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TEN B Y. The cuckoo has been heard this season on Caldy Island. The boatman belonging to the island, known far and wide as' Ned of Caldy,' avers that the harbinger of spring 'does not always visit them; but that, in «very year its note is beard, a wedding is sure to take place among the inhabitants. The much vexed question of compensation between Mr and Mrs Lock and the Tenby Corporation has at length been decided. The award is that the Cor- poration pay to Mrs Lock £ 35, and to Mr Lock X2 IOs, The expenses, we believe, of the first award will fall on the Corporation, and of the latter Mr Lock will have to bear his own proportion. POLICE COURT, MAY 7, 1866.—Before the Mayor, Dr Dyster, and Uev. T. H. Dunn -Mr William Noot, late assistant overseer, made au appeal against the poor rate for the parish of St Mary, Tenby In-liberty, on the ffround of inequality in the assessment. As Mr Noot had failed to comply with the Act 27 & 28 Vict. c. 39, which requires that all appellants should give notice of their intention to appeal to tbe Assessment Committee, twenty- eight days before such appeal is to be heard, (in order to Rive the committee, if so dispo-ed, the opportunity of defending their assessment.) the Bench did not enter on the merits of the case, but dismissed the appeal for in- formality, ordering the appellant to pay costs. GENERAL TOM THUMB.—On Monday week, General Tom Thumb and family, Commodore Nutt, and Miss Minnie Warren, visited Tenby. The afternoon and evening levees were attended by a numerous audience. Most of the elite of the neighbourhood visited the Gate House Assembly Rooms in the afternoon; while in the evening, though not so select, the company was still more nn- merouR-his Generalship will not have occasion to regret his visit to Tenhy. A neighbouring dwarf came to see them, and afforded many of the company an opportunity of comparing them. The largest of the General's com- pany was considerably smaller than their visitor, and the symmetry of all their proportions contrasted very strongly with the deformity ot the country dwarf. Commodore Nutt is, besides his extremely small stature, one of the cleverest little beings we have ever seen: his comic talent would be sufficiently evident if be was of ordinary stature, his performance on the drum was well worth the admission money to witness. Mrs Stratton's singing pleased every one. and their perfect enunciatton enabled persons to hear every syllable even in the extreme parts of the house. SAUNDERSFOOT PETTY SESSIONS, May 8, 1866 -Before Dr Uyster and the Rev. T. H. L)unn.- Three persens were summoned by the police for allowing their don- .keys to stray on the highway, and were ordered to pay costs, 4s 6d each, and to enter into their own recogni- zances to appe r to receive judgment when called on so to do—Timothy Donovan, who had been repeatedly summoned for allowing a mischievous donkey to stray, appeared again to answer a similar complaint, but as it appeared that the animal was now out of his possession, he was discharged on payment of 2s costs.—Mr Hughes appeared to answer a complaint for moving cattle without a license. The offence appeared to have been the result of a misconception, and be was discharged on payment o' eoste.—Thursday, May 5th.Before Dr Dyster.-Charles Coomb, a sailor belonging to the schooner Dee, of Chester, was brought up in custody of the police as a dangerous lunatio wandering at large. He had run away from his vessel under the persuasion that a conspiracy was formed by his companiois to destroy him. He had only joined the vessel a week before, and had been quiet, sober, and well-conducted. The poor law medical officer was directed to examine him, and pronounced him insane, a fact sufficiently obvious to all who saw him. The un- fortunate man was conveyed to the Joint Counties Lu- natic Asylum at Carmarthen.









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