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THE LONDON MARKETS METROPOLITAN CATTLE MARKET LONDON MONDAY, October 19.—There was a large supply of foreign beafts and sheep on offer in to-day's markfetj The show of calves was seasonably extensive. Sheep, the quality of which Wiis good, were in request, at very full prices; but beasts and calves met a dull inquiry at late rates. The arrivals of home-fed beasts fresh up this morning were again large; but their general quality was by no means prime. The best breeds were, consequently, taken off somewhat freely, at full quotations, the top figure being 5b per 81b; otherwise, the beef trade was in a sluggish state, at last week's currency. From Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, and Northamptonshire, we received 2,200 short- horns, &c from other parts o'f England, 950, of various breeds; from Scotland, 3 Scots; and from Ireland, 760 oxen and heifers. We were rfgain but moderately supplied with sheep as to number. but their quality was prime. 'The mutton traders arm, and, in some instances ptices advanced 2d per 91b. A. few very supe- rior old Downs produced 5s 6d, but the general top figure, was 5s id pfer 81b. Calves were in fair average supply, and heavy request, at about previous quotations,; viz,, from a8 4d to 4s 4d perelb. There was a moderate inqulry for pigg, at stationary, prices. !> -■ ■ i' Ter tlfn. ta iink the Ofalt = Coarss and inferior a. d. s. d. Primeeoarse woollsd ». d. s. d beasts. 3 2 3 6 sheep. 4 8 5 2 Second quality ditw S 8 4 2 Phme 8outh BOWK • PrimS lkrge oxen 4 4 4 8 Sheep. 4 2 5 4 PrtinA *e.• 4l IO 5 0 Large eoarse eilves 8 4 4 0 Cbafse and inferier Prime small ditto. 4 2 4 4 sheep. 8- 8 4 0 Large hogs 3 6 4 0 Second quality ditto 4 2 4 6 Neat small porkers 4 2 4 c Backing Calves Us to 20s; and Quarter old Store rift 90s to 26t,taefc. CoRN UxoHANGK MONDAY, October 19.-The supply of wheat from Essex, and Kent this morning was short; that of barley, beans, and peas moderate with few fresh arrivals of oats from our-own coast, Scotland, and Ireland. There were liberal im- ports of foreign grain and flour. Two days, in the past week proved very wet, the remainder tolerably dry, enabling formers, to make fair progress with autumnal tillage. Yesterday wM fine, this morning unsettled and damp. English wheat met a fair, sale, arid fine qualities were the same in price as last week. The demand for foreign wheat was still in retail, and prices without any quotable change. The top price of town-made flour was unaltered. Country marks were in slow request on former terms. Americans the same in priee. Choice maltix? barlev was m good request, at the full prices of last week; intermedial qualities purchased slowly, but were not offered on much tower terms. Malt was in limited demand at previous quotaiione.. lteans were rather dull at barely last week's currency Peat met a limited inquiry, and were Is per quarter lower generally There was a moderate extent of business transacted in oats, at last Monday'r, currency for good corn, with no quotable change, for other sorts. Linseed was steady in value and demand. Rapeseed commanded former currencies. Red eloverseed was firm, and fine qualities realised as much money. BRITISH. „ Shillings per Qr. Shillings per (jr. Wheat—Essex and Kent, Oats—English feed 17 la white, 44.48 Poland 21 2? Ditto, red 42 44 Scotch feed 22 2%. Norfolk, Lincoln, and Ditto potato 23 2s Yorkshire, red 43 {5 Irish feed, white. 18 2$ Barley—Malting 30 iO Ditto, black .17 Is Distilling 28 29 Beans-Green 43 41 Chevalier, I Ticks 32 31 Grinding 27 23 Harrow 35 Ifntt-Essex,Norfolk,and P^^WhiVU'K- H Suffolk, pale 62 65 mHi! h te bollers 86 3» Chevalier ^raPle « *0 *— Rye SI 34 Norfolk and Suffolk 28 3rt id p E x I A V E R FOR THK CAST SIX WEBKS. **hfat 43. 4d I Rye 3l8 10(1 ^ley js, 01 Beans ?d '20* 7 d J Peas 36S 8 IRTTTTV. R H/f A 1?IT i?T — LOMDOK, MONDAY, October 19.-Of Irish'butter the supplv iff short, moie particularly of secondary qualities. Of English S r A u4s ll8s> and Devon loss to 112s per cwt. Of fresh butter a fair quality is still received, but the quality is very much affected by the unfavourable weather. The demand is improving: firsts, 14s, seconds and west country, 13s, thirds, 12e per dozen. POTATO MARKET. LONDON, MONDAY, October 19.-The arrivals of home-grown potatoes to these markets, both by land and water carriage, are remarkably large. In most descriptions a fair business is doinir. at about previous quotations. Only* feyr paroeis of forei(^' produce are on offer. Yorkshire Regents. 95s to 110s per ton. Yorkshire Flukes 100s to 120s, Scotch Regents. 70s to 90s Kent and Essex Regents 60s to 80s Foreign 50s to 60. HOP MARKET. LONDON, MONDAY, October 19.—The trade has been extremely good, and nearly all the fine old hops are cleared off. The demand at Wyehill was favourable, and the Farnhams and country's were all sold, and quite five-sixthe of the Worcester- shires are disposed of. £ s. £ s. £ g. £ s. East Kents 6 0 9 10 Low 4 0 5 0 Mid Kents 6 0 9 0 „ 4 0 5 0 Wealds 5 0 6 0 „ 4 0 5 0 Olds. 2 0 3 0 „ 10 2Q