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TENBY. On Thursday week.a little boy, the son of Mr Evans, of the Dolphin Inn, fell overboard out of a boat in the harbour. John Rees, boatman, who was standing by the weigh-bridge at the time, ran down to the landing-steps*, jumped into a boat, and pulled to the boy's assistance, who, by the time Rees had arrived, was insensible, and floating on the surface. He was carried home, and after some time recovered. TENBY VOLUNTEER BAND.—We have been informed that it is the intention of the members of the band to give a Vocal and Instrumental Concert, at an early date,. in aid of the funda the corps. Herr Hauptmann has kindly promised his valuable assistance on the occasion, so that an agreeable musical treat may be anticipated and we trust the public will avaihthemselvea of the op- portunity of assisting the corps to defray their somewhat heavy and numerous expenses. I POLICE CouRt!, 20th July, 1863.-Before the Mayor. Dr Dyster, and E. C. Fitzwilliams, Esq.— John Caney,, of Hound's Lane,, was charged by the Inspector of Nuisances with keeping swine on his premises, so as to be a nuisance, contrary to the bye-laws of the Borough, Ordered to pay costs, and to re:nove the p.igs.-Same Day.-Before the Mayor, C. Allen, and H. Saader.-f, Esqrs.—John,Knight master mariner, was brought up undera warrant, charged with beating one Henry Thomas, a boy On board his vessel. Fined 6d., and costs. TRUF. IVOEJTES.—The True. horite Benefit Cluboa Tues- day week went in procession to church, where an excellent sermon was preached to Rev. J. Boys Smith, formerly curate of Ten by, and afterwards chaplain to the British consulate at Warsaw. The club afH'wards per- ambulated the town, headed by the volunteer brass band, and then dined at the Batcher's Arms Inn. COLLISION AT SKA.—On Saturday week the steamer Samson, of Llanelly, on leaving the harbour, with a party of excursionists on board, ran into the fishing smack Lark, John Davey master, while tying in Tenby Roads, carried away her nfain-boom, and shattered her to the wat&r's edge on the port quarter. Fortunately the acci- dent occurred near the harbour, sO she was easily brought in for the necessary repairs; but had it happened at a distance of four miles, or upwards, we hear that she must have been abandoned. On Sunday week, the 19th Inst, wfcile Head-Con^table Harrison was on duty, he found a man wandering about in an excited state. When spoken to by that officer, he at once discovered that the poor man's mind was deranged. When taken to the station house, on hia person was found a discharge, bearing the name, &c., of Uoodwin,' private, 82nd Regiment of Foot, an out-pensioner of Her Majesty's Royal Hospiral at Chelsea, on the 13th of November, I860, and receiving a pension of 8d. per day 21 years' service; height 5ft. 9in., bair black, eyes blo, age at this time thirty-nine. The poor man will, no doubt, be for- warded to some asylum. A very pleasant ball took place at the Gate House Assembly Rooms on Thursday week, under the steward- ship of Captains bailey, Oldfteld, and Fitzroy, and Mr Fletcher. The rooms were well got up for the occasion, and the arrangements reflected the greatest credit upon tlie management of Mr Gregory,. Amongst theoompany present we noticed Miss and Mr Richards, and the Misses Lloyd, Mr C. and the Misses, Allen, Mr, Mrs, and the Misses Wedgwood, Rev.' .11., Mrs., and Miss Corbett, Miss Thomas, the Misses Pool, Mias Lecbe, Mr and Miss Parsons, Captain and Mrs Mansel, Miss Kynaston, Capt. and Mrs Boissier, M essrs. Wiles, Grove, Lock, Cuthbert, Dashwood, Hawks, Galbraith, Barnes, Hensman, &0. The fishing smack Samuel and Ann, of Brixham,! George Ho$re? master; fben OR t^g ^sh|^g ground in the bay, early on Thursday morning week, saw a yauht in tow of a schooner, and it being nearly a calm, they were still in sight late in the afternoon, when the schooner cut the yacht adrift. Upon seeing this, the Samuel and Ann bore down upon the yaoht, which had carried away her main- mast, and proved to be the property of W Yelverton, jun., Esq., of Whitland Abbey, who, with five other geatlemen were on board. The yacht was bound from Milford to Weston super-Mare, and met with the accident on Wed- nesday night off tho Skerweathera.' She was towed in to Saundersfoot Harbour. The Lyric Opera Company, on Monday evening week, gave the first of a series of Operas, in the Gate House Assembly Rooms. The one selected for that night was Maritana,' which was played to a full and most res- pectable audience. The performances generally gave satisfaction, while the singing of Miss Thirlwall and Mr Terrott was particularly adniired. In the Operetta of the Quaker,' which followed, Mr Grantham's singing, While the Lads of the Village,' and Miss Louisa Travel's Ever of Thee," were also loudly applauded. On Tuesday week, the Opera of the Bohemian Girl' was given, but owing to the heavy rain, the attendance was but thin. On Wednesday night the house was again filled to hear the Opera of I Il Trovatore,' and on both occasions, we believe that we may safely say that every one was pleased. ARRIVALS.-Dawe. Mrs, Plymouth; Mantell, Mrs and family, B>"thwfck Hill, Bath; Power, Mrs Henry, R. M. Esq, and Master H., Small Heath London; Bartram, Mr& Clevedon; Southby, Mrs and family, Brampton, Oxford- shire; Sonthby, Sev It. W., Kingston Lisle; Towell, Mr, Mrs and Miss, London; Strtignelly Mr and Mrs, Bristol; Cooper, Rev. Augustus and Mrs, Clifton; Barker, Mrs and the Misses, Kingswood Mayd, the Misses; Allarton, Miss, Edgbaston; Rock, the Misses Edgbaston Cow- slade, H. H., E<q Reading; Edge, Miss H., Reading Hancocks, Mr and Mrs W. F., 85th Regt., Pembroke Dock; Gorham, Miss, Exeter; Holmes, Miss, Clifton GOI. ham, Miss M., Clifton; Bridger.E.K. Esq. Mrs and family; Howell, Miss; Spiller,the Misses; Graham,Captain, 105th Regt., Pembroke Doolt; Smith, Frederick H., Esq and Mrs.Peckbam, Surrey; Gilmore, the Misses, Clifton; Jenkins, Mrs and family, Tomlinson, Mfes. CRICKET.-GAMBMM.E V. TKNBY;—This match was played on the 15th instant, and ended in favour of Cam- bridge by thirty-three runs on the firot innings. Mr Pageto howling for Cambridge was very good, as was Mr Smythe'a for Tenby. The following is the score:- CAMBRIDGE. G. H. Tuck, b Smythe 29 F. W. Paget, b Smythe 27 O. L. Clare, e Richards, b Wilson 0 J. Souper, b Richards 14 N. D Bushell, b Smythe. "m. 0 R. H. Dockray, b Smythe 0 C. Mills; run out 0 R. C. Dobbs, b Smythe 8 C. G. Beale, not out 8 T. E. Fincham, b Smythe 0 T. Threlfall, b Smythe 3 Byes 2, 1 b 1, w 5 b. 8 97 TBNBY. G., Smythe, h w b Paget 20 C. Grove, c Tuck, b Soupor 19 Capt. Bayley, e Souper, b Paget 7 J. M. Lewes, c Bushell, b Paget 1 R. Marriott, b Paget 3 W. H. Richards, at Tuck, b Paget 0 J. Hooper, b Paget 0 C. Carless ,b Tuck 5 R. Wilson, s Tuck, b Paget 3 J. F.-Winterscale, nofrout 2 H. W. Griiffth, b Tuck 0 Byes 2,1 b 1, w 1 4 64 On the seventeenth instant, the Garrison an a Tenby Clubs met on the Tenby ground, arid played-a very ex- citing game. Tenby headed the military in the first innings by fourteen runs; and, at the commencement of their second innings, the Garrison had but seventy-six to win. Owing to the admirable bowling of Mr Tuck, who bowled seventeen overs, losing but eight rttns, and taking eight wickets, the Garrison, were all removed for tbirty- one ruaa, thereby losing by forty-four; The double fissures on the Tenby side were made by Mr Fuck,' eleven and twenty-nine; Mr Winterscale nineteen; Mr Smythe fourteen;, and Mr Lewes, fourteen. On the Garrison side Mr Grove made nine; Mr Parnell eighteen, in the first innings, and Mr Romsey fourteen in thfe second. The ground was in good order, and honoured by the presence of many ladies. EXCURSIONS.— On Friday, Saturday, and Monday week and Wednesday last,, excursion packets arrived at Tenby with large parties from Swansea, Llanelly, and Neath. The Henry Soutban, of Swansea, after having discharged her egctirsionists at Tenby, took a large party of the- people of the town on board for a cruise along the picturesque shOtes of Stack pole, Saint Gowan's, &c., to Linney Head. The weather satisfied the most fastidious tourist, and the magmfic int cliffs and rocks, formed a succession of beautiful views; the bird» on and around the Staek Rocks were-very numerous, helping to add life to the scene. The visitors having satisfied their curiosity the Henry Southan steamed for Tcrmy,-sbifted her pas- sengers, and returned-' for Swansea. It is amusement to see with what zest the excursionists manage to pass away the hours allotted to them for pleasure; When they first come ashore, they go up town from tho harbour in a sort of mobbish" procession, and for a moment apprehensions are felt thatajie very excellent lungs of Tehby will suffer from excess of nitrogen; but our fears are groundless, for on reaching the centre they break up into small parties, some to support the inner man, some 'to wash' as they term it, I in the sea,' some to stroll through the old church, and others to ride to spots of interest in the neighbourhood. And what a time the 'jarvies' have of it! everything vehicular is besieged in the most earnest manner, and seised upon with the greatest avidity—pos- sible and impossible numbers endeavour to get a seat, or at all events the fraction of one; and till the time of leaving, the carriages seem to have become the victims of some uncontrollable excitement, filled with mirth- provoking faces; they dash aiong hither and thither 1 with life o'erSowing,' one lot flowing out another rolls in, and for the day at least it is familiarly shown that in carriages 'Nature abhors a vacuum.' But all things must come to an end. The packets' whistles sound, and the flow of pleasure-seekers is turned to their respective boats; mostly without mIlch nø-ise the embarkation is effected, and with the exception of a few who find them- selves to be I left behind they are afloat, pressing onward to their own homes, cheerful from the result of the day's relaxation. How they will e¡:joy themselves when the railway is opened permanently for traffic we can well imagine: their excursiwis into the country )vU! be more frequent, more tehgthy, and an item to the good of the shareholders will bd thus run up—perhaps greater than has been expected. Meanwhile, this 'running to and fro on the earth is- productive of much good by It, hot only have we been diaabflsed of efroneous ideas we had respecting 'foreigners;' but als6"of the peonie of other parts of our own inland. We have heard, and believe it» that at the, beginning of this present century, the most noxious antipathy existed between the inhabitants of our own and n neighbouring town, and that the Slightest provocation would cause a scene nearly egdal to the old Irish faction fights—' 0 iempord, o marts 6hanged cer- tainly, and for the better. May the watchword be still, 'Onward!' ANOTHER CASK OF AOCIDBNTAL DROWNING.—An in" quest was held on Saturday evening Idst at the Traveller'* Rest, Swansea, before J.Gaskoin, Esq., doputy-coroner, on the body of Thomas Evans, aged 24, a native of Tenby' but who for some time past had been in the service of Mr James G. Hall, surgeon, &e. The evidence given Will fully explain the cause of tli0 accident.—•Mr' Silvanus Davies, of No. 4, Bethesda Row, frtotman'in tho service of Sir Charles McLean, sworn :J came down on the sands last evening in company with the deceased for the purpose of bathing a mare Which belonged to Mr Hall, surgeon. We wete 'lunging' the tn'are on the sands for a short time before she went into the water. 1 held the reins and the deceased was whipping the mare for the purpose of making h?r, If ot. Thu.inaro suddenly came in upon me and I fell doWn, and tho mare then ran into the water. 1 followed and jumpednpou her bAok, and she fell, but I managed to pull her out of the water the best way I could. After I got otit the deceas0t^ asked tna to get on her baok tkjgaih, biit I' reto'sc^, sayinS it was not safe foe,any oris to dq so wlio, could not Deceased said, 'well, if you won'tt I wiil,' and then jumped on her back and rode her into the water, »na swam tho mare out. In a few momenta I saw the fall on her iide again, and the deceased fell off; he hew up his iiands for about a second or two, and then dis- appeared altogether. The mare had swam out fnrdff$o the deceased was out gf ftif deP"1* J