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THE 10 ND ON MARKETS. METROPOLITAN CATTLE MARKET. LONDON, MONDAY, July IS.—There was rather a large supply of foreign stock on offerin to-day'? racket, in, for the moat part, fair condition. From our 'own'gracing districts, tfictjirj-ival of beasts fresh up this morning was seasonably extensive as to number, and in good condition. Although the attendance of buyers was rather large, the beef trade was in a sluggish stated and, in some instances, prices gave way 2d per 81b, JIowever, a few prime Scots and crosses realised 5s per 81b. ^.t. the close of business a clearance was not enacted. The arrivals from Lincolnshire, Leicestershire,, and Northamptonshire, cotnprMed 2400 shorthorns, &c; from, other parts of England, 700 of various breeds; from Scotland, 70 Scots and crosses; and from Ireland, too oxen and heifers; There waa an unusually large supply, of sheep in the. pens. The quality of moft breeda was good. The mutton trade was somewhat heavy, at a decline in the quotations of ,3d per 81b. The highest, figure for tbe best Downs was 58 per 81b. • "Good and prime lambs moved off steadily, at full currencies; otherwise, the lamb trade was in a sluggish State, on former terms.. Prices ranged from 5g to 6s 4d per $1K We have to report a dull sale for calves, the supply of which was moderate, >t Thursday's ■quotations.The pork trade was heavy. In prkfes, however, no change took plaoe. Per Blto. *o tit# tkt ojTtUt Coarse and inferior ». d. •* d. PrimMd«r»« irootlcd s. 4. ■. A beasts. fc 4' S 8 -sheep.1..4 « 4 10 .Second quality jitfr 10< 4 ,4 Prime ISpntb Itow» Prime Urge o*en 4 6 4 & JSheap. 1 10 5 .0 Prime Scots, Jfcc. 4 10 S 0 Large eoarse calves 3 8 4 .4 Coarse and inferior Prime small ditto 4 4 4 1 sheep. „ 5 6 4 0 Large hogs v. S # 4 • Second quality ditto 4 2 4 6 Neat smatlporkers* 4 2 4 6 Soaking Calves ISs.te ?0s; atuLQuarter old Store Pigs 19s to 37 s, eaoh. CORN EXCHANQ«, MONDAY, July IS.—The supply of wheat from Essex and Kent this morning was very short; that of barley, beans, and peas limited; with no fresh arrivals. Of English, Scotch, or Irish oats. There have been very larfe,un- ports of foreign oats, but a moderate quantity of other articles of the trade; Hot and forcing weattier prevailed throughout the past week, and a great breadth of hay has been secured in priinc condition. Yesterday was fine and sunny; thipk and hazy morning. Wind N.E. English wheat met a slow sale ft last week's prices. The millers hold off buying any sort. The ldg any sor demand for foreign wheat was very limited, and prices were generally in favour of the buyers. The top price flour remained unchanged; country marks were steady in value and demand, but Americans were rather easier to purchase* Grinding barley sold at full prices steadily, sweet heavy parcels at more money. Malt was quite as dear, and fine qualities were saleable. Beans realised as high rates. Peas were purchased slowly without any change in their value. A good extent of business was transacted in oats at the extreme prices of I$st Monday for all descriptions. Linseed was dull, and in limited demand. The new rapeseed was of fine quality, and a few » the first sales to the seedsmen were at irregular and prices than the general buyers offered. Canaryseed was un4^ tered in price. BRITISH. Shillings per Qr. Shillings per V' Wheat—Essex and Kent, Oats—English feed 19 2* white 45 52 Poland 22 36 Ditto, red 42 48 Scotchfeed. 23 S* Norfolk, Lincoln, and Ditto potato 25 Yorkshire, red. 44 46 Irish feed, white. 19 54 Barley—Malting. 36 40 Ditto, black 17 'J Yorkshire, red 44 46 Irish feed, white. 19 54 Barley—Malting. 36 40 Ditto, black 17 'J Distilling 30 31 Beans—Green 4<) Chevalier Ticks S4 Grinding 28 29 S« 8nCX'N,orfolk»and CK ^WbHe boilers" 49 *1 Suffolk, pale. 62 65 Maple 42 4' Chevalier Grgy j| Kmfdene'Ware,&t0Wn fifi fiR K^Townr househiid 4f,g 68 Household 36 Jj Brown 54 56 Country 35 M Rye 30 32 Norfolk and Suffolk S138