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STATIONS OF THE BRITISH ARMY. [Where two places are mentioned, the last-named is that at w hich the Depot of the Regiment is stationed.] 1st Life Guards—Regent's PD0 pind bat! Edinburgh 2nd do—Hyde Park Royal Horse Guards- Aldershot „ 1st Dragoon Guards—Ban- tralore, Canterbury 2d do Bengal, Canterbury 3d do Bombay, Canterbury 4th do Curragh 5th do Curragh 6th do Aldershot 7th do Bengal, Canterbury 1st Dragoons, Aldershot 2nd do Birmingham 3rd do Edinburgh 4th do Newbridge 5th do Aldershot 6th do Bombay, Maidstone 7th Hussars, Bengal, Maid- stone 8th do Bengal, Canterbury 9th Lancers, Brighton 10th Hussars, Dublin llth do Dublin 12th Lancers, Aldershot 13th Light Drag., Aldershot 14th do Manchester 15th Hussars, Dublin 16th Lancers, York 17th do Secunderabad Maidstone 18th Hussars, Aldershot 19th do Bengal, Maidstone 20th do Bengal, Canterbury 21st do Bengal Military Train [1st bat] Woolwich Do [2nd batj Aldershot Do 3rd bat] Canada Do [4th bat] Woolwich Do [5th bat] Aldershot Do [6th bat] Curragh Grenadier Guards [1st bat] Montreal Do 12nd bat] Wellington B. Do [3rd bat] St George's B. ColdstreamsGuards [ 1st bat] Portman-sreet Barracks Do[2nd bat] Windsor Scots Fusiliers, [110 t bat] Aldershot Do [2nd bat] Montreal 1st Foot, Madras,Colchester Do [2nd bat] Aldershot, Colchester 2nd do [1st bat] Devonport Walmer Do [2nd bat] Gib., Walmer 3rd do [1st bat] Aldershot, Limerick Do do Gibraltar, Limerick 4th do [1st bat] Bombay, Chatham Do [2nd bat] Corfu,Chathm 5th do [1st bat] Shomcliffe Colchester Do [2nd bat] Cape.Colchstr. 6th do [1st bat] Aldershot Colchester Do [2nd bat] Corfu. Colchester 7th do [ lst bat] Bengal, Walmer Do [2nd bat] Gibraltar, Walmer 8th do [1st bat] Sheffield, Templemore Do [2nd bat] Gibraltar, Templemore 9th do [1st bat] Corfu, Lim. Do [2nd bat] Corfu, Timpripk t 10th do [lilt bat] Curragh, Preston ,i Do [2nd bat] Cape, Preston llth do [1st bat] Curragh, Fermoy Do [2nd bat] Cape, Fermoy 12th do [ 1st bat] New Zealnd Chatham Do [2nd bat] Curragh 13th do [1st bat] Bengal, Fermoy Do L2nd bat] Cape, Fermoy 14th do [1st bit] Jamaica, Fermoy Do [2nd bat] New Zealand, Fermoy 15th do B.N. America, Pembroke Do r2d bat] Malta, Pem broke 16th do Canada, Templmore Do l2nd bat] Nova Scotia, Templemore 17th do Quebec, Limerick DO [2nd bat] Nova Scotia, Limerick 18th Secundrbd, Buttevant Do [2nd bat] New Zealand, Buttevant 19th do Bengal, Chatham, Do [2nd bat] Dublin, Chat. 20th do Bengal, Chatham Do [2nd bat] Portsmouth, Chatham 21st do Barbadoes, Bin- Do [2nd bat] Curragh, Birr 22nd do Malta, Parkhurst Do [2nd batt] Malta, Park- hurst 23rd do Bengal, Walmer Do [2nd bat] Malta, Walmer 24th do Aldershot, Cork Do f2nd bat] Mauritius, Cork 25th. do Malta, Athlone Athlone 26th do GoBport, Belfast 27th do Bengal, Cork 28th do Bombay,Fermoy 29th do Curragh, Preston 30th do Toronto, Parkburst 31st do China, Chatham 32nd do Curragh, Preston 33rd do Bombay, Fermoy 34th do Bengal, Colchester 35th do Bengal, Chatham 36th do Dublin, Athlone 37th do Aldershot, Pem- broke 38th do Bengal, Colchester rfath do Bermuda, Temple- more 40th New Zealand, Birr 41st do Glasgow, Preston f2nd do Bengal, Stirling f3rd do Bengal, Chatham 44th do Bombay, Colchester 45th do Curriagb, Parkhurst 46th do Bengal,Buttevant ^°J^ontreal, Athlone 48th do Bengal, Cork 49th do Chester, Belfast 50th do Ceylon, Parkhurst 51st do Bengal, Chatham 52nd do Bengal, Chatham 53rd Portsmouth, Birr 54th do Bengal, Colchester 55th do Portsmouth,Preston 56th do Bombay, Colchester 57th do New Zealand, Cork 58th do Dublin, Birr 59th do Aldershot, Preston 60th [1st bat] Tower, Winchester Do [2nd batl A Jershot I^rd bat] Madras, Winchester Do [4th bat] Quebec, Winchester 61st do Jersey, Pembroke 62nd do Canada, Belfast ™rd do Canada, Belfast <J° Aldershot, Clchester a° MewZealand, Birr SS a° n^r&8' Colchester J° ?.hina> Athlone !r Madras, Fermoy 69th do Madras, Fermoy 70th do New Zealand, Col- chester 71st do Bengal, Stirling 72nd do Mbow, Aberdeen 73rd do Aldershot, Colchestr 74th do Bellary, Perth 75th do Dvonport, Chatham 76th do Aldershot, Belfast 77th do Bengal, Chatham 78th do Dover, Aberdeen 79th do Bengal, Stirling 80th do Bengal, Buttevant 81st do Bengal, Chatham OOJ Ckjlchester Shomcliffe,Chatham 84th do Shorncliff, Pembroke do Dover, Pembroke do Curragh, Templmore IaT AIdershot,Buttevant 88th do Bengal, Colchester 89th do Bengal, Fermoy 90th do Bengal, Colchester 91st Bengal, Chatham 92nd do Gosport, Stirling 93rd do Bengal, Aberdeen 94th do Bengal, Chatham 96th do Pooua, Fermoy 96th do Cape, Belfast nth. do Bengal, Colchester 98th do Bengal, Colebester 99th do China, Cork IpOthdo Gibraltar,Parkhurst 101st do Bengal, Chatham 102nd do Madras, Chatham lOSi'd Bombay, Colchester 104th Bengal, Parkhurst l"5th Madras Pembroke 106th Bombay, Birr 107th Bengal, Fermoy 108th Madras, Fermoy 109th Bombay, Cork Rifle Brigade [1st bat] Canada, Winchester Do [2nd bat] Bengal, Winchester Do [3rd bat] Bengal, Win- i' chestcr Do [4th batt] Malta, Win- chester 1st. West India Regiment Bahamas 2nd do Jamaica 3rd do Barbadoes Ceylon Rifles^ Ceylon Cape Mourited Rifles, Cape of Good Hope, Canter- bury Canadian Rifles, Toronto St Helena Regiment, Saint Helena Royal Newfoundland Com- pany, Newfoundland Malta Fenclbles, Malta Gold Coast Corpi, Cape Coast Castle Medical Staff Corps, Chat- ham, Ken: Royal Engineers, Chatham Army Hospital Corps, Chatham

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