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PFCMBROLCESHIRE AL)MTN L-TKATIVK BATTAH N OF VOLUNTKBU- — L'liia hattulion as-fm -lea on tt-o after- noon of Whit-Monday in the Castle Square, wh nee.they marched to Portueld for 'he purpose ot dril1. The bat talion consisted of the Milford Corps coinmnnileii t>y Cap'. calion consisted of the Milford Corps coinmnnileii hy Capt. Shute; the Pembroke Corps commanded bv Ensign Adams; the Haverfor 1 west Citrpe, divided into tw. companies commanded respectively t>y Capt. C.<rrow and Capt..Massy; and the N/trtv rth Company com- manded by Ensign M'Murtrie. Col. Pe, I pur ih bat I talion through several movements, in the course of whic' several roulldd of blank cartridge were expended Tb..y were then exercisied in the skirmish tng drlllt.), Cupt Brany, adjutant of the battaliifti. after which thev returned to the Custie Square where they were dismissed. Th" proceedings created con-iderdltle interest, and during the whole of the afternoon the Com-he was thro! gcd by a largo ooncoQibe of apectatorc. I RIFLE CONTEST.—A shoot ins match tonk place'at. th< Eifle Range on Mond.ty morning for an • leorro-platert eup and other prizes. The ranges were 200 and 500 yards, five shots fit each distance Wimbledon targets and scoring. The weather was very Hue. hut a very Strong, gusty wind prevailed, which ex-rci-ed much influence on the shooting. The following are the prin- cipal scores:— 200 500 Total. 1 Private D. Phillips 13 13 26 2 „ RI.Jono. 12 11 23 3 John Morris. 11 11 22 1e „ John Jones 12 9 21 A sweepstakes (ihree shols in any position at 500 yards) then took piace-with the following reliulf „ 6(1,1 To'al. 1 Private John Jones 4 3 3 io 2 Sergt. T. L. fames 2 3 4 9 3 Private T Rogers 233 8 LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION -The atinuai meeting of the member- of this institution WaR h. hI at the ro-tm* in Vdcteiia Ph, e on Alon lay evening, the 14'h instant, Thomas Hughes, Esq, in the chair. The annual Statement of accounts was tend by the Tr asurer, and the following report, prepared by the Secretary, J W. Phillips. E-q was submitted t" the eet ng The COIli- mittee, in presenting their nineteenth annual report, håvt, to state that the number ot memhers at' the end of the last ourrent year exclusive of honorary and life members, was 116, viz. 33 guinea, 22 hal -guinea, and 61 fj, 6d inember3. Total number la-t year WHS 103: there has, therefore, lwe>i a gross increase 01 13; but it cannot be known exactJy untjll he subscriptions are collected bow many ot these members will .cont;nuw for the present year. By the Treasurer's Account, it appear* that the receipts for the past year have been £ Si 11- 8.1, exclusive of the balance of £ 2 10s 5|d biougm ver tmm the pre- ceding year's account, mukiru aitotfetinr X65 2- l^J, and the payments have a.uounted toE64 j3. tl. showing a btlance of 8s lit in favour of the intl,u,,it)n.' The sommittee and fifficers received the thanks ot the meet lug, and were reappointed PEMBROKESHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. An adjourned Q iarter Sessions for the County of Pem- broke was held at the Shire Hall on Saturday, the 12tli instant. There were present; G. R G. Ree-, Esq, Pen- Hwyn, John Stokes, Efq, Cuffdrn, and A. B Starbuck, &q, Milford. HO-PIT.AI. "HIP FOR MILFORD HAVEN. Mr Starbuek expressi-d a desir tnat the attention of the Government should tie directed to the Harbour of Milford, as being a p' rt where vessels might put in having persons on b ard afflicted with cholera, or other infectious diseases After a short discussion, it wis ordered that the Clerk Of the Peace be r qx''t.[ed to forthwith represent to the Home Offlce the imminent dinger to which this district is expoied by the fact ot Milford Ha en being open a any hour to the tec prion of emigrant vessels with cholera or other contagious stud infectious diseases on board, and that the Home Office be requested to furnish a Tessel in which tl) send ueh patients for treatment to avoid the probable inleciion o th.' districts. OATILE PI.AGCK LICKNCttS. Mr G. R. G Ke<-s c.illeti the attention of the magistrates present to tht grea' inconvenience of getting caitle licences signed by magistrates when it was necessary to remove cutllt1.bort (listiatiee, and. a. he understood the Orders in Council, th • Local Authority had power to make and aiter rules, therefore hftnowed he following resolution, which was agreed to, VIE, that all members of the local coojiiii;tees beauthortzet to grant general li- cences lor the removal of stoek, and thit they affix their place ot residence after their names. The Court then adjouted to Saturday next, at twelve o'tlock. HAVERFORDWEST PETTY SESSIONS These sessions w-re held tt the Shiie Hall on Wednes- day, before the Mayor, J. Madocks, Esq, and James Bowen, ElSq. ASSAULT. John Lawrence, a gunner in the Royal Pembrokeshire Artillery Mmtia, was charged with assaulting Maria Morgan, a nymph of the pave, residing at the parish of St. Martin's The defendant was fined 6.1 and costs. NEGLECTING To MAINTAIN A DAVGHTKR. Francis Skinner, carver, of Merlin's Bridge, was charged with neg^eetinu to maintain his daughter, then in the Workhouse of the. Haverfortiwest Union. The defendant stated that he never did neglect bis daughter, and that he always maintained her until she ran away. His door was always open to her, and she had as much to eat as himself or any one belonging to him. His daughter Wiis leven years of age. She went out of the taoube saying that she woulo be back directly, and as she did not return, a search was made for her through the fields, hut she could not be found. The Clerk said that if the defendant could prove the plea he had set up, it WllUd amount to Iu"quiral. The defendant said he could prove it by 20 witnesses if it was required. The Bench adjourned the case for a fortnight, to afford the defendant t;uie to produce bis witnesses. STEALING A CHICKEN. Robert Hull, a lad 14 years of age, residing at City Road, was charged with stealing a chicken from the Greyhound IlIn. the property of Mr Robert, Yeates. The defendant said (bat he picked the chicken up and brought it home. but his foster father would not allow hiia to keep P, and be sold it He wished the case to be dealt with by the magistrates. Sopt. Cecil, in answer to the Bench, said he was very sorry to state that the account he could give of tin prisoner was a very bad one. He was c. nvicted in 18b'4 lor stealing a tame rabbit and was then whipped. He had from 15 to 20 charges of stealing against him, which Were withdrawn because the puriits did not liktj to proses cote one so young. The Bench ordered the prisoner to he committed to prison for 14 da) s, and at the expiration of that time to be unt fot three yeurs to such reformatory as might te willing to receive him. TRAN.-KKB OF LICBN6B. The license 01 the Greyhound Inn waa transferred to Mr R Yeates.







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