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PEMBROKE-DO OK. H^°?KYAIU) LABOURER'S.—The Lords of the Admiralty th ln'inaated that the wages of the established labourers Per^ °°lw'ch Dockyard shall be raised from 14s to 18s ,eek» and a return is to be made of the labourers tion r€d at the establishment, with a view to the reduc- of those who are only temporarily employed. LISFC\^RD VOTERS.—A Parliamentary return jast pub- 0fGn ws the number of persons in the employment ^ho pie-Drnent in ttie dockyards of England and Wales *0d »i me? tbe privilege of voting at the last election, Sehtan w'^ ^e disqualified by clause 16 of the 'Repre- totai *!°n the People Bill.' In Chatham, where the *80 rwml,e^registered electors is 1,876, there will be ^frBn *n Devonport, with 2,826 voters, the number 6!ll; in Greenwich there are lr*Hcl,ic!!i. electors> and 1,495 of them would be dis- v°ters. i ^ortfrn°ntli would lose 484 out of 4,583 Voue'ht len^<,°ke 295 out of 1,510. In the five !le°tofs ffu are alt°Kether 20,166 registered is carried them would be disqualified if clause the 28th ult, a dinner was given by G. W. in»'-fS? l. c^erks in his employ who N*ing JT*JStlon» to their friends; about 20 of. the "e8ent ThoTen and tradesmen of the town being » dinner was served up in the most recherche style comprising all the delicacies of the season, with the f usual adjuncts of ices, creams, lemon sponges, blanc- manges, &o. The wines also were of the finest quality. The chair was occupied by Mr A. Lawrence, his vi*-a-vis being Mr G. E. Davies. The toast of the evening was that of Mr Dunn, which was proposed in an efficient manner by Mr A. Long, (of the firm Long, Allen, and Co.) with all the honours. Mr Dunn responded in suitable terms thanking the gentlemen present for the honour they had done him. (Hear, hear, and cheers.) The healths of Mrs and Miss Dunn were proposed by Mr G. T. Husband, post-master, and were enthusiastically re- ceived. Mr Dunn returned thanks on behalf of his mother and sister. The health of Mr Dunn's employees was proposed by Dr. Gwynne Harries, and was responded to by Mr Lawrence. Several capital songs, &c, were sung, and a most enjoyable evening was spent, the company separating at an early hour, well pleased with the recep- tion. Such reunions as these are strongly conducive of good feeling existing between employers and the em- ployed, and it would be well, if many others followed the example set them. It was merry in the hall, And the beards wagg'd all, May we soon see the like again.' NAVAL AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. ADMIRALTY, JUNK 7. APPOINTMENTS.—Captain E. W. Tumour, to the Vic- tory (additional), for service in the Royal Alfred. Commander 11. G. Tufnell, to be Inspecting Commander in the Coast Guard, vice Harrington. Lieutenants—Arthur B Mansell, to the Peterel; Charles E. Foot, Charles S. Shuckburgb, Edmund M. Dayrell, Arthur C. H. Toget, to the Black Prince, for service in gunboats. JUNE 8. fl. PPUINT:.IENTs.-Master-Arthur C. Dowdell, to the Pearl. Surgeon-Dr. Angus Robertson, to the Flora. Assistant Surgeon—James Paterson, to the Flora. First-class Assistant Engineers—William E Prescott, to the Black Prince, for the Highlander; James B. E. Warrington, to the Blnck Prince, for the Sandfly; Hugh Burston, to the Black Prince, for the Griper; and John M. Watson, to the Black Prince, for the Lark. ADMIRALTY, JUNE 9. APPOINTMENTS.—Commander—Charies\V.M ant horpe, to the Royal Adelaide, for service in the Ocean. Lieulenants-Jobn W. F. Harvey to the Lord Clyde, and Alfred.Marescaux to the Boscawen. Paymaster—Benjamin Luxmore, additional, to the President. Midshipmen—Marmaduke L. Kelham, Henry C. S. Wright, Richard White, Edward Ii. Gamble, and Samuel F. Da>-hwood to the Lord Clyde.



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