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PEMBROKE ¡ BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS.—These sessions were held at the Town Hall, on Saturday, before Jonas Dawkins, mayor, N. A. Roch, Wm. Hulm, Thomas Mansell, and Thomas Lewis, Esquires; Capt. H. Leach, and the Rev. C. Douglas. Margaret Williams, of Middle-street, Pembroke Dock, charged Elizabeth John, (a girl of 12 years of age) daughter of the landlord of the Bridgwater Arms, in the same street, with assaulting one Hannah Maria Williams, a child of 7 years of age, daughter of the complainant. Witnesses were examined on both sides who rather contradicted each other. The Bench ultimately dismissed the charge, ordering each party to pay an eqnal share of the costs, which was done. COUNTY PETTY SESSIONS.—These sessions were held the same day before N. A. Roch, Esq; Dr. Mansell; Capt. Leach, and the Rev. C. Douglas. S. P. Geage, master of the Pembroke Union Workhouse, charged Eliza Jenkins, an old offender, with deserting her bastard child, which had become chargeable to the Common Fund of the said Union. This being her third offence with the same child, the defendant was committed to the House of Correction at Haverfordwest for three calendar months with hard labour. The same complainant charged Catherine Brickie, of the East End, Pembroke, with deserting her bastard child (named Abigail) which had become chargeable as above. The defendant was commited to the House of Correction for two calendar months with hard labour. I.' DREADFUL ACCIDENT AND LOSS OF LIVES. The town of Pembroke was, on Monday evening week, the scene of of one of the most alarming accidents which has occurred here for many years past. From the particulars which have been already ascertained, it appears that about six o'clock in the evening a party consisting of women, lads, and children, about 14 in number, were returning from a hay-field in Lamphey Lane, in a waggonette drawn by one horse. The horse and vehicle were the property of Mrs Truscott, of the White Hart Inn, and when they had arrived nearly opposite the Dragon Hotel, the belly-band gave way, and the horse began to kick. This so alarmed the women and children that they began to scream, and by this means so frightened the animal that it took off at a furious pace down towerds the Lion Hotel, and from thence up by the Old Castle. Here P.C. Davies (No. 24) attempted to stop the animal, but was unable to do so, and also got much hurt in the attempt, the shaft having struck him in the side. Thence the animal con- tinued its career over the steep and sinuous Westgate- hill, and eventually struck the vehicle against the old parapet wall of the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, when both horse and vehicle got turned completely over. In this terrible crash, a young woman, about 17 years of age named Dorcas Ann Truscott, a daughter of Mr W. H. Truscott, of the Red White and Blue Inn, Quay, Pembroke, was killed on the spot, while her younger sister, named 01 win Tavinia, aged 14 years, received a frightful scalp wound, and sustained such other serious 1 injuries that she is not expected to survive. Ann Moy, a widow about 60 years of age-so dreadfully injured f that her death shortly took place. A lad named s John Harap (who was driving the horse at the time) and t also his sister, —both seriously injured. A woman named Elizabeth Williams-much injured. Lettice ( James, a woman, who jumped out before the vehicle was turned over, very seriously injured. The whole of the other occupants, including an infant, in arms are more or less injured. Dr H. P. Jones and Dr Reid were I at once in attendance, and rendered all the medical assistance they could. 1 The sufferers were quickly extricated from the debris ( by Supt. Evans and the men under his command, as well ] as by Mr Thomas Kelly and other civilians, and at once 1 taken to their respective homes. Much sympathy is I felt for Mr Traacott in the sudden and overwhelming i grief into which himself and family have been plunged by this sad event. On Thursday, an inquest was opened on the bodies of Dorcas Ann Truscott, and Ann Moye, before the Cor.ini!r. W. V. James, Esq, and a respectable jury. The evid- ence of several witnesses was taken, the substance oj which has been previously given. The jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death.

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