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AMERICA. mE StIOB OF CHARLESTON.—MGHTIXS tN ARKANSAS. NEW YORK, September tst, Morning. — Southern accounts state that the Federals assaulted Fort Wagner -on the 26th ult, but were repulsed. The latest advices to the 26th u £ t. state that the, Federal were working bair £ in the trenches in front of Fort Wagner. It is -understood that Fort Sumter, al-i though seriously breadhed, will not be abandoned. "General Beatrregard -is determined to hold it; this, it is supposed, can be done 'by erecting temporary fortifi- eation. The Federal bombardment of Fort Sumter and Wagner carrtinued vimout further result. No more shells have %een thrown into the city, Federal advices to ttW 26th ult sttte that Fort Wagner vannot yn be taken. The naval operations will con-1 tinuewithnut regard to Fort Wagner < Generif- i'Beauragq?,C nffieinily e,,c-te,,z. that Genera? Gil-1 more's 'first demand for the surrender of Fort tsumterf and Moms Island WC8 not signed, consequently it wasj returned unanswered, notwithstanding which General!! Gilmore in four hours afterwards threw shells iiato ithei eity in'&e middle 'of the night whilst the inhabitants; were sleeping, causing Beauregard to threaten retalliationj if the act was repeated without warning. General Beauregard refused to evacuate Fort "Sumter or Moms Island, Dispatces fromHEtevanson, Mabema, state tbct 'Gene- ral Rosencranz's srmy crossed rlbe Tennessee wiver on theStilh ult, st fasr points, with infantry arvfi .eaviisy. Little resistance -was made in crossing. The Confederates are rejwrtetrto be in force sat iReme andOleveland, along the Georgia state road. F: General Burnsifie is near Kiogston, about ftoattaik the town. Southern] journals assert that Chattanooga bad been bombarded without previous notice. Three follies and twoTaale citizenc were killed. The Confederates in the trass-Mississippi fiopartmenfc are organising'far the better-concert of action. Faeparationrfcr border warfare continue in 'Kansas. General Lane-is-organisimg a lrsje force. The .'FederAk are advancing to yards Little Reek, Arkansas. General 'Price has Confederates >ct Bsj<ue Metarie, on tire'White Kiver, ^iiere an engagement is expected to take place. It is reported that an attack on Mobile by ttuee'Fèd&- r<tl< corps, under Generals F-raakian, Ord, and Herron, all under the direction of General Banks, will take plate -shottly. Admiral Farragwt will co-operate <with«the fleet. Three thousand Federals are reported to be moving from Yazoo City towards Bemtcs. The Confederate cavalry erossed the Big Blade iriver, ad approached within eight Eiiles of vicksfcurg, '>bet were driven batk. -Southern journals state that the Federals were de- feated on the :27th ult. wt vWhite Sulphur Springs, -Virginia, witirthe loss of IN prisoners and one gun* "Seven deaesters, mostly substitutes for conscripts, have been shot for-desertion from 'General Meade's army. General Mosby is reported -.tokave been killed whilst skirmishing. General Peettberton's death iaconfirmed. John B.Fleyd is dead. President Lincoln has written alletter to be readiattthe! Springfield Union meeting on "the 3rd instant. It isj reported that he will foresbatkw the future poEey off the Administration. i .The draft hae^feeen guspendedis: Ohio. The New, YanJi World asserte- that this is done by 'the! Administration to carry the enactions. A Union mætiing: Is reported to caave been held-at Pelham, Tennessee.; Resolutions were-passed repudiating secession, expressing a desire to retain to the Union, and recommending a, free organisation of the state. Another meeting of drafted Germans has been held at; Newark for organisation agamet the draft. j The -steamers .Alice Vivian ,.ana Crescent, the brig Atlantic, and the British schooners Cadmita and Artist,* have been captucad. Blockade cunning between Wilmington and the West! India Islands is vary active. j A large steamer, with ten guae, entered Wilmington on the lEHh ult, being the fourth. Confederate war vessel! .which has run thdblickadewithin-six weeks. The steamers Robert Lee and Gladiator have arrived i at Bermuda from Wilmington. The steamers Anna, Flora, Venus, and Phantom ar. trived at Kassau during one week from Wilmington. NEW YORJC, September 1st, Evening.-The news is generally unimportant. •Fort^Surater baltMtyet surrendered, and the situation at Charleston remains unchanged. The shelling of the oity has been discontinued. The Federal cavalry has made a reconnaissance from Torktown -towards Richmond. The capture of the sFederal gun boats Sattellite and Balance on the Rappahannock is conSmed. The Jura, City of London, and the City of New York, -have arrived out. The Africa has arrived at Halifax. Nuw YOEK, September 3rd, Morning. — The New York Republican State Ccnvention has resolved not to tender peace to men in allms nor to consent to a separa- tion of the-Union. The Convention repudiates intervention, promises to support the Government is maintaining the ascendancy of the American continent, and endorses the emancipation proclamation. President Lincoln bas.addor-essed a letter to the con- vention in which he says he does not beSaeve that a compromise embracing the mtintenance of the Union is now possible. The strength of the rebellion is in its army, and the offer of terms to men within the range of that army is nothing, such men having no .power to enforoa a com- promise. Au effective compromise must be made either with those controlling the rebel army or with -the people under its dominion. No intimation from the rebel army or from the men controlling it, in relation to a peace compromise, has ever come to President Lincoln's know- ledge or belief. -1 If it does come it shall not be rejected or kept secret.' The President mentions that he suggested compensated emancipation, but the people objected to taxation ito buy negroes. He then continues The emancipation proclamation is constitutional. If valid as a law it cannot be retracted; if invalid it needs no retractation. The war progresses as favourably since the issue of the proclamation as before. Peace does not appear as distant as it did, still let us not be sanguine of, a speedy final triumph, bat be quite sober, diligently.' applying our means" neyer doubting that Godwm give;, the rightful result.' No direot confirmation of President Davis's enlisting negroes has been received but it ill alleged that the governors of aU the Confederate States assembled in Richmond, and after a consultation with the Cabinet decided that the salvation of the country required the arming of slaves, and that a call of 400,000 negroes (one for every eight inhabitants) should take place forthwith. NEW Yo ilK, September 3rd, Evening.—RUMOURS are current tLht General Lue U3 making a movement to flank general Meade. There is a considerable Confederate force north of the Rappahannock, below Fredericksburg, The Confederate cavalry have made demonstrations at various points along the Potomac. It was reported this afternoon that Genwml Stuart had crossed into Maryland for another raid. t The absence of further news from Charleston erestes: an unfavourable impression. Admiral Dahlgren is re- ported to be sick. A formidable expedition is about to leave New Orleans for Mobile or Texas. General Blunt crossed the Arkan- sas river on the 23rd ult. The Confederates were falling back. General Blunt is reported to have fought a battte on the 28th ult., resulting in his defeat, with the loss of 3000 men. General Steele has driven Marmaduke's cavalry ont of Brownsville, Arkansas, and scattered them. (General Price is reported to have been driven across the Arkan- ] Baa river on the 29th ult in full retreat, pursued by j Steele. Little Grasp is said to be within the grasp of J the Federals. The Missouri State Convention has urged the Govern- j jnant to resist French influence ia Mexico. It is said t IhitHr.B. M, T, Hunter will proceed to Mexico as i a Confederate representative, to txrganise an immeaiate alliance with the South, recognising the AsshSuke Maxwilian, in.Teturn for which, it is supposed, Mexico will irecognise the South. The draft throughout the Eastern and Central States will produce ^irry few men. A <eaee is being tried ia the j New York Supreme Court to test the constitutionality of j the "conscription. j The Richmcmd Examiner reaffirms the statement that | the steamer Vanderbilt was sunk by the privateer f Georgia. | Secretary Ohase has prqpased to borrow 50f€00,000 I from the New York, Boston, and Philadelphia'banks, to j be paid in -November in legal-tender trea ury notes, 'bearing interest at five per o--nt. The baafce iaave ac- aepted the loan. STATIONS OF THE BRITISH ARMY. [Where ttwo places are mentioned, the lasfc-aiamed is) tthat at whidh the Depot ofHbe Regiment is stationed.] 1st Life Guards—Regent'-s 3?|Do [2nd bat] Ceylon 2nd do—Hyde Park Athlone Royal Horse Guards— 26th do Gosport, Belfast Windsor 27th do Bengal, Cork 1st Dragecm Guards—Ban-f28th do Bombay^Fermoy galore, vGanterbury j29th do Curragh, Preston 2d do Bengal, Canterbury ;{30th do Toronto, iParkhurst 3d do Bombay, Canterbury -|31st do China, Chatham 4th do Dundalk 132nd do Curragh, Preston 5th do CAir 33rd do Bombay., Fermoy 6th do Aldershot 134th do Bengal, Colchester 7th do Bengal, Canterbury 135th do Bengal, "Chatham 1st Aldershot 136th do Bengal, Athlone 2nd do Birmingham 37th do Alderchot, Pem- 3rd do Edinburgh broke f 4th do Newbridge S8thdo Bengal, Colchester 5th do Canterbury ^39th do Bermuda, Temple- 6thdo Bombay, Maidstoae ,1 more 7th Hussars, Bengal, Maid-|40th N,ew Zealand, Birr stone i41st do Glasgow, Pr-eeton 8th do Bengal, Canterbury |42nd do Bengal, Stirling 9th Lancers, Brighton i43rd do Bengal, Oaatbam t 10th Hussars, Dublin 44tti do Bombay, Colchestei llth do Curragh |45th do Curragh, Parkhurst 12th Lamoers, Hounslow >46tb do Bengal, Buttevant 13th LightiDrag., Alderskof 7th do Montreal, Athlone 14th do Manchester -8th do Bengal, Cork 15th Huesars, Curragh 49th do Manchester, Belfast 16th Lancers, York 50th do Ceylon, Parkhurst 17th do Secunderabad 51st &o Bengal, Chatham SSnd do Bengal, Chatham 18th HusMH-e, Norwich S3rd Portsmouth, Birr 19th do Bengal, Shorncliffe Moth do Bengal, Colchester 20th do Bengal, Canterbury 155th do Portsmouth,Preston 21st do Bengal 56th do Bombay, Colchester Military Train [1st bat] 57th do New Zealand, Cork Woolwieh 38th do Dublin, Birr Do [2nd ba±J Aldershot 39th. do Aldershot, Preston Do [3rd batQ Canada 60th [1st bat] Tower, Do [4th batl Woolwich Winchester Do [5th batj Aldershot Do [2nd bat] Aldershot i Do [6th bat Curragh Do [3rd batj Madras, j Grenadier guards [1st bat] Winchester » Montreal Do '[4th bat] Quebec, ;• Do [2nd ball'Wellingtoa B. Winchester Do [3rd bat].«St George's B. 61st do Jersey, Pembroke ColdstreamsGuards [1st bat] Canada, Belfast Portman-sreet Barracks 63rd do Canada, Belfast Do [2nd bat] Windsor 64th do Aldershot, Clchester Scots Fusiliers, [lit bat] 65 tfc do New Zealand, Birr Wellington Barracks 66th do Madras, Colchester Do [2nd bat] Montreal 67th do China, Athlone list Poot, Madras,Colchester 68th do Madras, Fermoy Do [2nd bat] flPort&mouth 69th Madras, Fermoy Colchester 70th do New Zealand, Col- 2nd do [ 1 st batj -Devonport Chester Walmer 71st do Bengal, Stirling Do [2nd bat] Gib., Walmer 72nd do Mhow, Aberdeen 3rd do [1st bat] Aldershot, 73rd do Aldershot, Colchestr Limerick 74th do BeMary, Perth Do do Gibraltar, iLimerick 75th do Dm, nport, Chatham 4th do [1st baitj .Bombay, 76th do Aldershot. Belfast eChatham 77th do Bengal, Chatham Do j"2nd bat] CorfcjChathm 78th do Dover, Aberdeen 5fch'do [1st bat] Shorncliffe 79th do Bengal, Stirling (jGolchester 80th Bengal, Buttevant Dof[2nd bat] CapevColchstr. 81st do Bengal, Chatham 6th do [1st bat] Aildershot 82nd do Bengal. Colchester fCOkihester 83rd do ShornctitSe.Chathtun Do !ji2nd bat] Corfu, 84th do Curragh, Pembrolfb Colehester 85th do Dover, Pembroke .?th à" [I at bat] Bengal, 86th do Curragh, Templmore ■Wittoer 87th do Aldershot,Buttevant Do [Sad bat] Gibraltar, 88th do Bengal, Colchester iWalmer 89th do Bengal, Fermoy 8itih flofflst bat] Sheffield, 90th do Bengal, Colehester Temptemore 91st Bengal, Chatham Do '[2nd bat] Gibraltar, 32nd do Edinburgh, Stirling Tiemplemore 83rd do Bengal, Aberdeen 9th (do [1st bat] Corfu, Lim. 94tk do Bengal, Chatham Do ![.2nd bat] Cotfu, 0Sth do Poona, Fermoy Lfaneriek 96th do Cape, Belfast 10th ,do ¡Itst bat] Curragh., 97th do Bengal, Colchester Preston I 98th do Bengal, Colehester Do [2mdrfeat] Cape, Preston 89tb do China, Cork llth do :[;l«t bat] Dublin JOQthdo Gibraltar,Parkhurst Fermioy 101st do Bengal, Chatham Do [2ndbat] Cape, Fermoy 10.2nd do Madras, Chatham 12th do[lst:bat] New Zealnd lOSrd Bombay, Colchester Chatham 104th Bengal, Parkhurst Do [2ndfeatj3 Curragh 105th Madras Pembroke 13th do [let bat] Bengal, KMth iBombay. Birr Fermoy 107th Bengal, Fermoy Do l2nd bstjj Mauritius 108th Madras, Fermoy 14th do [lit ibat] Jamaica, 109th Bombay, Cork Fermoy Rifle Brigade [1st bat] Do [2nd bat] New Zealand, Canada, Winchester Fermoy Do f2ad bat] Bengal, 15th do B.N. America, Winchester Pembroke Do [3rd bat] Bengal, Win- Do [2d bat] Malta,Pembroke clieeter 16th do Canada, Templmore Do [4th hatt] Malta, Win- Do l2nd bat] Nova Scotia, chester Tetnplemore 1st West India Regiment 17th do Quebec, Limerick Bahamas Do [2nd bat] Nova Scotia, 2nd do Jamaica Limerick 3rd do Barbadoes 18th Secundrbd, Buttevant Ceylon Rifles, Ceylosa Do [2nd bat] New Zealand, Cape Mounted Rifles., Cape Buttevant of Good Hope* Canter- 19th do Bengal, Chatham bury Do [2nd bat] Rangoon, Chat: Canadian Rifles, Toroaato 20thdo Bengal, Chatham St Helena Regiment, Saint Do [znd bat] Bengal, Helena Chatham Royal Newfoundland Com- 21st do Barbadoes, Birr pany, Newfoundland Do[2ndbat] Madras, Birr Malta Fencibles, Malta 22nd do Malta, Parkhurst Goid Coast Corps, Cape Do [2nd batt] Malta, Park- Coast Castle hurst iMedieal Staff Corps, Chat- 23rd do Bengal, Walmer ham, Ken: Do [2nd bat] Malta, Walmer Royal Engineers, Chatham 24th do Aldershot, Cork Army Hospital Corps, Do [2nd bat] Mauritius, Cork Chatham 251*so Malta, Athlone « FCNUOITDINART SuiciDB AT HAEKKEY.—An inquest WM held by Mr John* Humphrey, the Middlesex coroner, at the Black Boy Tavern, Well-street, Haokney, on Thursday, respecting the death of Edward Goodman, aged 42. George Wiltshire, 31, Margaret-street, said that on Monday last deceased went to an old curiosity shop and bought an old fashioned duelling p'stol for 3s. He said he wanted it to shoot sparrows. He placed a cap on it and said, 'This will shoot well.' The same evening witness noticed a large crowd outside the door of the deceased's house, No. 20, Margaret-street. Upon going up-stairs he found the deceased lying on the floor in a pool of blood, and was quite dead. He had lain down upon the floor with his head to the door of the cupboard, and then placed the pistol, which must have been loaded to the ^muzzle, close to his heart, for the clothes were completely burnt by the powder, and were still on fire when witness went into the room, and then pulling the trigger, inflicted a fearful wound right through the heart. The pistol was so loaded that it recoiled with such force as to smash through the cup- board. Witness found it in the cupboard with the handle broken, and rendered unfit for use. The deceased had taken off his eoat before lying down, and everything seemed to have been done with great deliberation. A policeman said that he was called in, and found deceased as described by the last witness. There was £1 3i in his poeket, but no letter. Deceased was formerly a brick- layer, but he met with an accident in the High Level Sewer. His skull became diseased and decayed, and he bad to wear two plates in his head to protect the brain. He was therefore subject to fits of delirium, especially if he took even a glass of ale, which he had done on Mon- Jay afternoon.-The jury returned » m4wt Qf Sofejde ffhlle of amoand mind.'