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1 ROYAL NAVY IN COMMISSION. I 0TBAM SHIPS, Aboukir, Jamaica Adder, Sheerness Adventure, troop. se: Advice, Queenstowi Ajax, Kingstown Alacrity, ord. home Alecto, Brazils Alert, Channel Algerine, China Antelope, W. Africa Archer, W. Africa Ardent, ord home Argus, China Ariadne, N. America and West Indies Ariel, Mozambique Bacchante, Pacific Bann, Devonport Barracouta, N. Amer and West Indies Barossa, China Blk. Eagle, Whvioh Blk. Prince, Channe Blenheim, Milford Bloodhound, Bouncer, China Brisk, pas. home Buzzard, N. Americt and West Indies Cameleon, Pacific Caradoc, Medite'r. Centaur, ord. home Charybdis" Pacific Challenger, North Amer. & W. Indies Chanticleer, Medit. Clio, ord. home Clown, China Cockchafer, China Cockatrice, Danube Colossus, Portland Columbine, Channel Coqpette, China Cormorant, China Coromandel, China Cornwallis, Hull Cossack, Meditter. Curacoa, Australia Curlew, Brazils Cygnet, N. America and W. Indies Dart, coast of Africa Dasher, Portsmouth Dauntless, Sthmpton Dee, store service Defence, Channel Desperate, N. Amer. and West Indies Devastation, Pacific Dqterel, Brazils Dromedary, par. ser. Duke of Wellington, Portsmouth Eclipse, Australia Edgar, Channel Edinburgh, Queen'* Ferry, N.B. Elfin, Portsmouth Emerald, Channel Enchantress, Ptmth. Encounter, ord. hme Esx, Australia V. Espoir, W. Africa Euryalue, China Fairy, Portsmouth firefly, Mediter. Fire Queen, Ptsmth. Plainer, China Forte, Brazils Forward, Pacific Fox, par. service Acorn, Shanghai Active, Hartlepool Asia, Portsmouth Boscawen, Sthmpta« Brilliant, Dundee Britannia, Portland Cariibridge,Devoript. Caitopus, Devonport Castor, North Shields Cumberland, Sheer- Doadalus, Bristol Eagle; Liverpool Egmont, Rio: Excellent, Portsmth. Fanny, Portsmouth Ferret, Qucenstown 1 Foxhound, Mediter. Galatea, N. America rand West Indies 1 Geyser, Channel Gorgon, ord. home Grappler, Pacific Grasshopper, China greyhound, N. Amer and West Indies Griffon, W. Africa Handy, W. Africa Hardy, China Harpy, Greenock Harrier, Australia Hastings, Queen's T Havock, China Hawke, Queenstowi Hecate, ord. home Hesper, China Himalaya, Dvnport. Hogue, Greenock Hornet, East Indies I Hydra, Woolwich Icarus, Mediter. 1 Immortalite, N. Am. and West Indies Industry, store eer. L Illsolent, China Investigator, W. Af. Jackal, Greenock Jarius, China Jaseur, W. Africa Jason, N. America and Wes Indies Kestrel, China Landrail, N. America and West Indies Leander, Pacific Lee, W. C. of Africa Leopard, China Liffey, Meditevran. Lightning, Pcm broke Lily, North America and West Indies Liverpool, Channel Lizard, Sheerness Magicienne, Medit. Malacca, Mediter. Manilla, China Majestic, Liverpool Marlborough, Medit. Meanee, Mediter. Medea, N. America and West Indies Medina, Mediter. Medusa, Sheerness Megsera, par. ser. Miranda, Australia Mullet, W. Africa Mutirie, ord. home Narcissus, C. G. H. Nile, North America and West Indies Nimble, N. America and West Indies Odin, ordered home Orestes, C. G. Hope Orlando, Mediter. Orontes, Portsmth. Osborne, Portsmoth. Osprey, China Pandora, W. Africa Pantaloon, Bombay Pearl, ord. home Pelican, Mediter. Pembroke, Harwich Penguin, Cape G. H. Perseus, China Peterel, N. America Phaeton, N. Anier. and West Indies SHIPS. Fisgard, Woolwich Formidable, Shrness Gipsy, Queenstown Hibernia, Malta 1 Implacable, Devon- port Impregnable, Devon- port Indus, Devonport Isis, Sierra Leone Madagascar, Rio Meander, Ascension Naiad, Callao Nereus, Valparaiso Princess Charlotte, Hong Kong II I Philomel, W. Africa 1 Phoebe, Mediter. Pigmy, Portsmouth Pioneer, ord. home (Plover, N. America Pigmy, Portsmouth Pioneer, ord. home Plover, N. America and West Indies Porcupine, Channel Princess Alice, Dvpt. Procris, Gibraltar Psyche, Mediter. Pylades, N. America and West Indies Queen, Mediter. Racehorse, China Racoon, par. ser. Ranger, ord. home Rapid, Mozambique Rattler, China Rattlesnake, W.. Af. Renard, Sheerness Resistance, Channel Revenge, Mediter. Rifleman, China Rinaldo, N. America and West Indies Ringdove, ord. home Rosario, N. America and West Indies Royal Oak, Channel Russell, Falmouth Satellite, Brazils Seout, ord. home Severn, East Indies Shamrock, Hebrides Shannon, N. Amer. and West Indies Shearwater, Pacific Sheldrake, Brazils Maney, China Snap, China Sparrow, W. Africa Sphinx, ord. home Spider, S. America Sprightly, Portsmth. Staunch, China Steady, North Amer. and West Indies St George, Mediter. Stromboli, Brazils Styx, North America and West Indies Supply, par. ser. Surprise, Mediter. Sutlej, Pacific Swallow, China TaTtar, Pacific Terror, Bermuda Topaze, ord. home Torch, coast of Africa Trafalgar, Mediter. Tribune, Pacific Trident, Gibraltar Trinsulo, Channel Tritori, Brazils Valorous, C.G.Hope Vesuvius, N. Amer. and West Indies Victoria and Albert, Portsmouth Vigilant, E. Indies Virago, par. service Vivid, Woolwich j Vulcan, ord. home Wanderer, Mediter. Warrior, Portsmth. Weazel, China Weser. Galatz Wildfire, Sheerness W rangier, ord. home Wye, Sheerness Zebra, IV. Africa President, Thames Royal Adelaide, De- vonport Saracen, H. Kong Saturn, Pembroke Sealark, Portsmouth Seringapatam, Cape Southampton, Sness. Squirrel, Devonport St Vincent, Prtmth. Trincomalee,Sunder- land Victory. Portsmouth Vindictive, Fernando W ellesley, Chatham Winchester, Abrdn.