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THE feONDON MARKET8, METROPOLITAN CATTLE MARKET. LONDON, MONDAY, July 20.—Our market, to-day, was well supplied with foreign stock; but their general quality was by no means prime. The demand was heavy, and the quotations were with difficulty supported. From our own grazing districts the receipts «f beasts fresh up were seasonably extensive, and most breeds came to hand in good seasonable condition. The arrivals from Ireland and Scotland were very moderate. Although the attendance of buyers was numerous, the beef trade was in a sluggish state; compared with Monday last, however no change took place in the quotations. The extreme value of best Scots and crosses was 5s per 81b. The arrivals from Lin- colnshire, Leicestershire, and Northamptonshire, comprised 2,6t0 shorthorns, &c; from other parts of England, 800 of various breeds; from Scotland, 800 Scots and crosses; and from Ireland, 60 oxen and heifers. Although the supply of sheep was again extensive, the mutton trade rule g -ady at full prices. A few very superior Downs realised Is tf but the general top figure for mutton was 5s per 81b. Vfcfc ve to report a steadv sale for lambs-the show of which was good -at full currencies, viz., from 5s 4d to 6s 4d per 81b. Calves were in good supply and heavy request at 2d per 81b less money, compared with tkis day xelnnight. The pork trade was in a sluggish state never- theless prices were supported. Per 8 Ibi. to sink the of alt Coarse and inferior a. d. a. d. Primeeoaraawoolled a. A. a. d beasts S 4 S 8 sheep 4 8 4 )Q Second quality ditto 8 10 4 4 Prima Somtk Down Prime large oxen 4 6 4 8 Sheep 4 10 5 o Prima Scots, etc. 4 10 a 0 Large coarse ealves 8 8 4 J Coarse and inferior Prime amall ditto 4 4 4 6 theep. t « 4 < < c <econdqatMty<itto4 3 4 6 Neat small porkara 4 3 < e Buekiag Calves 12s to 30a; and Quarter old Store Pige 19s to 26a. eactx. 4 COAX- EXCHANGE, MONDAY, July 20.-There was a short sap* ply of wheat from Essex and Kent this morning; that of barley, beans, and peas was limited: with few fresh arrivals of oat6 from our own coast, Scotland, and Ireland. There have been tolerably good imports of foreign oats, a fair quantity of barleVi but a very moderate addition of other articles of the trade. weather was hot and forcing up to Wednesday inclusive during the past week, but afterwards it became mucn cooler, the tem- perature having fallen ten to twelve degrees. Yesterday an, this morning dry, sunny, and cloudy alternately. Wind S.™ • English wheat met a steady sale at the prices of last Monday. The demand for foreign wheat was in retail without any quota. ble variation in prices. The top price of town-made flour unaltered; country marks were steady in value and demand. Americans were held on former terms. Grinding barly brought fully as much money. Malt was quite as dear. Beans realised previous quotations. Peas met a moderate inquiry at no varia- tion in pnce. There was a moderate demand for oats, and the prices obtained were much the same as last week for all descrip- tions. There were some up from Kent of good quality, winter ?rown, about 40J lbs per bushel. Linseed met an improved sale for fine qualities at the recent decline. New rapeseed >ffere.-i freely, and prices were considerably lower from the high rates paid by the seedsmen last Monday. Canaryseed was un. thered in value. BRITISH. Shillings per Qr. j Shillings per Qt. FAeat-Essex and Kent, Oat,-Enrlilh feed. 19 2Z white, 45 52 Poland 28 J* Ditto, red 42 53 Scotch feed 23 Norfolk, Lincoln, and Ditto potato 25 Yorkshire, red. 44 46 Irish feed, white 19 q Barley—Malting 36 40 Ditt0» bl*°k 'J Distilling 30 31 Beans— Green 40 f Chevalier Ticks 34 3> Grinding 28 29 ?? Jj Walt—Essex, Nor folk, and Peas—White boilera 48 Suffolk, pale 62 65 V *} Chevalier Grev 37 Ketone,Ware,fctown JW-Tow* histoid « 52 « Household 3# JJ Brown 54 56 Country 54 fcye so 32 Norfolk and Suffolk 31 »