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AVERFORDWEST POSTAL REGULATIONS rMtmaster—MR BRTANT EVXNIS. UP MAIL TO LONDOW. Box Close* I Late letters with addi- I Departure of 4.J4 p.m. I tionalstamp, 5.5. | Maii5.16 p.m. wr MAIL TO THE NORTH. 1)* Closes I Late letters with addi-I Departureef J).45.a.m. | tionalstamp, 11.10 | Mail 11.27 a. m. ^JIBOWN MAIL TO PKMBROKK, FEMBROKK-POCK, MILPOWJ AND IRKLAND. Jox Closes I Late ktters with addi- I Departure of 9.59 p.m. | tionSi stamp, 10 p.m. | Mail S a.m. •"■WNB DOWN MAIL TO PEMBROKE, &C., &C., AND IRELAND.. ^3X Closes I Late letters with addi- Departure of l.20p.m. I tionalstamp, 1.30. | Mail 1.3ftp.ui. London Down Mail arrives 6.35 a.m. Letters delivered a.m. North Down Mail arrives 1.50 p.m. Letters delivered p.m. First Up Mail from Milford, &c.,arrivee U.tS a.nv. Letters delivered 2.30 p.m. Second UpMail from Milford,&c,arrives 6.^0 p.m. Letters delivered 1;.0 p.m. The public are recommended when applying for Money Orders, to use printed Application Forms,' which save time, and afford greater security than verbal messages against mistakes. These forms are supplied gratuitously at all offices to any one requiring money orders The commission on inland money orders is as follows: On sums notexceedinfrjE2 3d. Above 92 do do fiS 6d. „ B5 do do £i 9d. „ £ 7 do do £ 10 Is. • The commission on Money Orders payable in Canada, Cape of Good nope, New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Australia is fourfold these sums, and on Money Orders payable at Gibraltar or Malta threefold. No single order can be granted for more than jElO. A letter, book, or other packet, on which the postage has been prepaid in stamps, can he registered to any part of the United Kingdom for a fee of fourpence. All letters posted containing coin are now taxed with the reduced registration" of 4d, and an additiona fine of id.


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