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EDMOND AND REES, AUCTIONEERS, APPRAISERS, ACCOUNTANTS ETC., OFFICES—DARK-STUEET, HAVEHFORDWEST. MR. JAMES RIBBON, HANO-FOUTE, VIOLIN, AND VIOLONCELLO TEACHER Pian«-Fortes Tuned. RESIDENCE—ST. THOMAS-STREET, HAYERFORDWEST PURE SWEETS. SCHOOLING & Co's PRIZE MEDAL JPTJUE SWEETS COMPRISE A great variety of first-rate MA C HINE MADE CONFECTIONER I Of the most wholesome and delicious character. SOLD JlY, GROCERS, CONFECTIONERS, DRUGGISTS, &C, IX TRANSPARENT AND OTHER PACKETS, IT ONE PENNY PER, OUNCE. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. SCHOOLING kCo., WHOLESALE & EXPORT CONFECTIONERS, BKTHNAL GKKKN, LONDON. ITEAM COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOUTH OF IRELAND, Vig Now Milford (Milford Haven) S; Water ford. lp ILT SERVICE-SUNDAYS EXCEPTED. fttl Milford Haven and Waterford Steam Ship Companyly l Royal Mail Steamers will sail (wind and weather per- mitting). MILFORD HAVEN & WATERFORD. 'rom New Milford, 7.5 p.m.,on From Waterford, 3.15 of the 9.13 a.m. express arrival of the train from Cork, 6.0 a.m. third c\a»s trains, LlmeneK, &c, so an to enable •0 m to enable passenger* to passengers to proceed by the Jrooeed by the H a.m. train to 9.5 a.m. express train, reaching Werick, Cork, &c. London about 6 p.m. Por .'urther particulars apply at any of the Railway Stations, *of Ht«r Ford and Ja6lt*on, 36, Cannon-street, Crty, London, ktid Me* Milford, South Wales. See Bradshaw's Railway Guide "d TillIe Tables. OSTEO-E t DO N. PATENT MARCH 1, 1862, No. 560. GABRIEL'S Self-adhesive Patent Indestructible MINERAL U TEETH aiid FLEXIBLE GTOl ^without palates, springs, wires, and without operation. One set lasts a lifetime, ^and warranted for mastication or articulation, even, when all others-. Purest materials only, at half the usual cost. OlD ESTABUSHE^J THE OLD ESTABLIS[4 J JD J7, HARLEY-STRBET, CAVENDISH SQUARE, AND 3JU WPQATE HJJLL, LONDON, LIVERPOOL; 134, iDUKE^STBEET..BIRMiNGHA34i» 65, NEW-STREET. ONLY ONE VISIT REQUIRED PROM COUNTRY PATIENTS. Gabriel's 'Practical Treatise on the Teeth,' Gratis. Complete Sets from 4 to 7 and 10 to 15 Guineas. ^GABRIEL'S PRACTICAL TREATISE ON ■ARTIFICIAL and the only effectual mode of supplying them, post free, three stamps, explains their numerous improvements. 'Gabriel's new work should be read by all who value health, before consultinga dentist.—Ceroid;' In addition to their own inventions, Messrs. Gabriel supply,: Jith equal success, every known method, -whether English, ^noCor American, in Gold, Platina, Gutta Percha, Incorro- ^le Soft Gum, Lentum, Sets. ..QatJriel's'Putent White Ertamelf the only permanent stopping not discolour the teeth. ••• gpem* •; adapted for Front Teeth. _j_ STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN ^VBRPOOL, MILFORD, SWANSBA, & BRISTOL For the Month of AUGUST, 1863. thl Liverpool and Bristol Channel Steam Navigation Company's Steamship*- Capt, W. Adams. AHNI* YELINOS.Capt.Hughaa Capt Clarke J.KENNEBY, Capt. Speakman. Capt. Gibbs THOMAS POWELL,Capt.Rowles *Wqk TFCRUT, Capt. Barrett. WINDERMERE, Capt. J. Barrett GLADIATOR 70° Tons. ■■ ■■; The above, or some other suitable vessel, as intended to sail *lth Gkoodg and Passengers, (unless prevented by any unforeseen r-earreacfc) as follows, with or without pilots, and liberty t» *v<is&elaj— to 64, » From hiverpool to Milford and Bristtk.. fading passengers for SWANSEA, at the Mumbles; (weather » permitting.) J*t*irday Aug. 1 10i morn Saturday m £ rn *Wt,dAy.». 8 4j after 1 Satur day 22 after Saturday, August 29, 10 morn. From Milford f»r Bristol. Ending Passengers Tor SwansesL at the Mumbles (weather h. Fcrmittittg) ?>H»y Att*. 2 morn Sunday 16 4 morn 9 11 morn Sunday 23 9 mom Sunday, August §0, 4 niorn. » From Milford for Liverpool. firming from Bristol eVery Tuesday, and from Swansea every w Wednesday. ^i*es*ay Aug. 5 2 after Wednesday19 ..1 after ^*<ts«sdmy 1 • 9 Eight I Wednesday J. 26 8 night Á Jt K (Returntickets'avaUabietor^J^8ejj}eck-neturn lo or from Liverpool. •• 24 Is 55 J51" wjforji to or from Bristol. 8» 6d 7s ? £ S^'Ord to or from Swansea (Mumbles); 5s 0d 3s Od —- **»engers are landed and embarked at Milford (weather pr.r- >, Witting} free of charge in the Steam Tender GIPSY. taj0r further particulars see small bill, or apply to John Bacon fc? C* Managing Owners, 14, Water-street, Liverpool G. H. Bristol; Charles Lamb, Swansea; John Kenwprthy ani •» Manchester. r R. D. HO RE, AGXNT, MILFORD. THE DIAMOND BLACK LEAD. \JTRNXB, ROTMD POREBTHAN ANT OTHB1 "T BEOATTFLE BJ a proeeM p«euli*r to the MftBiilM- tarers, partiolt 9T grit tpd E&rtli 'IF leparated from ft. *0Be BRILLIANT—Because it Is unadulterated, tbai every particle. prodoees a roetalBc lustra. ^0R8 CLE ANLY—Because being in blockii it Aoep not drop abont like Powder Leads, whilst it is used exactly in the sane way. OHEAPEB—Because a little goes A long WSY» »ilst hardly AA^ labour is rtquirta TO^MFEET A brilliant polish;' thus money, time, *ND labour •RE sarSd. *SCKrrr T SONS, London Bridge,, 3^0., TO* Hull. by A. E. Tboraas, Tea Dealer; Jgs. GrCH*r, nt7 Koacli, Londou Tca Mart, ISaTerfoidwes-t. rr. WHICHER DAVIES, WHOLESALE CORN, FLOUR, CHEESE, PORTEK, & SEED MERCHANT, t5l ESPECTFULLT returns thanks to his numerons Agricultural and other friends for the annually increasing Xi patronage accorded to him, and at the same time T. W. D., in soliciting future favour^ pledges LuiiSSif tu supply his customers with Goods of the most Genuine Quality on reasonable terms. Just imported, a Cargo of MANDER'S CELEBRATED DDBLIN STOUT. Also, a Cargo of Burnard, Lack, & Co's., of Plymouth, CONCENTRATED SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. This Manure has stood the practical test of Field Trials for many years with pre-eminent success. STARCH MANUFACTURERS TO H.R.H. THE TRINCESS OF WALES. GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH USED I-X THE ROYAL LAUNDRY, AND AWARDED THE PRIZE MEDAL. BItIlIIG A CONFIRMATION BY SOME OF THE MOST EMINENT SCIKKTWie MEN OF THE AGE, OF THE SUPERIOR QUALITIES OF THIS WORLD RENOWNED STARCH. I Sold in Packets at £ d, Id, 2d, 4d, and 8d each, bj' all respectable Grocers, Chandlers, Oilmen, &o. Wotberspoon & Co, Glasgow & London. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS OF THE NEW MODE OF TREATMENT. POlt free for Six Stamps, open ends, or Fourteen in a Sealed Env>pe. THE LAST NEW BOOK, on PREMATURE DECLINE and -1 its ready removal; the modern treatment of certain disquali- fications with rules and numerous prescriptions for the speedy cure by very simple means of nervousness, debility, and all the more Common diseases and supposed incurable maladies of the sexual system. Invalids will be astonished at its contents. By Dr. W. DE Roos, M.D., M.R.C.S., L.A.C., &c., of the Stole de Xedcpine, Parit; Graduate in Medicine, Surgery, and Mid. wifery. By the present law, none but the real Physician r Surgeon dare attach M.D. or M.R.C.S. to his name and openly advertise his fees, as Mavy penalties would be incurred. The public should therefore guard against impostors who impudently style tKcmselves 'Dr,' 'Professor,' M.R.A.S. M.A. &c, in order to mislead the unwary as to their true character. Noneot these men really know more: of the diseases they profess to treat than any person may by reading the above work. Fom long practical observation in the most famous Institutions of this country and the continent, the Author has had somewhat unusual facilities for acquiring that uniform success, which has hitherto characterized his treatment, and he refers with pride to the numbers he has been instrumental in restoring to health and happiness; whilst to all who need such aid he offers every assu- rance of speedy restoration. Persons at a distance should for-, ward a detail oi their case by letter, enclosing JEt Is for advice and medicines, which will be sent by return. Patients corres- nonded with fill cured* Post-cffiee orders to be made payable at the General Post Office* to Div WALTER DE Roos, M.D., 25, Bedford Place, Bloomsbury Square, London. Hours for con- ] gultation, 12, till 2, Sundays excepted. It is important to recol- lect the address, as to ineet the wish Of paUents, XHK KXTBAKCK IS STRICTLY PKIVAT*. THE MOST WONDERFUL MEDICINE IN TUB WOfttiD -ittb "I I I riURE IN FOUR WEEKS.-THE GUTT.^E VITJE, or VEGE-. \J TABLE LITE Protected lm Royal Letters Patent; Sanctioned by the Faculte tie Prance;$c., have in numberless instances proved their superiority over every other advertifdd remedy for langOurj iWte'ttUde,' df predion of spirits, irritability, excitement, fear, distaste and incapacity for society, study of husinese, indigestion, pains, and palpitations-in the side, giddi- ness. noise in the head; '&6." This medicine strengthens the vitality of the whole system, grives energy to the Httiseles, speedily removes" nervousne^, renoyatea the impaired powers of life, and invigorates the most shattered constitution. For skin eruptions, sore throat, pains in the., bones, and those diseases in which mer- cury, sarsapitrilla, &c, are too often employed to the utter ruin of health, its su -iriaing efficacacy has only to be tested. e. Before .wasting valuable time in seeking aid from instruments, electricity, galvanism, with sitnilar absurdities, professing to set aside medicines, by Amer ican impostors and others, whose boasted distinguished qualifications consist solely of their con- summate impudence,, sufferers will do, well to make fair trial pf a remedy Which, concocted On scientific principles, caiino^ foil. Price 4s 6d and l is., or four tiftles' the latter crt 33s j>er bottle, through afrchfetnytS, br» direiet ftd'iri 25, Bedford Place, wfcraRB THOUBAHDS Of tZBTU[iOtttABB MAT BE SERN. THE THREE DAYS' CURE —NEW FRENCH REMEDY THERAPION, as uniformly adopted in the French hospitals and by the notabilities of the Ftencth faculty; in a remarkably short time. oftep twoor. three days only, without the slightest discomfort, inconvenience, or risk, removes, all discharges from the mucous membrane; whietfyer of the urinary or, other organs. It combines ail the' 'desiderata to' be1 sought in a medicine of the kind, and 'surpasses ewr^thing hitherto employed. Devoid of all; unpleasant taste and i mell. In packets 2s'-9d, 4s Gd, lis, and 33s, through MI respectableiraedieine Vendors, i or sent direct from the establishment on receipt of; stamps or post office order. The Us size contains three at is 6d, and those at 33s four of the I ls. Tht stamp, t6 imitate which is felony, bears the word Therapion,' M white letters, by order of Her MAJESTY'S HON. CouMissioNfc'Rg, Who thereb)!' 'seeui-e the proprietor against in- fringement throughout the United, Kingdom and the colonies. ■ PAINS IN THE BACK. TRAVEL, LUMBAGO, GOUT, I. RHEUMATISM, DISEASE OF THE KIDNEYS, BLAD. DER, &c. THE COMPOUND RENAL PILLS correct acidity of the stomach, and indigestion, promote the functions of the liver and kidneys, thereby preventing stoiiie in the bladder and kidneys, with many other serious disorders to which these important organ* aire'subject!. lAstlessnes?, weiakness, peevishness, and complaints long supposed to be nervous, often 'arise solely from contamination of the olood with certain impurities which should have been carried off by the kidneys » several unsightly erup- tions of i he.pkih and face also arise from the pame cause, and may bb as readily "removed by these Pills, which in nineteen cases bat of twenty'cute with a rapidity atmost marvellous. Is IJd, 2»9dj-4s«d, lis; and 33s per box, through all chemists.1 l'HOVSASDS OF! TESI'UIONJATjS MAY IIH SEEN UT ANY QNfi. Sold by James, Soy, ajtd.Evans, CardMr; Roberts, chemist/ Conway; ffughes, ch6mis(^ ,gangor; Griffitli, phemist, High- street, Carnarvon} Edward's, chemist, Denbigh; Hughes, druggist, Holyhead; Price Brothers, Post-office, Bridgend; Thomast chemist, (opposite Angel), Merthyry W«tkinsj High- street, AbergUvenny Ward, chemist, Brecon White, chemist Guildhail-square, Carmarthen Williams, chemist, High.street, Cardigan; Meyler, druggist, Haverfordwest;' Ti'eweeks, che- mist, Pembroke; Evans, Chemist/High-street, Swansea Hi!- ditch, chemist, Rhyl; Mooi;e, chemist, Broad-street, Newtown; Stephens, ohenai8tt HiBh^street, Merthyr;; Tydfil Grindley; chemist, Chester Ryder, druggist, Mill-street, Afacciestield.; Broxton, chemist, Shrewsbury Pearce,King-street, Ludlow, Partridge, bookseller, Wellington Leake and Smith, chemists, Bridgenorth j Mander, Weaver, and Co., Wolverhampton; Hollier; chemist, Dudley; and at least one agent in Almost every town; but should difficulty-occur, enclose the amount by Port- office order otherwise, to 2% Bedford place, Bloomsbury Square, London, and they will be sent securely packed per return. NOTICE 4- CAUTION.—Dr. Dc Roos is the only legally qualiftedmedical man who thus advertises his medicines; and as there are injurious imitations of the above by self-sty.ed Doctors and Prbfesson., who copy his books, advertisements, &c, and Forge testimonials to puff of their useless trash, suffere(rs should guird against the reoommendation of the same, or other articles, by dishonest vendors, who thereby obtain a larger profit.. The genuine, have the words ',WiL E DE, Roos, LONDON,, printed jn white letters on the Government Stamp, by OEDEU of IIkr MAJESTY'S Hoht, COMMISSIONERS td imitate which is felony and transpbrt&tidii. ■ KNOW THYSELF: THE OKHHNAI. GRArHioi.ooisT MARIE COUPELLE, continues her > ivid, and useful delineations of charitcter from' the handwriting of individuals, ltt a style pccu- Harly Ker own. Perftnns desk^us of knowing their own charac. teristics, or those of any .friend, should send a specimen of iwliting,; ftating sex, age, or supppjsed age, &ic., ;with 14 nncut penny, stamps,, and addressed envelope, to MARIK COCPBLLK, Bedford House, Russell-square,, London,. W.C., when they will, receive a lengthened detail of the tsilentii, iastes, virtues, failing*, &c., of the writer, with many othei- things previously unsus- pejeted, and calculated to guide in the every day affairs. of life. The thousands, wlM;a?knovledge the value and aecut-acy of Miss- C's sketches, establish, the great utility of ;th? science. lThe characters you sent wfere wdnierfully truthful.Jft« Still, Atheury,' Go', Galtcai/. I was much surprised H ttbe clever way in which ^t d^acribed thy character.««« Bray, 105, LtuU' dou-ne IHqce, Srigbtm.Ml is pronounced quite extraordinary.' •"Charle§, f. You idejpribed my character »0' truly, that 1 could not haTe done it better.'t-wi* EVERY MAN HIS OWN DOCTOR. For two stamps sufferers may avoid the sham Captains who generously caution the public against pills, <§c.; tl t self-styled reverends gentlemen of fortune rupture-curing quaeres and other swindlers, who send their books for nothing, publish testi- monials which they write themselves, fictitious reviews from Journals which do not exist, profess to cure disease* by galva- nism, electricity, instruments,$c., instead of medicines, which they style American treatment,' and other absurdities as cruel as they are deceptive, A phrsician many years extensively engaged in the treatment ot debility, and the various mental and nervous affections re- sulting; therefrom, will send free on receipt Of two penny stamps to prtSpay postage, a pamphlet containing his highly successful and only safe treatment, with all the necessary prescriptions and directions by which sufferers may cure themselves at trifling cost. Address Mr Lawes, Medical Publisher, 14, Hand Court, Holborn, London. O YOU WANT LUXURIANT HAIR, WHISKERS, MOUS- STACHIOS and EYEBROWS!—Of the numerbus prepara- tions intended for the HAIR, none have maintained such celebrity as EMILIE DEAN'S CRINILENE, which is guaran- teed to produce Whiskers, Moustachios, and Eyebrows in a few weeks and will be found eminently successful in nourishing, curling, and beautifying the Hau, checking greyness in all its stagep, strengthening weak Hair, and preventing'its falling off. In the reproduction of Hair in baldness, from whatever cause and from whatever age, ONE TRIAl will prove its. astonishing potter. In the nursery itis indispensable, forming the basis of a beautiful head of hair. Price 2s per bottle; large bottles, con- taining more than four times the small ones, 5s each. Sold by all Chemists', in the world, or sent post free, on receipt of 24 penny stamps by ftfisses I)EAN and Coui'emk, Hair Restorers, &c., Bedford House, Rft*feeHSquare, London. W.'C. JSXTRACTS FBOM LETTERS t— My hair was rapidly coming off, but in a week after using your Crinilene it ceased.I. Hickson, Eldon-street, Sheffield. 'In the short time of one fornight I have got a beautiful moustache.'—H. Adams, Wilsden. I can now boast of a head of hair, which many cartnit I was quite bald on the crown of my head when I began ufing it.W. B. Eyery customer speaks highlyof your Crinileue.'r-F. P. Jones, Chemist; 5, Paradise-street, Liverpool.. ♦HINTS ON THE MANAGEMENT OF THE HAIR,' Whiskers, See., with Testimonials, List of Agents, &Cf, sent post ree for faurpenny stamps. NO MORE BLACKBEHTLESin EMERY'S MAGIC BEETLE POISON.—Certain death to al vermin the original and only one to be relied on. Price Is, or Post free for 14 stamps. NO MORE CORNS, BUNIONS &c.! I! EMERY!8 CORN l'LAISTERS remove- Corns, &e., speedily, painlessly, and effectually. TestimoBiateconistaiitly arriving. Price Is, or obtainable, as is also the Beetle. Poison, through W chemists, &c., or sent direct for Ustampi). NO MORE RHEUMATISM! EMERY'S MARVELLOUS CURE FOR RHEUMATISM, in one week. Post for 14^ stafupsj Obtainable only fronj. Emery'& Co., 21, Montague Me^s, MOntague-stiret, London, W.C GOUT, RHEUMATISM, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA,NEURALGIA, P>t*AI.YSIS, GtANDCLAR 6WStl,JN08, CONStTMPTION, ASTHJfA, &C. fljflE eifects of heat, fumigdtidni &t., in Curing the abbve, atid' i many other chronic diseases are almost incredible. THE TtJRKISH BATHS, 20, Baker-street* Pgrtman-square, London. jliider the direction #fstwo Physioiins. ^oos«ltati6ns 11 till 3. ^jPamphlet, (110 pages,) post free for I4,stajnj>s, .r §KIN DI8RASES, -tirOUTj 'R^feUliATISif^ XU&lJACfO!, &4. THEIB prevention and cure by heat and fumigatibn,, t,hfe effects of which in the above, aha :toahy other chronic ttihtadies, surpasses everything. J20. Baker-street, PortraaH-^qu^re, Lon- don. Under the direction of two Physicians. Consultations 11 till three daily. A Pamphlet {13i pagfts), sent post free for 14 stamps^ STRICTURE OF THE URETHRA its nature, consequences, varieties, and speedy cure, without the-pain and risk of laceration cutting or other irrational nvesiifiures. By Drs,. Barker and Henderson, M.R.C.S.E., &c. Price Ie., or poet free for 11 stamos by Jbhnson and Co., Publishers 10, BrobVe-street Hol- barn, Londoc and through all Books .ers. STARCH MANUFACTURERS TO H.R.H. THE PfllECESa OF WALKS GLENFIELD PATENT STAR OH, AWARDFD-ii-THF. PRtZE; MEDAity 4862. THIS OSRIVALL^ arAfteil lB •):ii USEI> IN THE ROYAL LAUNDRY And pronounced by HE* lAiT to be THE FINEST STARCH SIIE EVER UBE0. HiE R M AJESTY'S L A C E D R. E S 8 E B DECLARES 'IT TO BE THE BEST SliB HAS TRIED, And the above Award by some of the most Eminent Scientific of the age, CONFIRMS ITS SUPERIORITY. Wotherspoon & Co, Glasgb^ and IjOhdon. ALL CURE S J,1 A DEE AS T I t BY HOLLOWAY'S OrN TMENT. Bad Legs, Ulcetous Sbres, Bad Breasts, and Old Wounds. ■ No description of wound, soye, or ulcer can resist the healing • properties of this excellent Ointment. The worst caaes readily assume a healthy appearance whenever this medicament is applied; sound flesh springs vip from: the bottom ofthe wound,, inflammation of the surrounding skin arrested, and a complete and permanent cure quickly followe the use; of the Ointment. Rheumatism, OoQt, and Neuralgia. Nothing has the power of reducing Inflammation and subdu- ing pain in these complaints in the same decree as Holloway's Cooling Ointment and purifying Pills. When used simultaneously they drive all inflammation and depravities from the system, subdue and remove all enlargement of the joints, and leave the sinews and muscles lax and uncontracted. A cure may always be effected, even under the worst circumstances, if the use of these medicines i$persevered in. Sore Throats, Dipt her in, Quinsey, Mumps, ana all other Derangements of the Throat, On the appearance of any of the?e maladies the Ointment should be well rubbed at least three times a day upon the neck and upper part of the cbèlt, flb as to penetrate to the glands, as salt is forcbd into meat: this course Will att'Ance remove inflam- mation and ulceration. The worst casea will yield to this treat- ment by following the printed directicm%, | Both the Ointroent and Pills slxould ha used in the following cases1 Bad Legs Chiego-foot Fistulas I Sore-throats Bad Breasts Chilblains < Gout Skin-disease Burns Chappe«Uhands Glandular-Swellings Scurvy Bunions Corns (Soft) Lumbago • Sore-heads Bite of 5ibs- Cancers Piles' Tumours clietces & Contracted and Rheumatism Ulcers Sand-Flies StifTrjoipts5 .< I Scalds Worads obco-itay J Elewhautiasis ISoreNippleij Yaws Bold at the Establishments of Professor Holloway, 244, Strand, (near Temple Bar,) London, and also by all respectable druggists and dealers in mQdicines throiighoutthe civilized world, at the foUowhig pric 2211, & S5s.esch.pot. Thereisa considerable saving by,taking the larger sizes. K.B.—Direc(ifr)ls for the guidance of paKe&t* in every disorder arc afflxti fttoaeb pat;