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Family Notices





(jc ^*reby excluding others of the parishioners, and y TlDB from such favoured families hire for their seats, the name 4 voluntary rates,' 'subscriptions,' iat Church-rates are abolished the system of pew fleet ^er whatever name) will, unless prevented by |t legislation, become universal, and the masses of Oation be almost altogether, as they are now to a 'Vk*ten*' deprived of the benefits of the National Th t an^ con8°^at'orls religion. kThtt the-alleged provision of free seats for the poor is "tly Elusory, because it is always utterly inadequate lnj,'6 v*8t majority of unpewed families in a parish, llUj. e°ause churchwardens who violate the law by pew- free parish church will scarcely hesitate, and L a manner compelled, to pew-rent the iree seats v applying for pews. Petitioners, therefore, earnestly pray that the ItgJrHate Compromise Bill do not pass without a »won summary, and without expense to the party nee^ not be a party interested, severely D|. 1Qg churchwardens who take, or allow to be taken, Payment whatsoever not expressly authorized by Vh ^ar^ament *n resPect °f any seat in a parish the proposed clause# is subjoined — Wnf nothinF iQ Ihis Act shall interfere with the 'taf a'l parishioners by the common law of England D 6 U8e *n c°mmon °f their parish church. V»h that ttny churchwarden or other person "» after the passing of this Act, directly or in- th or rece've ^rom any Person whatsoever, with- ^#ev! exPre8s authority o( Parliament, any 6um of re8Pect °f the occupation of any seat in a parish 1ll(r 1 8hall, on the application of any parishioner or l,'»J)er-SOn, and on being convicted summarily before ja8t'ce °f ihe peace, be deemed guilty of a mis- '8tie »Ur' an<* shall be punished for the first offence by kj» not less than treble the sum so asked or received, ^Dnt aD^ subsequent offence by a fine of double the 'ffe l^e Previ°us fi°ei an<^ 80 on ^or an3T number ^PC68 of which he shall be so convicted. fessr*. OINTMENT AND PIT,LS.—Cramps—Neuralgia— severe nervous affections are h ippily moderated %ct8 ^tensity and duration by the soothing and purifying these inestimable prepartions. Whether the cramp be sto 'e £ s> or toes, it yields with equal facility to the »de 10? of the Ointment; and the recurrence of these dis- » s 18 effectually prevented by a course of Hollo way's Pills, 'regulate the stomach and bowels that perfect and easy H tli 18 ?nsured, and spasms avoide*. The Ointment gives the Pills general relief. Enlargement of the glands, ob- in °r ^e^ective circulation are likewise soon corrected by "OojT^luable preparations, which purify and strengthen the ^impart tone to every organ in the body. Ijfy