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GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. Traffic Return for the week ending Sept. 16, 1856:— Total, £ 78,861; Corresponding week, 1865, £ 76,369. W. WOOD, Chief Assountant. HAVERFORDWEST MARKET. Saturday September 22, 1866. fceef, Cd to fid Mutton, 7d to 9d; Lamb, 7d to 9d; Vest M to 7d, Pork Od to 7d; Butter, Is :'d to Is 3d; Eggs, 16 for Is Od Fowls, 2s 6d to 3s 6d per couple; Ducks, 2s 9d to 4s Od ditto Geese, 4s Od to3 s ?d, Turkeys, 0s Od to (Js Od each; Che«ese, 3d to 5d per lb; Potatoes, 24 lbs. for Is Od. WANTED, a SCHOOLMISTRESS for the Johnston W National School.-Apply to Richard Carrow, Eta. Johnston Hall. — Iba » WANTED, a situation at a FARM BAILIFF, by- one vho has had good experience in both Eng- land and Wales, understands the managament ot Stoefe, and a good bayer aad sailer. Good references SiTCUvw- Apply to E. J. Potter, Hawfordveit.