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5o THEOBROMA CACAO. Vov "^■I4erica is the home of this tree. Dampiers v,X|Ja89r, who visited the Caraccas in 1682, says: ia a continual tract of high ridges of hill, t f6 which alternately run pointing upon the f°? ^orth to South. The valleys are from two fottr ?n8a wide, and in length from the sea three ar 01 Cocoa-nuts, of which chocolate and AQ 6 are the main product.' ^*inC°a Olantation-or walk, as it is called-may |W«d "Jtte thousand trees, besides which, it has 7* th« v a"°ut it the stately coral tree, as a protection trees from the too scorching heat. They u6"ty f ks the cherry in form, and seldom exceed ybjj eet in height. The nuts are enclosed in pods !%8ta man's fists put together, and will number jJ* "ifdred in each. The crops are in December ya "Well-bearing tree will produce twenty P°ds, which are gathered during a period of 6 k °r 80' as turn yellow. As a ripening are ^en a^owe^ to lie in heaps, and 3i> out in the sun on mats, and when dry, ia?)out the size of a kidney bean) has a hard own* When required for use, they are the husks removed. Pouuds of Cocoa are now anriually dntJ1- i oo°<?untry' prior to the reduction W *Uhnn»ln*l. • 'the 1uantity was not half a million hf<, Pro8rea8 has been made, an a<^er £ ># u'ftion in r tending to check itscon- public desire forPa che\7aSi^^nd'th jMrket that onlv which i« i«f • and throwing on *,V«, Irtly atr thfS0f?t ftig ^otrine of Homoeopathy was intrn<w • I' S8aimry' aDd giteaily 8timulated the use of Cocoa° ^almost the only beverage recommended to those ;> £ Jr™rthl0 m0df- 0f tr,eatment- became hVtiv that a preparation of a quality at once Te and pure should be made obtainable for their lij. N^ig68 Epps, the homoeopathic chemist first establiahed induced to turn his attention to the tended ^e assistance of elaborate machinery, at length in perfecting tbe preparation now JWatj18 The very agreeable character of this ™Ui0n ?n 80°n rendered it a general favorite. An tj^lld v. was the facility »ith which I d b elprepared for the table. It but required two C,11 to hp «ii° j P°.wder to be put in a breakfast cup, h6t*8e » UP w^th boiling water or milk, and the (At, i as ready. Qf'^Uced^f0^ this preparation had been especially Htk 8ohonl °F e.U8e medical men C^iveni8 8°°rn „ 8an to recommend it. Its natural V>8, S. °[ flaV'^ aPd lts developed grateful }? »ithhftu °btamed f01-,11 a Position which had only V* Hass II •otn 00008 through misadventure. Cn m hia work» 'Food and its -Adulterations,' ClUv6 c ;ooa contains a great variety of important v and 0lP*e8~every ingredient necessary to the ^UttUiTft 8pstenanee of the body.' Again, As ^°offee'or tea' stands ver7 much higher than ^SrStoThefr..0"00" contains as much the most highly nu,ritious tho ays :Admirably dapted for the sick ".more frequently called, ^-iihed, laWuj 8ecured in ilb |lb and «nd ChemUti. &Q 8old by Grocers» Con-


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