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LAYS OF THE JUDGES. NO. I.-OTHNIEL. 1. Why wakes the cry in Canaan's land ? Why starts the rising tear? Why nerveless hangs the palsied hand When Israel's foes are near? Dare they not 6ght as erst they fought On (!) banks of Arnon's stream? Or sleeps their courage half forgot, Like music in a dream ? II. The (2) heathen king has proudly come, With vaunting heathen horde, Forth from his (3) river-bordered home, Unsheathed his Svrian sword. Shall heathen hands, ah! weary sisht! Pluck Hebron'* (4) tiuitof gold? For them shall Cartel's wooded height Her upland glades enfold? HI. For them shall grapes of purple hue Kisstbesoftstopinghills, Like mermaid's locks when pearled with dew Of ocean's thousand rills? Shall Lebanon's deep wadies wake With ring of stranger steel ? Or Hermon's pasture music make For stranger hearts to feel? IV. Fainthearted, Judah's chieftains cower, And Ephraim's check is wan Dulled is (5) Benoni's sword of power, Fruitless the (6) wiles of Dan For this had they Jehovah spurned, Forgot their plighted troth! ■ For this the perfumed incense burned To pale-faced Astaroth V. The stranger king, eight weary years, Ruled them with iron rod. Once more they prayed Jehovah hears And Israel's Lord i< God. Now for an arm like (7) his of yore \hu iinore till; bitiivicd king; Or (8) his who saw Jehovah pour The swollen torrent's springs! VI. Yet lives there one where Hebron lies By Mamre's fertile vale: God bids the son of Kenaz rise: God bids! Shall Othiiiel fail" Sprung from the royal Judah's seed, He yearned o'er Jud ih's land, Who erst in youth had dared the deed And won fair (9) Achsah's hand. vi r. Ul, 1 Israel, up! For God and Right! Jehovah bare" the swor i." And foernen tremble at ha might Of Othniel and the Lord. Back to their home between the stream* Are hurled the stranger hosts: Gone, a< the phantom forms of dreams, Are all their godless bonsts. VIIT. Xo longer Israel bows the knee To Biai's Golden Light: Or lands Astarte's majesty, The silver Q'leen of Night. And forty yen> the kind was glad And Othniel lived to tell How Israel's heart was sore and sad Before the stranger fell. IX. And forty years the land had rest, Judged by stout Kenaz's son And vineyards nestled in the breast Of grey-haired Lebanon. And Israel's shepherds fed their flocks, From spoiler's hand secure; And Israel's maidens bathed their locks In peaceful streamlets pure. X, For forty years! And Othniel slept. His soul had winged her flight, And Judah's bearded warriors wept The loss of Judah's Light. Mourning they laid him in the tomb Hewn from the living rock Whose name outlives his nation's doom, Judge of Jehovah's flock! Xl. And now the lowly (10) hyssop springs From Othniel's rocky bed: Emblem of purity, wh:ch sings That Othniel is not dead. Hard by the (11) Refuge City stands Where reigned the (12) King whose word Is chanted now in Christian lands: Purge me with hyssop," Lord -London Christian Times. W. B. R.

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