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THK LIVE SltxK IN THE UNITED KINGDOM An official return hit" been puNi-hed of the too. H""b r of live Mock in each division of the Unite Xin dom; the mirnbtr of cartl.: died of, or killed Of aeeowit of' the pl icae. & Ttie return was taken ot the tith of March 1, « a most important document The. totgl for the United Kingdom i" as follows:—Cow- 8.28(1,308; nhcr rattle, .1,030,6.52; total 8,316,960. Slik-ep, 25.794.108 Pitf*, 3.8u0,399. The total uumbv i of rattle diid o:, or killed on accouut of the oattle plagu, up to the 21st of Aprii was 141.,114, lIivinll a percentage o Iocs upon the estimated stock of 4'14. This relate# onh to England In Wale* the number of live stock was 541,401; sheep, 1.M8 6f»;}; pigs, 191,604. Th4 nnm"er of cattle whirl: h; d aied in the counties of Flint and Denbigh (the anJ., eouuties affected), up to the 21st of April, WHS 6,731. teinir 1-23 per cent on the estimated stock We append the amount ot stock in the several comities of South Wales where no disease has ap- peared Cattle. Sheep. Pigs. Brecon 29,604 2H.M5 7.367 < ardigan 47 384 198,546 16,708 Cmnrhen 84,1« 6 110 296 19.339 Oiamorgan 45 911 177.484 14.335 P«-mt.ri'ke 68842 64,412 21,739 R'ldnur 28.006 181,376 5,346 A table gives the ages of cattle, &c. In Witles the tot,,i !,tj, Of ('Attie two YeArs Of age and above <a-. 133 560 i under two years of age. 185,295; total, 541,4-01 tht-xe are exclusive of 225,546 cows. 0 one year old and above there were 1,287,809; «»d IIndtr one yar, 383,854. Pigs were not clas- sified. FENIANS IN AMERICA. New Y rk advices come down to the morning of the 10 h insl. The fullowing are the principal items of in- ti lbgenoe ('he sch .oner Friend, with a party of Fenians, left- Fastp rt, ostensibly tur P, rtland, on Tuesday night, the hI iris*. On the following morning she raised the flag of he Irish Republic, and captured and took possession ol t e Bitish snioonwr vVentworth. The crew of the Fiienda te wards «■ irtled that vessel, and transferred themselves to the Wentwnrth. The Federal steamer I Wino ski was sent in pursui< and overhauled the Went- w r'h, but, duceived by her name and appearance, all Jwed her to pr -ceeJ. After an unavailing search for tie Friend, the Winocski returned to Eastport on the 4th. I, »as rumoured that the Fenians in the Wentworth miWquently made a descent upon the island of Grand I Men an. 0 Mahoney had been kicked out of the Moffat mansion kv Ms infuriated dupes. A crowd of swindled Fenians of 'he Maine expedition' burst into the private room o. O'Ma' oney in Union-square, and demanded a portion o his plunder They asserted that they had abandonei home and business to go to Maine, and accomplished B ttong; they wished for some remuneration. O'Ma- booey refused to produce any portion of his spoil, ■W^ereiip >n the Fenian visiters drew their pistols, and printed them a' tl e head of O'Aiahoney, repeating the d mand. Overcome by these arguments O'Mahoney to k from a safe a sum sufficient to give 150 dol. to each of-the dHeers and 80 to each of the men. The returned henes, who-e number was continually aug- mented by fresh arrival*, denounced O'Mahoney and Xilltsn as swindl. rs 1 he Fenians generally became exr.'ted, and O' .\lahllne)"K el gn was soon cut short. The -4 Head Centre* was surprised at the Union-square man- ikin, his servants and' officers' were kicked d iwn stairs, all his papers seized, and the doors of the building l<>ik« d. O'Ith,)ney himself was carried before a con- Yention consisting of three delegates from each 'circle' in the'department "f M .,nhattanl.' Here the discomfi. ed Helld Cet'tre underwent a rigorous examination. The exploits of some of the members of the convention ti me saved the s vindl r irom personal violence. The result of the ex,,imiiiati,n was that 0'Mahoney was praoticallv deposed -Ue question of his punishment being left with Stephens, wh -se arrival was looked for -the Urii-,ii.qiiate I govei-nm,,ni being administered by a pr .visi nal committee.' The dupes of O'Manonej W re swearing iilbgiancis to R berts and Sweeney. Ktllian was threa en d with assassination —a fate, indeed, which seomed t,) be in store for Mahoney also. T)) -ae Fenians throughout the country who formerly swore b) 0* Mahoney had become his most unrelenting enemies Tne Fenian S nate was in ses-ion at New York. The fundi of b tn fau t 'ns r oored to be nearly exhausted Ali receipts entirely suspended. AMERICA. NEW YUKK, MAY 8 (EVENING.) A resolution has been re'erred to the Judiciary C m- icittee of the Uoufe of Representatives in favour of an amendment to the 0mstituti 'n to authorise an export dutv upon cotton A resolution has also been passed instructing the Judiciary Committee to report a bill prohibiting the admission, as a State, of any territory whtrein the franchise is denied on account of colour, and declaring sunh denial he unconstitutional. Mrs Davis is still at Fortress Monroe, She is per- m'tted to remain with her hn-band (r"m reveille to sun- set every day. Seer, tary M'CuHoch had a long inter- view ye^terd^v with Mr D.vis. President J -hn on has « rdered the release on parole of ex-Senator Guin, now confi (d 10 F rt Jackson. It is generally believed that the Presidt-nt will veto the hill admitting C >1 >rado Sta e into the Union. Mahone\ has issued circulars declaring that the East. port expedition was proposed by Ktllian, who continued an useless expenditure after he (VI thoney) had ordered the recall "t the men, and that the launch of an Irish iron-clad upon American waters, to co-operate with the expedition, had been prevented by red tape for- malities. Captain Grace declares the Eastport expedition to have been planned hy Mahoney and K;llian, in order to sell the b -nda. Roberts, Sweeny, and Mahoney subse- quently caused the failure of the expedition because of Kdlian't\ popul .ri' v. Several cirelun have, after an in- vestigation, a. quitted Mahoney of all blame in the East- port fiasco. NEW YORK, MAY 10 (EVENING). President Johnson, replying to a recent address pre- eented by a delegation of Methodists, said that great misapprehensions existed wi'h reference to the present eondt ion of the South, and that the irregularities there were grouped together in order to convey the impres- sion that they illustrate the condition of the country. Individual conduct should correspond with what was professed. He believed tha» if a proper spirit of govern- ment was persevered in, a good feeling would soon be restored. The interests of both sections demanded a etrict compliance with the Constitution and the enforce- ment of the laws. It is believed that the Grand Jury of Norfolk will bring in a bill of indictment against Mr Davis and the other leaders of the rebellion. Judjje Underwood charged the jury yesterday, urging the necessity for the punish- ment of treason. Secretary M'Cull ch has advised a relaxation of rigour to Mr Davis in his imprisonment. Fort Good win, Ariz ma, has been captured by savages, and the garrison, 124 in number, massscred. The cholera is abating in the New York Quarantine, and the steerage passengers on board the steamer i £ ng. land have been permitted to come into the city. Stephens, the Fenian Head Centre, is reported to have arrived here to-day by the steamer Napoleon, from Havre. A WINDFALL.—A journeyman painter named Cuthbert, who for some time past/ has been in the employ of Mr Packer, of Oxford-street, Swansea, has just become the possessor of a fortune of upwards of £ 40,000. We unde stand he at once obtains cash amounting to about £10,000 or i £ 11,000: the remainder of his fortune consisting i of freehold estates and premises in Carmarthen- shire and Abergavenny. j SUICIDE ON THE GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY.— An inquest was held at the Dog and Pheasant Paper Mills, near Cambridge, on Saturday, relativ to the death of Mr Uriah Hand ey, senior panne- in the firm of Handlev and Todd, of Cambridgi. The evidence showed that on Friday, as a COM! train approached a bridge which carried the New- market-road over the line, a man peeped roumJ the abutment, and when I he train was about twentv yards off deliberately stepped forward, and, kneel- ing down, laid his body across the rail. Th. driver shouted out, but had not time to pull up the tram. Afterwards the body, which was literaih cut in two, was identified as that of Mr Band Ie., A relative of the deceased deposed to his havinu been ill and worried by business for some time before his death. The verdict found was that deceased had destroyed himself whilst in a state of temporary insanity. A CATTLE PLAGUE INSPECTOR.—At the Maryle hone Police Court on Saturday, Qtorqe Scott, a cattle inspector, and TkomSs Sketchier/, a butcher. charged with having obtained two cows from Thomas Plant, with intent to defraud, &c., were again brought up before Mr Vaughan. It will be remembered that two cows were taken from Plant, on pretence of being diseased, under an ord r r mt Scott; that they were sent to a slaughterer's at Belle Isle, and remained there for the nigbt; thai 'they were then taken away; but Scott Z5 told the slaughterer to &ay they were killed and that they .vere afterwards killed at another slaughterer's, and sent to Newgate Market. The directions to kill them were given by Sketchley, who had an order from Scott, whieh purported that the cows were free from disease. Further evidence havme been adduced, showing the complicity of the prisoners, they were committed for trial, Mi Vaughan consenting to take bail for each in thi sum of £400. and each to find two sureties in tin sum of X200 respectively. The defendau Sketchley, it is stated, is not connected with the firm of Sketchley and Shortland, of Newgate Market. ° STATIONS OF THE BRITISH ARMY. [Where two places are mentioned, the last-named is that at which the Depot of the Regiment is stationed.] 1st Life Guards- Reg. Park 25th da Canada, Preston 2nd do-Hyde Park Do [2nd bat] Ceylon Royal Horse Guards— Piei'on Windsor 26th do Bombav, Preston 1st Dragoon Guards -Ban- 27th do Bengal, Buttevant iralore, Canterbury 28th do Alilershot 2d do Bengal, Canterbury 29th do Malta, Chatham 3d do Bombay, Canterbury 30th do Toronto, Parkhurst 4th do Cml, 3tst do Portsmouth 5th do Dublin 32nd do Gihr,1'ar, Bottevnt ethdoDubhn 33rd do Bombay, B. Hast <th do Bengal, Canterbury 34th do Bengal, Colchester 1st Dragoons, Manchester 135th do, Chatham 2nd do Ne-v bridge 36th do B. ngai, Belfast 3ro do Aid.-rsnot 37tli do FVrmoy 4th do Edinburgh 38thdo Bengal, Colchester 2'u ?° ,?aiuerbu!T 39th do Manchester 6th do Bombay Lantertmry 40th New Zealand, Chathm 7th Hussars, Bengal, Can- 41st do BeII(|a, Colcht,ster y. y r. *2nd do Bengal, Aberdeen 8th do Aldershot 43rd do N. Zealand, nchst. IO^K fi'U r^"» f do Bombay, Dover O h Hussars DuMin 45th do Bombay, Parkhurst 1th do Col -hester 46lb do Lucknow,P ,„broke 5 1 r nS' i v1" t 47th d0 Montreal,Pembroke 3th Light Drag., York 48lh do ghorncliffe Llth do tloun^low 49th dQ Co|)(mer 5th Hussars, Sheffield 50th do N.Zealand.Parkhurst 6th Lancers, Canterbury 51gJ do Benga]> Wilicheg|er Jiifc ». K 52nd do Aldershot loth Hussars, Canterbury yfrd, Water^ird 19th do Bengal, Canterbury 54th do Ben Gosport 20th do Bengal Canteroury 55th do Rt>n p » 21st do Bengal, (^nterbury 56th do Rombay, Purt.moth Military I ram [1st bat] ,57th do N Zealand, Butt. Woolwich 58th do Bengal, Bellast Do [-2nd batl Aldershot 59fh do B(fr Uo 3rd batl woolwicb Kfwh r,„f n° A. Winchester So f«ffi ffi] CtirlagS01 g; 'S v?"drin Grenadier Guards [1st bat] Wi'licheste]r 1 d aS' b HarracKs rtt-u u Do I 2nd hat] VVHhngton B. Winchester Quebec' Do 13rd f>at ] W n <1 >or n ColdstreamsGuards [ist bat] 62nd do 16 Do'r2nd bat] Chelsea Aldershot Scots Fusiliers, [1st bat] Templemore w„iiinohin U L J both do Dfvonport Do [2nd batl Tower 66'th do DvnPrt« Plymouth 1st toot Madras Colchester 6/1,1 do Ca,)e' Belfa8t °Col'ches^r" PreSt°n 2nWdfI,!T8t batl C9rk' 7 ShorueHfe Do relief batl Bermuda 71st do Aldershot Ch "tiatn '2nd do Edinburgh 3rd do [1st bat] Curragh, c'° Limerick /4th do Dover Do do Barbadoes, \1ullingai 9.u,V'n „ ,f 4th do [1st bat] Bombav, Madras. Bclfiuit Chatham 77th do Bengal, Chatham Do [2nd bat] N iva Scotia ira ,ar: ?" j 5th do [1st oat J Athlone ^e,, £ al, A|»erdeen Colchester 80th do Bengal, Chatham Do [2nd bat] Natal, Walmr **»t do Aide-shot 6th do [1st bat] Jersey ^llf' f ° Bengal Colchester Wa'mer 83rc^ do ^agh Do [2nd bat] Jamaica Colchester Colchester «ath do Outragh 7th do [1st bat] Bengal, ^th do Gibraltar, Newry Waltner ^7th do Portsmouth Do [2nd bat] Qo-bec,Walmr 8?th do Bengal Curragh 8th do [1st bat] Malta, ^th do Bengal A dershot Newry 90th do Bengal, Preston Do [2nd bat] Malta,Newry 91st Bengal, Aberdeen 9th do [1st bat] Cape, ?2nd do Dublin P mhroke 93rd do Stirling Do [2nd bat] China, 94th do Bengal,Chatham Limerick 95th do Bomt>ay, Pembroke Kith do [1st bat] Cape, 96th <J° Hombay, Belfast Chatham 9?th do Bengal, Colchester Do [2nd bat] Madras, 98th do Bengal, Colebester Chatham do Cape, Buitevant llth do [1st bat] Bengal, lOOthdo Malta, Parkhurst Butte* ant 101st do Bengal, Walmer Do [2nd bat] China 102nd f,° Madras, Chatham 12th do [ 1st bat] New Zealnd »03rd Bombay, Colchester Chatham 10*th Bengal, Parkhurst Do 2nd bat] B-ngal. Chat. Madras Parkhurst 13th do [1st bat] Aldersbot 106th Bombay, Mallingar Fermoy 107th Bengal, Curragh Do 2nd bat] Manritius H»8th Madras, Curragh 14th do [1st bat] Sheffield, l°.9th Bombay, Buttevant Fermoy Rifle Brigade [1st bat] Do [2nd bat] NewZealand, Canada, Winchester Newry Do [2nd bat] Bengal, I5th do B N. America, Winchester Chatham Do [3rd bat] Bengal, Win- Do[2d bat] Gibraltar Chester 16th do Canada, Colchester Do [4tb batt] Canada, Win- Do 12nd bat] Nova Scotia, chcster Colcii ster 1st West India Regiment 17th do Canada, Aldershot Bahamas Do [2nd bat] Nava, Scotia, 2nd do Jamaica Mullingar 3rd do Barbadoes 18th vfadras, Shorne.'iffe Ceylon Rifles, Ceylon Do [2nd bat] New Zealand, Cape Mounted Rifles, Cape Ourragh of Good Hope, Cantcr- 19th do Bengal, Chatham bury Do [2nd bat J Birmah.Chat, Canadian Rifles, Toronto 20thdo Bengal, Chatham St Helena Regiment, Saint Do [2nd bat] Japan Helena Chatham Royal Newfoundland Com 21st do Glasgow pany, Newfoundland Do [2nd bat] Madras, Prston Malta Fencibles, Malta 22nd do Newr Brunswick, Gold Coast Corps, Cape P irkhurst Coast Castle Do [2nd batt] Mauritian. Medical Staff Corps, Chat- 23rd do Bengal, Walmer ham, Kent Do [2nd bat] Gib., Walmer Royal Engineers, Chatham 24tli do Curragh Army Hospital Corps, Do| 2nd bat]Rangoon, Bnt. Chatham 24tli do Curragh Army Hospital Corps, Do) 2nd bat] Rangoon, Bat. Chatham









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