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TENBY. ] PENALLY.—The evening service at Penally Church, for the summer, will take place on Sundays at 6, instead -1 if 3 p.m. o A LARGE PORPOISE was captured by the Tenby fisher- 1 men on the 14th instant, and when being exhibited on n the following evening was still alive. We believe this P to be an extraordinary circumstance. 11 PHINCE ARTHUR AND THE MAYOR OF TENBY.We have great plea-nre in in'orming our readers that His Royal Highne-s Prince Arthur has been pleased to pre- senttoG. Whiie, Esq, a large sized photographic likeness of himself on the occasion of his birthday. An autograph v endorsement on the back of the portrait is as follows:- 11 Presented to the Mayor of Tenby on his birthday. May v 1st, I860. Arthur.' It must be particularly gratifying v to the Mavor to have this turtherevidenceof the grati- fication with which the Royal Family of England have regarded his efforts in regard to the Memorial tb the 1 late Prince Consort, of which everyone wo are assured h feel proud. !j| POLICE COURT.—On the 10th inst, before Dr. Dyster, George Phillips was charged by Atary Davies, wife of Erasmus Davies, with using threatening langualle to- J wards her. Bound over to keep the peace for six s months. On the 14th inst, before Dr. Dyster, Wil. liam Tasker, boatman, was charged by Thomas Williams with an assault. There waa no hearing in this case, the I parties being allowed to settle it out of court,- Before, v Dr. Dyattr, and N J. Dunn, Esq.-Henry Thomas was charged by Jane Thomas, his sister-in-law, with using I threatening language towards her. Bound over to keep the peace for six months.—-Before Dr. Dyster and c Rev. T. H. Dunn —ltbntif jiih'il Was chaiged by Georgee Thomas with using threatening; language towards him. ( Bound over to kee p the netco fur aix montha. 0 •THROW PHYSIC TO THE,DOGS.Yes by all means; in hornmyathic doses if you like, but let them be doses of strychnine,, or prussie acid. Frogs, flees, lice, locusts, were of the plagues of Egypt, but dogs are the plagues ot Tenby. Many curs, half starved hounds, bristling 4 terriers, bnge-faced beetle-browed bull-dogs, dirt-be- smeared 4 Isle of Skyes,shaggy NewfoundIttiids, quick- tempered pointers, snarling pugs, dogs of breed, dogs of I half-breed, dogs of no breed at all, beset you in your pere- t grinations through the streets. Illegal assemblies of the c canine inhabitants of the town take place at all hours, all c places, and under all circumstances; ifghts are cbntmu- ally being arranged Lnd coming off, to the Intense annoy- f ance of the passers by. In the good old catholic times t some religious instiuttont prided tbemsetve" on making the office of prayer continual; and unremitting. So with c the dogs of Tenby-tbehowl, cry, and yelp or batk never t ceases; no muezzin ever gave the caU lroui mosque f or minaret with greater persistence and regularity, f Could Byron have had his choice when be had • rather ( be a dng and bay the moon,' he would havebad most1 delightful company. But seriously can nothing be done < to mitigate this most atrocious evil? The warm weather is coming, and to nervous invalids a pjngtte of dogs is 1 then no joke. Shoot, hang, andpoitun, good authori- i ties; or, still better, see that every one who keeps a dog I pays taxes for it. I NARROW ESCAPE,—OnWednssday, the 16th instant, two men who were e^gaged in diggfibg the foundation of a ntiilding immediatoty onder pari of the old wallssur- rounding the Castle "Hill^ observed a small quantity of earth to trickle down. On looking tip, they wt re alaroted at seeing a large portion of the wall overhead rock, and they had just sufficient time to get out of its way when a huge piece of wall, tome forty leet in length, came down with a trmeadona crsebi But for the warning earth (that was so small in quantity that it might have been easily disregarded) and the death of the tWo men would have been inevitable We must say that it is much tf be regretted that the digging of the foundation referred to, should have been carried out so far as to cause the mutilation of the ancient walls. of which the majority o the townsfolk are justly so proud. The portion of the wall so destroyed will of course have to he rebuilt, but it must be evident that a bit of Iiipic and span' new build- ing, erected I chev k by jowl' with the old walla will ill a great measure destroy the charm of antiquity with which the Castle Hill is invested. New wall ng may be more mathematically 'correct,' but must yield to the lichen-covered walls in piettiresqueness of appearance. We hope the authorities and town-folks generally will most jealously guard these relics of bye gone ages; un- don htedly they form one of the principal attractions to visitors, and shotud he taken care of as such, it not with the crithusiatitn of artistic taste at d tippreciation, with tbe careful arid prudent forethought of men 01 business, who are desirous of maintaining everything that in any way brings 1 grist to the tuiii.1 TENBY CORPORATION. At a Quarterly Meeting held on Monday the 14th inst, present :— the M aynf; Aldermen Rees and Mason Councillors G Hughes, G. Mends, G. Stone, and W. Gibbs, Afti-r the, orders to pava number of bills (that had previously passed the Finance C mmitteel had been signed, the draft of the lease of toe Gas-works to Mr Compton was read over and approved of, a few details being first decided on. The arrangements Included lighting and putting out the public lights in Mr Comp- ton's contract, but that the Corporation should clean and keep in repair the Lmpf that the buildings at the Gas- works should be insured in the sum of £ 500, by Mr Compton; and that his tenancy should commence from that day, the Treasurer and Surveyor being deputed to take an inventory f'< ali articles handed over, and also to make a valuation of the coal in stock. It was ordered that in future vessels requiring ballnst in Tenby Harbour should take the sund and shingle from alongside the Sluice wall. The tenders of Air James Rees, draper and outfitter, and Mr J. Thomas, tailor, for the Police clothing were received, and referred to the Watch C»mtrittee, who afterwards accepted that of Mr Rees, as being the lowest in price. The Council then sat as a Board of Health, when a letter was read from Mr W. Vaugban J nm" s"licitllr, ot Haverfordwest, s' al i" g that the r sult of the Arbitration Case of Mr and Mrs Lock against the B ard was, that the Umpire had dedded that Mr and Mrs Lmk were entitled to £ 35 damages and costs f <r the seter crossing the premises of South Cliff House, and N s. 1, 2, 3, and 4, Rock Terraces, and that Mr L IlIk was entitled to £ 2 10s for Nos. 1 and 2, Ivy Cottages, but no costs. The Inspector of Nuisances was ordered to make a house-to-house visitation, and enforce the removal of all nuisances; to see that the cottagers whitewashed the interior of their houses, for w ich purpose he was t., lend them brushes; and several persons who kept pigs, that had been (jomplained of as a nuisance, were ordered to remove the same. The Inspector to enforce the new Bye Laws, especially those relating to the slaughter houses, buttling machines, state "f the streets and cliff-, and to take proceedings against any person throwing refuse upon either, and, generally, to cause the removal }f everything lhat interferes with a good s&nitary state If the town. The meeting then broke up.





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