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«. TENBY. We hear that the Bank of Wales intends opening a branch"at Tenby. On Monday week the Tenby Artillery Volunteer Corps went out for ball practice, when, as usual, the firing was good, the shots dropping near the target. The Fire Fly, steamer from Bristol, on Friday week brought about 80 passengers, consisting principally of tourists. PUBLIC BALL.A ball will take place at the Gate House Assembly Rooms, on Thursday next, when the following gentlemen will act as stewards ;-CaptaulS Bayley, Oldfield, and Fitzroy, and H.Fletcher, Esq. EXCURSION STEAMERS.—On Saturday week the steamer Royal Princess arrived here from Llanelly with about 300 passengers, and again on Monday, when shehad about 350. On Tuesday the steamer Prince of Wales, from Swansea, brought about 169 passengers. On Tuesday week the Overseers of this distrist were ex- pected to attend at Pembroke to have their accounts audited the half year ending Lady Day last. The Assistant- Overseer for the parish of St Mary In-liberty Tenby. did not attend, nor, we are informed, are his books made up, We believe the auditor directed that an accountant should be employed to make out the accounts, preparatory to a special audit. To such of the public in Tenby as take an interest ifl wwather phenomena, as foreshown by barometic indica- tiona, it will be easy henceforth far them to consult the readings of our barbour barometer on board placed, there by Colonel Austen, on which the barometic curve ø entered daily, at nine a.m., as redueed to sea level, and the temperature of 32 deg, like the Buard of Tradt marking's TRIAE, OF LIFEBOATS.—Two lifeboats, intended to bf stationed respectively at Tenby at Lytham, under went their harbour trials on Monday week, in tbe Regent's Canal Dock, Limehouse. The boats are each thirty-three feet long, and rowing ten oars. The self-righting, self-eject- ing the water, and other qualities desirable in this class of vessels were exhibited in the most satisfactory manner. The boats are the property of the National Lifeboat Institution. SAUNDERSFOOT.—One day last week a sailor was em- ployed on the rigging near the cross-trees of a vessel in Saundersfoot Harbour, when, by some means or other, his foot slipped, and he fell down between the vessel's sido and the harbour wall, striking the back of his head against the edge of the wall, and inflicting a serious scalp wound: his further descent was stopped by tbe wooden fender hanging from the ship's side. It was most for- tunate that he came down on his feet: had he unhappily fell on his bead, the consequenoes would have been in all probability fatal. TENBY POLICE COURT, MONDAY, JULY 6tb.-Betore the Mayor, Dr Dyster, and H. Sanders, Esq.—Elizabeth Protheroe and Elizabeth Rees, were brought up in the custody of Head Constable Harrison, charged with vagrancy, being found at 3 a.m. concealed in an out- house. Reprimanded and discharged.—Same day.—James Harries, labourer, wa-, charged with stealing a pair of trousers from a garden hedge, the property of W. Jenkins, cabman. The prisoner pleaded guilty. Sentenced to 14 days' hard labour. We have pleasure in extracting the following from the Weston-Super-Ma-re Gazette, of the 4th inst., the Captain Rowe referred to being son of the late Mr Thomas Rowe, Principal Officer of H.M. Customs in this town:—The quickest passage on record from England to Hong Kong, has just bpen performed by the British steamer Bahama, commanded by Captain Rowe, brother to Mr John Rowe, formerly a resident of this town. The passage from Holy- head to Hong Kong was performed in 75 days under steam and canvass. ODD-FELLOWSHIP.-On Monday week the half-year'* accounts of the Loyal Ship aud Castle Lodge of Odd Fellows, M,U., were audited, when the result proved highly satisfactory. The income for the half y?a £ amounted to £ 80 6s 0|d., and there was expended for sick pay, medical attendance on members, &c £ 55 16s. 6d.; and the total stock and property belonging to the lodge was shown to have reached the large sum of £ 950 15s. 2jd The lodge numbers 87 members. We append a statement of the progress of the lodge for the ten years ending in December last: 1853 £ 433 11 81 1854. 462 11 6*. 1856- 522 8 2f 1856 598 1 9§ 1857 627 8 4# 1858 707 12 2 1859 769 2 10f 1860 852 3 5 1861 910 2 64 1862 935 19 1 t SHIPPING.dr,rived.Ellen Gwenllian, Beddoe, Bristol* sundry goods; John, Williams, Fishguard, ballast; Industry, Hartley, Milford, ditto; Valliant, Morgan, Waterford, pit poles; Laurina, Wedlake, Watchett, bal- last; Betsy, Owen, Cork, ditto; Liver, Gibbs, Carmar- then, ditto; Johnny Boy, Hoskins, Southampton, ditto; Emma, Cox, Barlough, ditto; Mary, Davey, Barlough, ditto; Lady Ackland, Elliott, Bade, ditto; Mary AnO, James, Cardigan, ditto; Bee, Daniel, Cardigan, ditto; London Packet, Hart, Penzance, ditto; Hamett, Drake, Hayle, ditto; Nautilus, Davies, Laugharne, ditto; Matilda, Rowlapds, Laugharne, ditto; Myrtle, Lewis, Lydney, stone; Aid, Jenkins, Cardigan, ballast; Pru- dence Eliza, Griffiths, Stackpole, ditto; Selby, BlackburD, Yarmouth, ditto; Louisa, Eynon, Milford, ditto; Hope- well, Jenkins, Cardigan, ditto.- Sailed-Victory, Bennett, Port Talbot, iron ore; Elizabeth, Berry, Portland, coalr Collector, Pall, Waterford, culm; Rosp, May, Swanagc, coal and culm; Susan and Mary. Lock, Pool, coal; Electric Flash, Grenfell, Sandwich, ditto; Penelope, Jones, Penclawd, ditto: Ellen Gwenllian, Beddoe, Bristolt goods; Laurina, Wedlake, Watchett, coal; Liver, GibbSt Bridgwater, culm; Mary, Davey, Barlough, cuim Betsy, Owen, Drogheda, culm; Emma, Cox, Barlougb, culaa4 Valliant, Morgan, Kilrush, culm Lady Ackland, Elliot, Bude, culm; Mary Ann, James, Cardigan, culln; Bee, Daniel, Cardigan, culm; Johnny Boy, Hoskins, Southampton, coat; Industry, Hartley, Bridgwater, coal. ARRIVALS AT TENBY.—Stanley Maelaren, Esq, LlaO" elly Frank Maelaren, Esq, Llanelly; Mrs Edward Davies, Cowbridge Miss Emma Llewellin, Cowbridgo F Levick, Esq., junr. and Mrs Levick, Blaina House, Monmouthshire Mr, Mrs, and Miss Glover, Southportj Mr Layard, and family, Bath S. Carrington, Esq., and family Dr Forrest, C.B, Mrs and Miss Forrest, Bath; Mrand Mrs Gerstenburg, and family, London; Rev F. Foster, Haverfordwest; Mrs Foster, Clifton Mr and Mrs Hicks, Northampton; Mr and Mrs Sutherland, Graiglaes, Breconshire; the Misses Lesbires, Graiglaes* Breconshire Commander Mason, H. M. Indian Navy, and Mrs Mason; the Misses Thomas, Rushacre; NiO Rees, Kensington Rev W. J. Williams, and family* Brecon Rev R. Denny, and family, Cheltenham T. B-* Barrows, Esq., and MrsBarrows, and family,Abercamla18' Brecon W. Southall, Esq, and family, Birmingham ? W. Miller, Esq., and Mrs Miller, Cheltenham; R. Dockray, Esq Rev G. H. B. Gabert, and Mrs. Gahert, Vicarage, Claverley, Salop; Miss Haslehurst, Claverley, Salop; F. De Casto Lyne, Esq., Mrs Lyne, and family* Paignton, Devon; Miss Coomhe, Clifton; Mrs Windhaøa; Mrs Bernard, Stamford H. Paget, Esq., Trinity College, Cambridge; R. C. Cobbs, Esq., Trinity College, Caøa" bridge; W. Mills, Esq., St John's College, Cambridge; J. T. Fincham, Esq., Pembroko College, Cambridg6» Miss Rideout, Bath the Misses Pool, Cheitenbals; Rev. James Cholmeley, Magdalen College Oxford Idt Plaister Herr A. G. Baumgart. SAINT MARY'S CHURCH.In our notice of the reotor^ report we passed over thai portion relating to the repa and restoration of the ohurch. Among other thin$s',(j handsome memorial porch has been erected and a° entrance for many years built up re-opened, at the pense of the Tudor family. The organ is to be ta from its present position in the west central ?aUery* be plsw>e4 either in the north or Saint Nicholas en W'hefd the font now stands, or in the spaoe beneatn tower, In our opinion the latter is by far the "jugd effect af the organ rolling through the aisles, partly su" ^0. by the position of the instrument, would be ~,ad0 sides, it would occupy a space that can never Qttd available for sittings. On its removal, the weg,,fin«s. gallery will be filled with comfortable free sit Thr^ new w'n49F8 replace^ 91# W*'