c Adams, b Baker I W. Williams, b W. S. James. 0 not out. 81 W. Thomas, not out. 0 b W.S. James. 0 A. Evans, b Baker 0 b Baker 2 G. Phillips, c Perkins, b W. S. James. 0 c W. S. James b Baker.. 1 O. W. Griffiths, c A. James, b Baker. 6 b W. S. James 1 J. Warlow, run out. 2 c Phillips, b W. S. James 0 J. Rees, c Perkins, b Baker. 0 bBaker. 1 Byes 3 Byes 6,1 b 2, 8 38 42 HAVERFORDWEST JUNIORS. 1st Innings. 2nd Innings. W. S. James, b Lewis JO T. Baker, c A. Evans, b Lewis 15 not out. 3 W. M. Th omas, b Griffiths. 25 A. James, l b w Lewis 0 F. Perkins, c Griffiths, b Lewis 3 R. Williams, b Lewis 0 bGriffiths 0 J. Adams, b Griffiths 0 T. Williams, I b w, b Lewis. 10 b Istance 0 C. Phillips, not out. 8 R. Thomas, b Lewis 0 W. Grimtbi., c & b Griffiths. 0 Byes 2, 1 b 6 8 7b 3 THE GREAT SIMULTANEOUS ENFIELD RIFLE MATCH. -The result of the shooting in this match was published on Saturday last. The match was opdh to Volunteers throughout Great Britain, and was shot for in the week ending June 1st. The ranges were 200, 500, and 600 yards, seven shots at each distance, Wimbledon targets and scoring. There were two classes,—class A, confined to battalions, and class B., restricted to com- panies. The Carmarthenshire and Breconshire Bat- talions competed in class A., and the Brecon, Crick- howell, Builth, Haverfordwest, Carmarthen, and Aber dare companies shot in Class B. The score made by the Welsh Companies were as follows: Brecon, 612; Crickhowell, 542 Haverfordwest, 477; Aberdare, 411 Carmarthen, 398; and Builth, 354. The Brecon Com- pany was 8th in order of merit, and won a prize of £ 10, and the Crickhowell company won the 22nd prize of X5 About 280 companies competed, which included upwards of 4,000 men. The total of the Haverfordwest Volun- teers was the 100th in order of merit, and comprised one excellent score of 64, made by Private George Davies, I who occupies the 6th place in the table of scores of 64 marks. The following is the score of the Hayerford. west Company — 200 500 6C0 TL Private George Davies. 23 19 22 64 „ A.Lewis 14 17 26 57 „ R. I. Jones. 20 20 16 56 Col. Sergt. W. E. Jones. 21 14 13 48 Sergt. T. L. James 15 15 16 46 Private T. Rogers 18 18 10 46 „ D. Phillips 19 11 11 41 Sergt. Major T. J. White 17 15 9 41 Private John Morris 17 13 9 39 „ D. P. Davies 14 14 11 39 477 THE CIVIL SERVICE.—On Saturday evening a meeting of the Excise branch of Inland Revenue officers in the London districts was held at the Albion hall, London- wall, for the purpose of concerting measures with their brotner officers in other parts of the kingdom to bring an improved reorganization of the service and a beneficial change in their condition. In the course of the somewhat lengthened proceeding, it appeared to be the opinion of the offiicers present that they should bring their grievances before the notice of Parliament, as they were earnestly desirous that the public should be made acquainted with these grievances, for one speaker said, the public thought the Inland Revenus officers were well paid and were men of good position. It was explained that an officer on first entering the service bad from Y,94 to X95 r year, and had to find a horse. After four or five years service he obtained a salary of X 110 a year, and an additional grant of X20 to pay for a horse and its keep, and all the expenses of travelling. He could then be promoted to be a first-class officer, with a commencing salary of X] 20 a year, creeping up by X5 a year to iCI60, beyond which he could not go. Mr Meikle was elected to the chair, and in the course of an able tpeech, which was much applauded, he maintained that it was the un- deniable right of the civil servants to meet in the manner they had done, and if they were so agreed, to petition Parliament to redress the grievances under which they laboured. He urged that the salaries which the oflicers of that branch of the service receive were altogether inadequate for men who had the responsible and trusted positions which they held, and he spoke of the great loss which the country was liable to sustain through paying inadequate salaries. He stated as his personal expe rience that men who had received these inadequat salaries had been unable to meet their expenses, and the revenue of the country had suffered, inasmuch as these men, acting in collusion with the tax-payers, had sent ie false returns. He next dealt with the allowance of £ 2" a year for travelling expenses, and pointed out that nO allowance whatever was made for the purchase of a borso and gig in the first instance, and this X20 had to covee the purchase of a horse and trap, the expense of all thr necessary fittings, all the expenses of the road, as well ae the rent of coach-house and stable, and the horse's keeps -Times, June 3, 1867. CONCERT AT BROAD HAVEN.—On Monday evening' week a concert of vocal and instrumental music was given at the Terrace House, Broad Haven, near Haverfordwest in aid of the Harroldston West Church Schoolroom Fund, which passed off very successfully. There was a large audience of the elite of the neighbourhood, and of Haverfordwest, as well as the visitors who are spending the season at this delightful and picturesque bathin<* place; The concert commenced at half past seven o'clock, at which time the rooms, which were neatly decorated for the occasion, were well filled with a most fashionable company. The performance commenced with a quad- rille- I The Little Florence,' which was well played by the Haverfordwest Minstrel Band. The next was a part song—'We thank you most sincerely,' which was well sung by the Harroldston West Choir, each sustaining his and her part very correctly after which the Misses Jenkins, of the Saint Martin's Choir, sang very sweetly a pretty duet—' List to the Convent Bells.' Mr William Reynolds, of Hill Street, then sang a solo and chorus very effectively, and was ably accompanied by the Min- strels. Mr and Mrs Meares next played a brilliant duet on the pianoforte, instead of Mr Harding playing a solo on the cornet, who was unavoidably absent. Mr Wm. Jenkins, of the Saint Martin's Choir, gave in capital style I Aly Dear Old Home,' which was well received. The United Choirs next sang most effectively a beautiful anthem (composed by Miss E. S. Phelps) 'Sing Praises,' &c. The Minstrels then played a pretty quartette, which was ably executed. After a short delay, the second part of the programme was commenced by Mr J. Meares and Miss Meares playing a lively duet on the pianoforte. The HarroldstonWest Choir thensung in parts 4 We Little Red Caps.' Mr Beynon and the Minstrels next sang a solo andu;h0rus —' O what would I give to have wings.' A duet was then played by Mr and Miss Meares. A solo and chorus -I The Mocking Bird,' was very amus- ingly rendered by Mr J. Phillips and Minstrels. The Glee Minstrels and the Saint Martin's Choir gave with good effect Rossini's Caraovale.' The Minstrel Band then played a burlesque, and the performance was brought to a close by singing the National Anthem. The company thanked the performers for their very pleasant concert, and dispersed, apparently well pleased with the evening's entertainment. ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall on Saturday, before A. B. Starbuck, Esq, J. P. Jones, Esq, and Rev. P.Phelps. NEGLECTING TO ENTER MARINE STORES. Richard Vennbles, marine store dealer, at Milford, was charged by P.O. David Evans with neglecting to make an entry of a quantity of old sails purchased by him as marine stores. The defendant admitted the offence, stating that be purchased the articles as old rags, and he did not know the law required him to enter the rags. The Clerk remarked that every man should know what the law required of him in the conduct of his own business, and asked the defendant how long he had been a marine store dealer. The defendant said be bad been in the business four years, but he had for twelve months ceased to do any- thing in the metal stores line. The articles were mixed up with other rags, and were afterwards separated by him. His defective sight made commit him many mis- takes, and he intended to give up the business altogether. The Bench fined the defendant 5s and costs, amounting altogether to 17s. HAVERFORDWEST GRAMMAR SCHOOL. The usual Half-yearly Examination of the pupils of this School, held by the Masters, came to a cloqe on Thursday, the 20th iust. The general results were highly satisfactory, and proved the school to be in a most effi- cient condition. Among the boys deserving of special commendation for proficiency in the various subjects we may mention J. M. Lewis in Mathematics, Gibborf, and G. Saies, in English History and Geography; May in Classics; Morgan Thomas, and.May, in French; Gibbon in Scripture History; G. Saies, & Bletbyn, in Map Draw- ing, &o. Some six or eight boys were prevented being pre- sent at the school examinations in consequence of being engaged in medical, collegiate, and other public exami- nations. We subjoin the result of the examination, each boy being placed in order of merit:— CLASSICAL AND SENIOR MATHEMATICAL DEPARTMENT. Class 1.—Lewis, J. M., May, aeq.; Gibbon, *Francis, ffiger. Class 2.—Thomas, M. M., Clow, *Saies S. seger, *Harries, T. D. Class 3.—Jenkins; Williams,"H. H., Palmer, H. L.seq. Class 4.—Palmer, J. S. ENGLISH AND COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT. Class 1.—Sales, G. B.; Thomas, F. W.; Green, Bletbyn, Williams, J. L1., asq; Hughes, Tamlyn, aeq; Walters, J., Walters, D., æq; Griffiths, G., Lewis, T. J., Lewis, J., James, *Cole, *I)avies, C. Cluss 2.—Roberts, Beynon, Morgans, Braham, Wright, Thomas, W., Baker, Thomas A., Owen, Watkins, Codd, Hillary, Thomas, M., Farrow, Dane, Evans, T., Dempster, Davies, B., *Birch, *Howells. Class 3.-Williams E., Thomas, S., Bland, J., Sanders, J., Williams, J. H., Ellis, Daviee, T. W., Bland, James, Rees, Langley, *Evau«, T. P, *Langley, ^Griffiths, W. *The boys marked thus, were unavoidably absent from the examination.