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NARBERTH. PRESENTATION TO COL. SERGEANT SMYTH. The members of the Narberth Company of the Haver- foxdwe5t Volunteers assembled on Friday evening at the Cross for the purpose of presenting a ring and an address to Col. Sergt. Smyth, who has rendered great service to the vojunteer movement at Narberth. The muster of "e company was very numerous, and there was a R^odly number of spectators. In the absence of Sergt. j-homaa) sergt. Mathias made the presentation. In so, he aaid he had great pleasure in presenting Sergt Smyth with the ring, which had been sub- sfribed for by the members of the Company, who de- Stred his acceptance of it as a small token of their esteem and good will. Private J. A. Davies then read the following ad- dress :—. C m A0 Colour Sergeant Smyth of the Narl>erth Company of the Haverfordwest Volunteers. 8in)—The members of the NarberthjCompany of the Haverfordwest Volunteers beg to express to you their fateful sense(lof the many valuable services you have Rendered to the Corps since its formation, and to respect- fully request your acceptance of the accompanying ring 8-3 a slight acknowledgment of the obligation they are ^Sder to you for your numerous kindnesses, and as a °^en of the esteem and regard they individually enter- ain for you. To your personal exertions and liberal uppart of the Volunteer movement they owe their |resent satisfactory position as a Corps, and while they ear their highest testimony to your good management JL untiring zeal as the senior non-commissioned hfIicer, they cannot refrain from expressing an earnest „°Pe that your eminent services may receive a more ng recognition by your elevation to a more promi- ,cat position in the Corps whose welfare you have so anally promoted. Dated this 6th day of June, 1867. Signed oa behalf of the Company, C) J. M. THOMAS ) c THOS. MATHIAS SerGeaat8" Col. Sergt. Smyth (who evinced much emotion) in eplying, said: Gentlemen, I am sincerely thankful to for this token of your respect, on which I shall ever j. aee the greatest value. I am particularly thankful address, inasmuch 83 it was prepared by a mem- g9r of the Company, Mr J. A. Davie", on whom it re- ^e°ts much credit, & I assure you I shall always remem- the sentiments therein conveyed. Since I have had f" pleasure to be connected with the Corps, it is grati- 9 to me to know that you have ever conducted y^UrsoWes like men. whether from home or at home. 1 e have progressed favourably under difficulties, and I tr"st that while we continue to be members of a Volun- 4eer Corps we will endeavour to be Volunteers in the t'lle sense of the word. Nothing on my part will be Anting to make you all that can be desired. Words ^inadequate to express my thanks for your kindness He on this and on all occasions. I have always been with the greatest respect by you all, and by the aai!>ner^ people generally since I became a resident foy ^?u- I cannot but thank you again and again pressj 3 ^ndsome present, and for the very kind ex- p °°8 contained in the address. (Applause.) ^Bss V^e C. Mends then stepped to the front, and ad- ?ade ^ornpany to the following effect: — Com- 5a cannot allow this opportunity to pass without t f a Wori^ in admiration of the good qualities exhi- 0' i by Mr Smyth, who has treated us in the most way on all occasions. He has been the *'C°P of the Narberth Volunteers and if he should take ^a.T his aid, we should very soon sink into oblivion. s Cannot speak too highly of him he has been fore- IZI,,ST in every movement connected with the Corps, and E,r ready to do his best whether in a pecuniary way jj personal exertion to promote our welfare as a M n -°* men" am °Wiged to Sergt. Thomas and Sergt. "0 « laS for taking up this affair so energetic#lly, and li-v one added his mite to the list with a more willing ,ha« I did mine. (Applause) W ? ,t'°IUPan.V then separated. Sc,,ipt:on °U^ 3C^ l'le loore the following in- by tl,.e I resented to Colour Sergt. Thomas Smyth to;iC0n 1i)eilihers of the Narberth Company as a small atl,? 0 ^eir esteem.' It was of a massive character, "CjVC-. as. °htained at the establishment of Mr T. J. e'J^ullor, of Haverfordwest.

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