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fiF A R B E B T H./


fiF A R B E B T H. Aswarrpof bees was observed on Tuesday week,making their way down High-strtet, in this town, and on arriving at Markct-squre they alighted on some Larch poles, before the door of Mr James Williams, draper. As soon as cir- cumstances would permit, a hive: wfts procured, and the bees were shaken into it. They are now in Mr Williams's garden, perfectly satisfied with their new habitation. At a meeting of the Narberth Board of Guardians, held on the 13th inst .Present, Rev. W. D. Phillips, chairman, Rev, R. B. Jones, and Thomas Griiffths, Esq., Vice;' W. H. Powell, Esq., Robert Ward, Esq., J James, Esq., Gr. R. G. Ress. Esq., R. D. Palmour, Esq., Rev. R. Buck by, Rev. S. 'Jones, Cyflig r. Messrs. J. Collins, of I Narberth; Griffiths, Llangfydwen; Davies, Narberth South < Roach, Cresclly; Harries, Llanboidy; Protheroe. Amroth; Roger Griffiths, Owen James. Thomas Harries, George Protheroe, W. George, and J, M. Blathwayte. The Chairman briefly called the attention of the Board to the report that had gone abroad respecting the alleged death from waut of proper attention and food, of Rebecca Rees, of the parish of Jeffreston. Mr Itowe, the relieving officer. and Doctor Newsam, were examined at some '•tigth. M r Hoach, the guardian, of Jeffreston, and the Rev. D. Palmour, gave important information respecting the deceased, when the Boatd came to the following resolution:—That after a most careful investigation of a charge brought againat the relieving officer of the Begelly district, for neglect of duty in the case of Rebecca Rees, a pauper of the parish of Jeffreston, whereby the said Rehecca Rees is allegedto have died from want of care and necessary food, this Board is unanimously of opinion thal there is not the slightest foundation whatever for the charge, and that both the medical officer for the dis- trict, and the relieving officer, have, in the discharge of their duty in this instance, fully and properly carried out the legal requirements of this Board. FATAL ACCIDENT AT BEGELLY. An inquest was held at Begelly on the 17th inst,, before W. V. James, Esq coroner, on the body of John Thomas, aged two yaars and four months, who came by bis death under circumstances detailed in the following evidence, llacnab Thomas: lam the wife of John Thomas, now living at Begelly, in the parish of Begelly, in the County of Pembroke. I was at home about a quarter after ten yesterday morning. I dressed my little boy, the deceased, and he went outside tho door He is. two years and four months. In about a minute after I went oat, fearing T ome cattle would hurt the child. The firstHthing ?J a»|r was ray child dead on the high road. I picwd it /up.. then saw a cart and a man. He looked very frightened. I could not swear to him again as I was so frightened. I remember no more: I was in such distress. Richard Thomas: I <am a collier living at Begelly -Brkigt-cnear-the-pinee-whem "Fester-' day, about a quarter past ten in the morning, I saw a "ctort with three horsesi Co'nSinfc towards Begelly. The cart was full of culm. ? The driver was riding on the front: his feet- against the-sbaft, MMUns back aRainst the culm, rather leaning back. T was in the house; when be passed. Some time afterwards I heard! children screeching. I ran out. and saw the child's mother picking it up. There was no breath in him. The cart had stopped two yards from it, and had I-een going very slow. Morris Thomas, now present, drove the cart. He said 'I did not see the child,' He was in great trouble. He had reins, but I do not know whether they were in his hands or not. Morris Thomas: I live at Trevangor, in the county of Pembroke. I am a labourer. Yesterday morning I was driving home a cart full of culm, with three horses, from Broadmoor Colliery. He had three reins. The two fore horses were abreast, a rope fastening them inside together, and the rein fastened to the outside of each bit. The shaft horse had reins each side, I had them in hand. The reins of the fore horses were fastened to the breechin. I came to Begelly Bridge. At the corner I saw some cattle. I then heard some one calling out. I looked back to see what it was, I looked then forward, and saw the child in front of the wheel lying on the ground with its face to the earth. I can't say whether the wheel went over the child or not. I stopped the cart in about a minute. I jumped down, and saw the child picked up by the mother. The cart had passed the child. The mother took the child into her lap. I believe it breathed. I was awake: I Has not asleep* The only reason I can give that I did not see the child is that I looked back when some one cried out, I thought they were calling on him. Thomas Henry Newsam: lam a surgeon residing at Saundersfoot. I examined the child yesterday and to- day. He died from violence causing fracture of the base of the skull. There is the mark of a horse's hoof on the forehead:—the print of the shoe. I do not think it was causpd by a wheel. This concluded the evidence. The coroner summed up, and the Jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death.'