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T E N B Y.


T E N B Y. SA UNDERSFOOT. -On Tuesday week a lad of the name of -t rah erne, who was engaged in driving a waggon on the tramway, laden with pig iron, narrowly escaped a very fierious, if not fatal accident. We learn that the lad was "ding on the waggon, and in getting down put his foot on one of the wheels. His foot slipping, it went between the flat of the wheel and the rail, breaking the and crushing the fore part of the foot; providentially fe escaped the flange of the wheel or the foot would have °een amputated. On Tuesday evening week a boat, with ten young men, from Saundersfoot to Tenby. They started on their j^urn voyage at 3 a.m. of the following morning, and as *Qey bad not reached thoir destination by the following considerable anxiety was felt by the relatives as to «eir safety. About three o'clock of the afternoon it was tbnerally believed that an accident had happened, and Wh y*10'6 party had met with a watery grave, and the 'e °f the neighbouring coast was scoured with eager ba? the wives, mothers, and sisters of the missing At last when hope had almost died away from most sanguine, a boat was seen some eight or nine the l distam> which, on its nearer approaoh proved to be tvei ones. A crowd met them on their arrival and (w £ 0me<I their return with cheers. Many were of &hd n tbat aa t^e^r absence was result of a spree,' as much trouble and excitement had been thereby Cec<*sarily caused, their more fitting welcome would been the horsewhip. PEMBROKE AND TENBY RAILWAY. PEMBROKE AND TENBY RAILWAY. ?6nhe ^earn *k&t the final struggle of the Pembroke, i$te Carmarthen Railway for a separate ex- ^ord°e ^een VnsucCeas^* We can hardly use the teleo 8*ru8f?le propriety, for it appears from a "ft*8?1, w^h which we have been favoured by Mr J. ey> that the ultimate and present settlement of the result of a concession by the promoters. tK6F ^ave ^een "^uences brought to bear nGm y the South Wales Railway or others we » aud until the receipt of further particulars < forbear to comment upon. We can only say that by reason of the running from Carmarthen to Whitland being over the South Wales the inhabitants of the district and of Carmarthen in particular will have to regret the loss of a great many advantages which a separate line would have afforded them. The following is the telegram to which we refer above :—'Pembroke and Tenby bill; preamble proved. But promoters have agreed that the portion between Whitland and the junction of Pembroke and Tenby into Carmarthen shall not be made if Great Western Company lay down the narrow gauge immediately and concede full running powers. Great Western Company have agreed to do this.'—Carmarthen Journal.





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