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RUOSE PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall on Saturday, be'ore A B. Starbuek, Esq, J, P. Jones, Esq, T. Roberts, H'.qandR.vPPttetp, STRAYING ON THE HIGHWAY. James William* was charged with allowing six pigs to Stray n the highway. The defendant's wife appeared and admitted the off nee Ihe Bench fined the defendant a penny for each pig mid costs. 1LM-GAL BE8CIIK. Hizabeth Williams was charged by A. Sergt. Carroll with illegally rescuing three pigs. 'I he deltHldatll denied the charge. A. Serat Carroll deposed that he was driving three pigs to pound, when the defendant drove them back He shout-d to the defendant to 1-t the pigs alone, but the would not it-ten Ilnd drove hem back. A Ind named Howells corroborated the evidence of complainant The defendant said that the policeman was not with the pigs when she drove them back. Joshua Bowen deposed that he saw the defendant driving two pigs. He saw the policeman go towards her house after the pigs, but he could not tell whether he said anything to her or not 1 he C'erk explained to the Bench that the defendant, i' convicted 01 the charge, must beeent to prison. There wa. no p(lwer to inflict a line It wnu Id be a pity to send the defendant to gaol in the present case, and he would suggest that the prosecution should; withdraw the churge on the defendant consenting to pay costs. Both parties agreed to this course, and the case was win-drawn Joahuu Bowen, fourteen years of age, (a witness in the former case,) was charged with rescuing a pig, on the same ucca-ioii. The case was dismissed. OBSTRUCTING THE HIGHWAY. John M iniums was charged with causing an obstruc- tion in the highway at Milloril. The defendant's -vife admitted the f S'i nee, and he was fined 2s (Jd and costs. CATTLE LICENSES. John 7homat was charged witti failing to produce a li,-en(-e tor the r, u)ov;tl of cartle when requested to do so. i The defendant said that he hud explained on a former occasion how the matter occurred. He was summoned in th" fir t instance for removintr cattle without a licence; he haa a licence, but unfortunately left it at home, and eon Id not show it. The case was dismissed, and he was now summoned for the same affair on the charge of fail- ] illll to produce bis licence The Bench dismissed the case. MOVING HORNS, HOOFS, &C. UNCOVERED. Stephen Thomas was charged with moving horns, hoofs, "d tuues unco-ered, The defeddautadinifted the charge, stating that he was ignorant of the law. This heing the first offence under the cattle plague regu- lations, the Bench allowed the case to be withdrawn on payment 0' expenses. I 1 George Phillips, of Neyland, was charged with sending i off burns, hoots, and hide*. ) The case was d'smi-sed t ASSAULT WITH INTENT &C. t George Selfe, a pri 'a e in the 95 h regt, was charged I with a sculling Alice Hitchings, of Btcton, with in- tent, Ste. a Mr G Leader Owen appeared for complainant, and r VIr Price tor defendant c Mr Owen said that a very serious offence had been committed upon Miss Hitchings, by a man in the uni- form of a soldier, and a rnsti was in custody on the charge. He bad only been recently instructed in the case, and he wished o ask for a remand to enable him to produce corroborative evid'-nce as to identi y. He did not wish that the accused should be remanded to prison, and would cousent to his being liberated on hi- tl nwn bail. J; Mr Price opposed the application The accused had I been in custody nearly a week, and be was now prepared o to establish his innocence by the testimony of eiyht- wit- a »esses, who were then in court. It Mr Owen were d prepared to pay the expenses of the day, be should be n willing that the case st ould be adjourned. t The Clerk said that the Bench could not order the com- b plauiarjt to pay the expenses of the day. but it might be g done between the parties by private arrangement. There v were three modes of proceeding open to Mr Owen the J, first was, to go on; the second, to withdraw, and the thud w to apply for a remand. The question of remand would be d one for the consideration of the Bench; but he must re- q mark that it was an unusual and rather an arbitrary act, II to remand the prisoner to jail, unless there appeared to « he very good reasons font t Mr Owen said he would withdraw the charge and lay another information. Mr Price applied for a certificate of dismissal. The Clerk said that it was an indictable offence, and a certificate could not be granted.






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