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TIVYSIDE HORTICULTURAL SOCIEIT. The first show in connection with this recently estab- lished society took pbce on Thursday, the 10th instant j was,a mqst decided success. ,The arranagements fof the show were made under the superintendence of the Committee of Management, consisting of the President, Sir Thomas Lloyd,; the Vice-President?, John Colby, Esq., Morgan Jones, Esq and Lieut.-Col. Davies; Capt. S. Jones Parry; John Griffith, Esq., Trevorgan Thomas Morgan, Esq., and R. D. Jenkins, Esq., the Treasurer *n& Honorary Secretary, and every thing was most satis- factorily managed. The show took place in the New Market Place, and the different butchers' stalls, which much resemble alcoves, Were appropriated for the different exhibitors, and were Excellently adapted for thepurposes; in fact, nothing 'could have been better arranged. The gardeners of the various gentlemen's seats of the neighbourhood vied with each other in their endeavours,to excel in tastefully de- corating the spaces allotted to them for exhibition, and where all were so eminently successful it was difficult to distinguish particular excellence; it was, however, be- yond doubt that the portion occupied by Castle Mael- gwyn ranked first in beauty of design and elegance of decoration, white that of Thomas Morgan, Esq., of Car- digan, held the second place the portions of Mrs Brigstocke, Blaenpant, and of Mrs Lloyd, Coedmore, being of equal merit for the. third position; but all were beantifullyand artistically embellished—the stall occupied by Morgan Jones, Esq.* having, in addition to; floral federations, a very handsome and appropriate device with the words 'Success to the Tivyside Horticultural '$how,' very beautifully arranged in flowers. v Th« day was remarkably fine, and a very large assem- blage of the neighbouring families of the Tivyside, with ladies and gentlemen friends, took place. The church bells rang merrily throughout the day in honour of the r-.Qcqasipo, and the Cardigan Brass Band played in the "v tMarket Place, during the day, and contributed consider- ably to the pleasure and vivacity of the scene. A great namber of competitors for the prizes entered their names, ..nl!, the fruits, vegetables, and flowers exhibited were superior of their kinds. There was one very beautiful Plant called cyoriophyllum tnagnificum, a native 01 Mada- gascar, which was exhibited from Mrs Gower's, of Castle Maelgwyn, the,leaves of which were upwards of three feet square in size; This excited general admiration. Indeed, Castle Maelgwyn was the most successfully re- Presented of any of the Tivyside mansions. The judges • chosen to adjudge the prizes were Mr Mark Lucas, gar- dener to J. H. Scourfield, Esq., M.P., W Williamston, Haverfordwest, and Mr Thomas Baynton, gardener to Lewes, Esq Llanayrow, and they discharged their ^et^as duties most satisfactorily. The following is a • wt of th§ prizes — FRUIT. •Pines.—Mrs Gower, Castle Maelgwyn, first prize. Black Grapes—TWQ Bunches.—Mrs Gower, Castle Mael- gWYD, first and second prizes. White Grqpes-Two Bunches.—Mrs Gower, Castle Mael- gwyn, first and second prize. Melons.—}S.n Brigstocke, Blaenpant, first prize; John Colby, Esq., Fynone, second prize. Peaches,-John Colby, Esq., Fynone, first prize; John Bowen, Esq., Troedyraur, second prize; Mrs Lloyd, Coedmore, highly commended. Nectarines,—Mrs Lloyd, Coedmore, first prize John Colby, Esq,. Fynone, second prize. Plums.—John Colby, Esq., Fynone, first prize; Mrs Gower. Castle Maelgwyn, second,prize. Pears (Dessert).—John Colby, Esq., Fynone, prize. Pears (Winter.)- William Back. Stradmore Hill. Apples (Dessert.)— John Colby, Esq., Fynone, prize. Apples (Culinary _)—William Buck, Esq., first prise; Miss Jones, Cilwendeg, highly commended. Figs.—Morgan Jones, Esq., Penylan, prize. FLOWERS. Fvschias.—Mrs Gower, Castle Maelgwyn, first prize; Thomas Morgan. Esq., second prize. Ornamental Foliige PI wts.—Mrs Gower, Castle Mael- gwyn, firstprizi; Mrs Lloyd, Coedmore, highly com- mended. Dahlais.—Mrs Lloyd, Coedmore, first prize; J. Griffiths, Esq., Treforgan, second ditto. Hollyhocks.- John Griffiths, Esq., Treforgan, first prize; John Griffiths, Esq., Llwyndyrus, second ditto. Bouquet.-Mrs Lloyd, Coedmore, prize. Asters.—Mrs Jenkins, The Priory, first prize; Thomas Morgan, Esq., Cardigan, second ditto. PetMKMt.—Thomas Morgan, Esq., Cardigan, second prize. German Stocks (Pwai-f-) Morgan Jones, Esq., Penylan, first prize. Geranium (Scarlet.) -Mrs Gower, Castle Maelgwyn, first prize. Geraniums( cut for bedding.)—Mrs Gower, Castle Mael- gwyn. first prize. Pahsies ( Collection of cut greenhouse or stove.)—Mrs Gower, Castle Maelgwyn, first prize. Best Device in Cut FloweTs.-Morgan Jones, Esq., Peny- lan, first prize; J. B. Bowen, Esq.,|Llwyngwair, highly recommeded. VEGETABLES. Cucumbers.- Morgan Jones, Esq., Penylan, first prize; Mrs Brigstocke, Blaenpant, second ditto. Best Three Dishes of Peas, French Beans, and Broad Beans. —Mrs Brigstocke, Blaenpant, first prize J. B. Bowen, Esq., Llwyngwair, second ditto; Morgan Jones, Esq., Penylan, third ditto. Best Three Bundles of Carrots, Parsnips, and Turnips.- Mrs Brigstocke, Blaenpant, first prize; Morgan Jones, Esq., Penylan, second ditto; A. H. S. Davies, Esq PeRtre, third ditto. Best Cauliflower Cabbage, Savoy Cabbage.—John Colby, Esq., Fynone, first prize; Capt Parry, Tyllwyd, second ditto. Green Onions.—Thomas Morgan, Esq., Cardigan, prize. Red Onions.—J. B. Bowen, Esq., Llwyngwair, prize. Leeks.-Miss Jones, Cilwendeg, prize. Salad.- -A. H. S. Davies, Pentre, prize. Celery.—Miss Jones, Cilwendeg, prize. Kidney Potatoes.—J. B. Bowen, Llwyngwair, prize. Potatoes of any Kind.—John Griffiths, Esq., Llwyndyrus, prize. Tomatoes.—Mrs Gower, Castle Maelgwyn, prize. Basket of Velegables. -A. H. S. Davies, Esq., Prentre, prize; Morgan Jones, Esq., Penylan, highly com- mended. COTTAGERS' FLOWERS. Nosegay,—John Thomas, Pontycleifiion, Cardigan, first prize; Howell Thomas, labourer, Blaenpant, second ditto. Best Bashet of Vegetables.-J ohn Daniel, Llechryd, first prize; David Davies, labourer, Blaenpant, second ditto. Best Kidney Potatoes.—Mrs Woodward, Pontycteiaon, first prize; James Jones, Blaenpant, second ditto. Best Red Potatoes.—Mrs Woodward, Pontycleifion, first prize. Best White Potatoes.-Mrs Woodward, Pontycleifion. first prize. OMWMs.—Mrs Woodward, Pontycleifion, first prize. Leeks.—James Jones, Blaenpant, first prize. Cabbage or Savoy.—Mrs Wood ward, Pontycleiifon, first prize. Best Bundle of Herbs. -James Jones, Blaenpant, first prize. Parsnips.—3ames Jones, Blaenpant, first prize. FRUIT.-EXTRA PRIZE. Cherrieig.-M organ Jones, Esq., Penylan, highly com- mended; J. Colby, Esq, Fynone, highly commended. Oia,nges-Mrs Brigstocke, Blaenpant, highly commended. Lemons.— Mrs Brigstocke, Blaenpant, highly commended. Red and White CIH:rants.-J ohn Colby, Esq., Fynone, highly commended. FLOWERS. The following were all highly commended. Thomas Morgan, Esq., Cardigan (begonias) Mrs Guwer, Castle Maelgwyn(cyonophyllum magnificum) Ditto ditto (begonias) Ditto ditto (exotic ferns) Ditto ditto (British ferns) Thomas Morgan, Esq., Cardigan (ferns) Ditto ditto (fuschias) Ditto ditto (ditto)



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