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CARMARTHEN SHIRE. WIMBLEDON PRIZE SHOOTING.—The annal meeting of the National Rifle Association is now being held at IV im bledon. For the Queen's Prize the shooting com- menced on Wednesday The scores made up to the close of the day revealed some excellent shooting, and Captain Benning, 1st Bedford, headed the score with 20; Corporal Hall, 1st York, Sergeant Millard, 11th Middlesex, and Corporal Rudd, 1st Cumberland, each made 18 marks at the 200 yards range; twelve gentlemen made 17 marks each; and 63 competitors scored 16 each. Among the latter is Mr Howell Howell, who represents the 2nd I Carmarthen Company. j BRIDAL PRESENT FROM THE LADIES OF SOUTH WALES TO H.R.H. THE PRINCESS OF WALES.—We have much pleasure in copying the following paragraph from a Cheltenham paper, attesting, as the paragraph does, to the liberality of Ladies of Carmarthenshire :The Ladies .,of South Wales have closed their subscription lists for their Bridal present to the Princess of Wales, and it is said the amount contributed gives assurance that the 'token of affectionate respect and loyalty' from the Southern Division of the Principality will not be a whit inferior in value to that lately presen ed to her Royal Highness by the ladies of the North. The amounts col- lected have not yet been made public; but if the ladies of Glamorganshire and the other four counties have acquitted themselves as generously, in proportion to the wealth of their district, as those of Carmarthenshire— whose total has reached to £ 340—there can be little doubt of the aggregate amounting to such a handsome sum as shall suffice for an ornament in every respect worthy her Royal Highness's."—Cheltenham Looker-on, June 27th. THE CARMARTHEN RIFLE CORPs.-On Monday even- ing week there was a large muster of the two Carmarthen Companies for the purpose of marching down to Rhydy- gorse, as a mark of respect to Capt. Browne Edwardes (of the 2nd Company), and to congratulate him on his recent maariage. The companies assembled in the Market Place, and at eight o'clock marched direct to Rhydygorse, where they were very hospitably received by the gallant Captain, who addressing them said that he was very much obliged for the compliment they bad paid him and Mrs Edwardes, and that he hoped they would enjoy themselves for an hour or two in the gardens and pleasure grounds, which were all open to them. The men then piled arms and were dis- missed. For nearly two hours they amused themselves in various games, and in walking about the exceed- ingly picturesque and beautiful grounds attached to Rhydygorse; The two bands played at intervals, and those who were so disposed danced merrily to the music. Capt. Edwardes, Mrs Edwafdes, Capt. Edwardes Gwynne, and Adjutant Edwardes, did all that was possible for the hospitable entertainment of the corps, who were supplied with wine, ale, &c., ad libitum, and every man drank heartily to the long life and hap- piness of Capt. and Mrs Edwardes. At ten o'clock the men fell in,' and Capt. Edwardes addressing them said, he was glad they had given him the opportunity of entertaining them on such an occasion, and he hoped they had enjoyed themselves. (Applause.) He was delighted to find there was such unanimity among them -and that although they were two companies there was no ill feeling or jealousy. (Applause.) They all drilled together and acted as one company. He hoped this unity would always continue. They had all one common object, and being intimately connected together the esprit d'corps animated them all. He hoped they would attend drill regular and maintain their position as the crack corps in the battalion. (Loud applause.) He promised them to be regularly at his post, and it was his earnest wish they should work together so agreeably and satisfactorily as they had bitherto done. (Applause.) The men then gave in succession three hearty cheers for Capt. Edwardes, Mrs Edwardes, Capt. Edwardes Gwynne, and Adjutant Edwardes. The companies then returned, and were dismissed at the Orderly Rooms.



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