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TENBY. THE NEW LiFK BoAT.—On Friday, the 10th inst., the new Life Boat, presented to the Tenby Station by Frederick Magenis, Esq., of London, arrived safely at its destination. She is really a beautiful thing: a perfect combination of strength, speed, roominess, and buoyancy. No hope would remain to the wrecked crew that the Life-boat failed to succour, Shortly after its arrival it was hauled up into the boat-house, where it remains ready to be urged on by brave hands to brave deeds-knowing it may be the means of bringing errands of mercy and hope to brave British sailors when the waters have nigh gone over their souls; we will conclude with 'God speed the Life-boat.' SAUNDERSFOOT.—TRITE I VORITES.—The members of the True Ivorites' Club of this place had their annual meeting and dinner at the 4 Picion Castle' Inn, on the 11th inst. A row (,E,flagswis i;uspqbdeo frotit.the Castle,' to a neighbouring house, and at 12 o'clock they proceeded round the village and neighbourhood, preceded by a brass band and colours. After having jogged along for about two hours, they adjourned to an ample spread at. the Inn. Dinner over, with the usual accompaniments of toasts, songs and speeches, many of the members left, others toe'd it to the music of the band till a late hour. We are glad to hear the club is in a prosperous condition, the numbers increasing, and not many calls by sick members on the funds. SHIPPING.—Arrived.—Prudence Eliza, Griffiths, Stack- pole, ballast; Selby, Blackburn, Harwich, ballast; Enterprise, Thomas, Tenby, empty; Agenoria, Neal,, Bideford, ballast; Minerva, Rochfurd, Barlough, ballast; Mary, Davies, Cardigan, ballast; Collector, Poole, Water- ford, ballast; Pheasant, Owens. Cardigan, ballast; John, Lawrence, Tenby, empty; Ocilia, Murphy, Waterford, ballast; Prudence Eliza, Griffiths, New Quay, ballast; Hero,—— Sandwich, ballast; Brothers, Iiees, Milford, ballast; Coronation, Cook, Bideford, ballast; Mary, Davey, Barlough, bal.last.-Saili!d- Valliarat, Morgan, Xilrush, culm Harriett, Drake; Newhaven, coal; Lon- don Packet, Hart, Ipswich, coal; Betsy, Gwens, Drog- heda, culm; Selby, Blackburn, Sandwich, coal; Agenoria, Neal, Teignmouth, coal and culm; Minerva, Rochford, Kilmore, culm; Mary, Davies, Cardigan, cutm; Collector, Poole, Bannow, coal"; Pheasant, Owens, Cardigan, culm; John, Lawrence, Port Talbot, iron ore; Prudence Eliza, New Quay, culm; Cecilia, Murphy, Balbrigan, culm.


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