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.Puce One Shilling; free, 13 stamps. Sixth Edition on the VICES OF THE; AGE, by the Rev. Dr. Cuming, V being a Lecture delivered at Exeter Hall. J. GILBERT, Great Russell Street. Now Ready, price 2s 6d; post free, 30 stamps. VTERVOUS DEBILITY, a Disease oJ the Blood, being an entirely new view of the nature of this malady, Nearly and most positively demonstrating that the 'emedies usually prescribed for the removal of this dis- ease, floch as iron, mercury, sarsaparilla, cauterization, iQinine, &c, are calculated to accelerate arid confirm the Malady they are intended to remove, and proposing an entirely new but indisputably rational mode of treats ment, with full instructions fcr its cure, by Dit. JOHN P. SERGEANT, M.R.C.S., Consulting Surgeon to the Epileptic Hospital. I We are certain this essay will throw more light on nature, consequences, and treatment, of Nervous, jUnta*, and Physical Debility, thaii any other work that *>#s yet appeared, being the result of many year's scien- tific enquiry, observation, and research relating thereto.' £ a»ee<; June 10th. London: GILBERT, Publisher, Great Russell Street; of the Author, Dr. SARGEANT, 56, Gower Street; Bedford Square. bit. SARGEANT ON THE DISEASES OF WOMEN. Fourth Edition, with Illustrations on Steel, and Pre- scriptions in English. Price One Shilling, free for thirteen stamps. A N ESSAY on the PHYSIOLOGY and SPECIAL <1. DISEASES OF WOMEN, forming a complete guide to, and with full instructions for the Removal of of Youths Womanhood, or Old Age. Opinions of the Press. 'The subject is treated in a clear, concise, and praetical fanner, and should be in the hands of all females.— lancet; 4 Wiirform a vataable addition to the domestic house- bold.'— Medical Circular. Every husband ought to present this essay to his wife, and every mother to her daughter, containing, as it does, 1I108t valuable information that concerns their physical attd social ttappinesis.o-Metith foormal. SARGEANT ON THE PllystOLOGY AND DISEASES OF ^•MSN4-u-Thi8 «8say will,prove an invaluable monitor ttd guide to avoid those ehoals and quicksands upon Jhlch many a fair and iovely youth has been wrecked, We venture to say (and we have the corroborative fact of the essay having reached its fourth edition within four Months) that the advice, suggestions, and prescriptions 4re invaluable to every houaehold.' Standard. London: GILBERT, Publisher, Great Russell Street; 5ad of the Author, DR. SARGKANT, 56, Gower Street, Bedford Square. THISTLETON ON CONSUMPTION. fourth Edition, price GJ; free seven stamps; On the Tretttment&ndCoreof CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, CHRONIC COUGHS, and all Di-ases of the CHEST and LUNGS, by ^8 Inhalation o: Chlorine Gas, being one of the most "Bcaclous mf.Jeaofcure ever practised in this: country; *ith full instructions how and when to use it, by F. M. 'SISTLETOX. J.- GILBERT, Great Russell Street: 1 ¡.. r. Price 6d I free, 7 stamps. ID MOSES WRITE THE PENTATEUCH? Questions fully answered, and Dr Colenso refuted. GILBERT, Great RussellStreet. THF, SUFFERRR'S BMRI'-PRrEArD. .t. r ^IXOT^^ li'Z •4ft Disorders affecting the Liver, Stomach, and Bowels. 7hese Pills can be confidently recommended as the most simple J}11 certain remedy for indigestion, flatulency, acidity, heart- s'11!, colic, constipation, and all the many maladies resulting disordered stomach, or -bowels. In a disease it is of primary Importance to set the stomach, right..These Pills are purifiers,; jeratlves, and strengthened of the stomach. They, may be Jr~.en Under any circumstances. Though powerfully tonic, and Wsfactorily a'pciient,, they; are mild in their operation^ and ^leficijti to the whole system. • Weakness, and Debility, Nervous Irritability. ,) The wholesome effect exercise 1 by these admirable Pills over blood and fluids generally is like a charm in dispelling low restoring cheerfulness. Their general aperient, jf^htfcg well fit them for a domet tic medicine, particularly for Jiiales of all ages and periods of life. They' never betray any ^agreeable irritating qualities; they quickly eject all impu- «vf6 0Ir> the system, and regulate every function of the body, nng wonderful tone, and energy to weak and debilitated per- l&o! ^kile they brace and strengthen the nervotis system in a Q8t extraordinary manner. r Old Coughs, Colds, and Asthmaticdl Affections. Oiit 16 assisted in their action by rubbing Holloway's ent v6ry effectually twice a day upon the throat and chest, to"1 keeping those parts covered with the preparation, will be the most effective remedy for asthma, coughs, colds, H^chitis, and influenza.; These remedies tranquilize the hur- j breathing, soothe the irritated air-tubes, and assist in dis- tJJtfng the phlegm which stops up the air-passage's. This old ment bns proved wonderfully efficient in not only curing ^settled coughs and colds, but asthma of many years standing, J??. even when, patients who were in so bad a state as i.ot able he down on their beds lest they be choked by phlegm. °Hotoay's Fills are the best remedy known in the world for the following diseases: Dropsy Liver com- Tiedouloureux Dysentery plaints Tumours io°Us com- Erysipelas Lumbago Ulcers feint*8 Femaleirregu- Piles Venerealaffec- SJches on larities Rheumatism tions Siskin Fevers of all Retention of Worms of all Jfel com- kinds urine kinds Coii Fits Scrofula, or Weakness, Con Gout King's Evil from what- Head-ache Sore throats ever cause, Sore throats ever cause, Co^bqwels Indigestion Stone & Gravel &c ,&c. ^rJUaption Inflammation Secondary Jaundice symptoms St?? >the Establishment of PROFESSOR HOLLOWXY, 244 (near Temple Bar,) London, also by all respectable Waists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilised hjjat the following prices:—18 lid, 2s 9d,4s6d, lis,22s, t each box. There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes.. •Directions for the guidance of patients in every disordre are affixed to each Box. RECKITTS' Dr ANION D CK LE" ^pppr BLACK i.EA$< W-ILL BE FOUND MORE CLEANLTT than any other,, because being in. blocks it not ^rop" about like Powder Leads (though used$ £ • ^ctly in the same way), on the Carpets, Furnit^e, Clothes, &c. v, BKILLIANT—feecause it is unadulterated, thug every particle produces a splendid metallic V "LiSHES MOBE QUICKLY—Thtxs saving the Maenad labour of the user* CHEAPER—Because it is lesa wasteful, whilst ^ttle goes further than any "other kind. CK:itt & SONS, London Bridge, E.G., tad Hulh Thomas, Tea Dealer* Jas.Reeee, Grocer, W^oLvw?,h' London Tea Malt, and F. & J. p. Henly, wale Grooers, Haverfordwest. ;v T WHIOH^R DAVIES, V'V. WHOLESALE CORN, FLOUR, CHEESE, PORTER, & SEED MERCHANT, RESPECTFULLY returns thanks to his numeroas Agricultural and other friends for the apnualiy increasing patronage accorded to him, and at the same time T. W. D., in soliciting future favours,pledges himself to supply his customers with Goods of the most Genuine Quality on reasonable terms. J ■ >. ( 4 Just imported, a Cargo of AIjLSOPP'SPALID ALE, MANDER'S CELEBRATED DUBLIN STOUT; Also, a Cargo of Burnard, Lack, &Co's.,ofPlymoath, CONCENTRATED SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. This Manure has stood the. practical test of Field Trials for many years with pre-eminent sucheM. MR. JAMES RIBBON, PIANO-FORTE, VIOLIN, AND VIOLONCELLO TEACHER Piano-Fortes Tutted. RESIDENCE—ST. THOMAS-STSEET, HAVERFORDWEST -r—i :—;— —— — EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS OF THE NEW MODE OF TREATMENT. Post free for Six Stamps, opeA ends, or Fourteen in a Sealed Enves>pe. THE LAST NEW BOOK, on PREMATURE DECLINE and j. its ready removal; the modern treatment of certain disquali. fications; with rules and numerous prescriptions for the speedy cure by very simple means of nervousness, debility, and all the more common dileasee and suppolied incurable maladies of the sexual system. Invalids will be astonished at its contents. By Dr. W. DE Roos, M.D., M.R.C.S., L.A.C., &c., of the Ecole de Medecine, Paris; Graduate'in Medicine" Surgery, and Mid- wifery. By the present law, norie but the. real Physician r Surgeon daye attach M.D. or M.R.C.S. to his name and openly advertise his fees, as heavy penalties would be incurrtd. The public should'tnererore guard against impostors who impudently style themselves Dr,' Professor,* M.R.A.S. M.A. &c, in order to mislead the unwary as to .their true character. None of these men really know more of the diseases they profess to treat than any persoji may by reading the above work. Fom long practical observation in the most famous Institutions of this country and the continent, the Author has had somewhat unusual facilities for acquiring that uniform success, which has hitherto characterized his treatment, -and he-refers with pride to the numbers he has been instrumental in restoring to health and happiness; whilst to all who need such aid he offers every assu- rance of speedy restoration. Persons. at a distance, should for- ward a detail of their case by letter, enclosing JEt ts for advice and medicines, which will be sent by return. Patients eorres- vonded with till cured. Post-office orders to be made payable at the General Post Office, to Dr. VVALTEK DE Roos, M.D., 25, Bedford Place, Bloomsbury Square, London. Hours for con- sultation, 12, till-2, Sundays excepted. It is important to recol- lect the address, as to meet the wish of patients, THK ENTRANCE IB STRICTLY PBIVATS. .Ii THE MOST WONDERFUL MEDICINE IN THE WORLD j. I," nURE IN FOUR WEEKS.-THE GUTTLE VITJE, or VEGE- Vj TABLE LIFE DROPS, Protected by Royal Letters Patent Sanctioned by the Faculte fa France; ^c., have in numberless instances proved their superiority pver every other advertised remedy for langour, lassitude, d< prfession of spirits, Irritability, excitement, fear, distaste and incapacity for society,' study or business, indigestion, pains and palpitations in the side, giddi- ness. noise in the head, &c. This "medicine strengthens the vitality of the whole system, gives energy to the muscles, speedily removes nervousness, renovates the impaired powers of life, and invigorates the mpst shattered constitution. For skin eruptions, sore throat, pains in the bones, and those diseases in which mer- cury, sarsaparilla, &c, are too often employed to the utter ruin of health; its. su" prising eftleacacy hat; only to be tested. Before wasting valuable time in seeking aid from instruments, electricity, galvanism, with similar absurdities, professing to set aside medicines, by American, impostors and others, whose boasted distinguished qualifications' consist solely of their con- summate impudence, sufferers will do well to make fair trial of a remedy which, concocted on scientific principles, cannot fail. Price is 6d and l is., or four times the'latter at 33s per bottle, through all chemists, or direct from 25, Bedford Place, WHERE THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS MAY BESEEM. 1'1 THE THREE DAYS' CURE.-NEW FRENCH REMEDY THERAPION, as uniformly adopted in the French hospitals and by the notabilities of the French faculty in a remarkably short time,, often two or three days only, without the slightest discomfort, inconvenience, or risk, removes all discharges from the mucous membrane, whether of the urinary or other organs. It combine* all the desiderata to be sought in a medicine of the. kind, and surpasses everything hitherto employed. Devoid of all unpleasant ta8te and 8melt., In packets 2s 9d^ 4s 6d, lis, and 33s, through allrespeetabte medicine vendors, or sent direct from the establishment on receipt of stamps or post office order. The lie size contains three at 4s 6d, and those at 33s four of the lIs. Thi stamp, to imitate whi'Ch is felony, bears the word 'Therapiohj' in white letters, by order of HIR MAIKP'T'S HON. CoMMisstoNEKs, who thereby secure thfe -proprietor against in- fringement throughout the United Kingdom and the colonies. PAINS IN THE BACK, GRAVEL, LUMBAGO, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, DISEASE OF THE KIDNEYS, BLAD- DER.&c. THE COMPOUND .RENAL PILLS correct aeidity of the stomach, and indigestion, promote the functions of the liver and kidneys, thereby preventing stone in the bladder and kidneys, with many other serious disorders to which these important organs are subject. Listlessness, weakness, peevishness, and complaints long supposed to be nervous?' often arise solely from contamination of the blood with certain Impurities which should have been carried off by the kidneys: several unsightly erup- tions of the skin_ and face also arise from the same cause, and may be as readily removed by these PiHs, which in nineteen cases out of twenty cure with a rapidity almost marvellous. Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, lla, and 33s per box, through all chemists. THOUSANDS OP TESTIMONIALS MAY HE SEEN BY ANY ONE. Sold' by James, Joy, and Evans, Cardiff Roberts, chemist, Cohway; Hughes, chemist, Bangor; Griffith, chemist, High- street, Carnarvon; Edwards, Chemist, Denbigh; Hughes, druggist, HoI-yheadf Price Brothers, Post-office, Bridgend: Thomas, chemist, (opposite Angel), Merthyr; Watkins, High- street, Abergavenny; Ward, chemist, Brecon; White, chemist, Guildhailrsquare, Carmarthen Williams, chemist, High-street, Cardigan; Meyler, druggist, Haverfordwest; Treweeks, che- mist, Pembroke; Evans, chemist, High-stireet, Swansea; Hil. ditch, chemist, Rhyl; Moore, chemist, Broad-street, Newtown Stephens, chemist, High-street, Merthyr Tydfil; Grindley, chemist, Chester; Ryder, druggist, Millnitreet, Macclesfield; Br ox ton, chemist, Shrewsbury Pearce, King-street, Ludlow, Partridge, bookseller, Wellington; Leake and Smith, chemists, Bridgenorth; Mander, Weaver, and Co., Wolverhampton; Hollier, chemist, Dudley; and at least one agent in almost every town; but should difficulty occur, enclose the amount by Post- office; order otherwise, to 25, Bedford Place, Btoomebury Square, London, and they will be sent securely packed per return. NOTICE f CAPTION.—Dr. De Roos, itt the only legally qualified medical man who thus advertises his medicines; and as there are injurious imitations of the above by self-sty-ed Doctors and Professors, who copy his books, advertisements, &c, and forge testimonials to puff of their useless trash, sufferers should guard against the recommendation of the same, or other articles, by dishonest vendors, who thereby obtain a larger profit. The genuine have the words 'WALTER Dt: Roos, LON DO:N, printed 11 in white letters on the Government Stamp, BY ORDER OF HEB. MAJESTY'S HON. COMMISSIONERS to imitate1 which is felony and transportation. ".n ,f KNOW THYSELF! THE OHIOINAL GKAPHIOLOOIST MARIE COUPELLE, continues heir vivid, and useful delineations of character from the handwriting of individual^ in 9. style pecu- liarly her own. Persons desitons of knowing their own charac- teristics, or those of any friend, shOtild'se»d a specimeri of wntimg, ftatihg sex, age, or supposed; age, &< with" 14 uncut pexmy stamps, ^IND ADDRESSED envelopc» to MAEIBV COUPELLE, Bedford House, Russell-square, Idndoni w?.cr> when they yill receive k lengthened detail of the -talents, lasted, virtues, failing's, &c., of the writer; with many other things previously unsus. peeted, and calculated to guide in the every day affairs of life, The thousands who acknowledge the value ind accuracy, of Miss C's sketched,'establish the great -utility 'of the seiehce.. «The, characters' you' sent "tfere wbnd^rfully truthful/— -Miss Sail, Atheiiryt Co, Galway. 11 was n^uch surprised a tthe deter way in which Voji described my character.'—Jane Bray, 105, Lans- dmehi Fine, Brighton. It is pronounced quite extraordinary.' •- Charh Hamilton. YoU deacrtbad'my character so truly, hat I cou'.d not have done it better.'—Hikior. EVER1 MAN HIS OWN DOCTOR. For two stamps sufferers may avoid the sham Captains who gerterotlsly caution the public against pills, <te.; tl t self-styled reverends gentlemen of fortune.; rupture-curing qtfacKt; :and other swindlers, who send their books for nothing, publish testi- monials which they write themselves, fictitious reviews from Journals which do not exist, ttrofess to cure disease* by galva- nism, electricity, instruments,$c,, instead of medicines, which they style American treatment,' and pther a&stirditits as cruel as they are deceptive, A physician many years extensively engaged in/the' treatmeiiV of debility, and the various mental and nervous affections re- sulting therefrom, will send free on receipt of two penny stamps to prepay postage, a pamphlet containing his highly, successful, and only safe treatment, with all the necessary prescriptions and directions by which sufferers may cure themselves at trifling cost. Address Mr Lawes, Medical Publisher, 14, Hand, Court, Holborn, London. BO YOU WANT LUXURIANT HAIR, WHISKERS, MOUS- STACHIOS and EYEBROWS 'Of the numerous prepara- tions intended for the HAIR, rtone have maintamed puch celebrity as EMILIE DEAN'S GRINILENE, which is guaran- teed to produce Whiskers, Moustachios, and Eyebrows in. a. few weeks and will be found eminently successful in npurlshing, curling, and beautifying the Hair, checking greyness in all its stages, strengthening weak Hair, apd preventing its falfing Off. In the reproduction of Hair in baldness; from whatever cause' iand from whatever age, ONE TRIAL will prove its astonishing power. In the nursery it is indispensable, forming the basis of a beautiful bead of hair. Price 2s per bottle; large bottles, con- taining more than four times the small ones, is eMh. 'Sold by all Chemists in the world, or sent post free, on receipt of 24 penny stamps, by Misses DEAN and COUFELLJS, Hair Restorers, &c., Bedford House, Russell Square, London. W.C. EXTRACTS PEOM LETTERS 4 My hair was rapidly coming oW, but in a week after using your Crinilene it ceased.'—' I. Hickson, Eldon-street, Sheffield. In the short time of one fornight I have got a beautifnl moustache.'—H. Adams,- WibdeH. I can now boast of a head of hair, which many eantdt: I was quite bald on the crown of my head when I began using it.'—W. B. I Every customer speaks highly of your Grtnilene.*—-F. P. Jamee, Chemist^ 5, Paradise-street, Liverpool. HINTS' ON THE MANAGEMENT OF THE HAIR,' Whiskers, &c., with Testimonials, List of Agents, &c., sent post ree for four penny stamps. q' t j' AN ACT -OF GRATITUDE.—A gentleman who. had heep long suffering from a very deplorable state of nervousness, languor, lassitude, low spirits, almost constant headache, dim- ness of sight, threatened deafness, loss of memory and s^.ngth, in shqrt all zest for erijoyment and everything that rdrtders iiftf pleasant, has been marvellously restored by very Simple means, and as a public duty feels it incumbent on him to impart the- information to others similarly affected, on reseipt of a directed envelope bearing two stamps addressed B. B. Laurie, Esq,. Montague Chambers, MontagUe-street, Loridon mHE PLEASURE-SEEKER'S GUIDE, HOTEL DIRECTORY, .1 and Excursionist's Handy-Book. This work, containing (in addition to much interesting' information) a Tariff of .Hotel Charges, will be found very serviceable to all who patronize Excursion Trains.; Post free for seven stampa by Jóhnson & Co, 10, Brooke-street, Holborn. GOUT, RHEUMATISM, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA, NEURALGIA, PAUALYSIS, GLANDULARSWELLINGS, CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, &c. ,I,, flE effects of heat, fumigation, &c., in curing the above and t many other chronic diseases are almost incredible. THE TURKISH BATHS, 20, Baker-street, Portman-square, London. Under the direction of two Physicians. Consultation 11 till 3. A Pamphlet, (110 pages,) post free for 14 stamps. SKIN DISEASES, GOUT, RHEUMATISM^ LUMBAGO, &c. THEIR prevention and cure by heat and fumigation, the effects of which in the above and many other chronic maladies* surpasses everything. 20, Baker-street, Portman-square, Lon- don. Under the direction of two Physicians., Consultations 11 till three daily. A Pamphlet (132 pages), seht post 'free for 14 stamps. STRICTURE OF THE URETHRA its nature, consequences, varieties, and speedy cure, without the pain and risk of laceration putting or other irrational measures. By Drs. Barker and Henderson, M.R.C.S.E., &c. Price Is., or post free for 14 stumps by Johnspn and Co., Publishers 10, Brooke-street Hoi- horn, London and through all Booksi .ors. EDMOND AND R E E S, AUCTIONEERS, APPRAISERS, ACCOUNTANTS ETC., OFFICES—DARK-STREET, HAVEKFORDWEST. PURE SWEETS. SCHOOLING & Co's PRIZE MEDAL' IPTJIRE SWEETS COMPRISE. A great variety of first-rate MACHINE MADE CONFECTIONERS Of the most wholesome and delicious character. SOLD BY GROCERS, CONFECTIONERS, DRUGGISTS, &C, IN TRANSPARENT AND OTHER PACKETS, IT ONE PENNY PER OUNCE. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. SCHOOLING & Co., WHOLBSALE IX. EXPORT CONFECTIONERS, BETHNAL GREEN, LONDON. { c.' STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOPTH OF IRELAND, Via New Milford (Milford Hation) £ Water ford. DAILY SEBVICE—SUNDAYS EXCEPTSD, tflHE Milford Haven and Water ford Steam Ship Company's X Royal Mail Steamers will sail (wind and weather per- mitting). <t. iit MILFORD HAVEN &VATERPORD: From New Milford, 7.5p.m.,on I From Waterford,S.15 p^na.on arrival of the 9.15 a.m. express arrival of the train from Cork, a'nd 6.0 a.m. third class trains, Limerick, &c, so as to enable *0 as to enable passengers to passengers t6 proceed by the prd6eed by the ti a.m. train' to 9.5 a.m. express train, reaching Limeriek, Cork, fce. London about 6 p.m. For further particulars apply at any of the Railway Statiëntt or of K essr Ford and Jackson, 36, Cannon-ftreft, City, London, and New Milford, South Wales. See Bradshaw's Railway Guid* tndTime Tables. v