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PEMBP-OKE-DOCK. kÐ On Thursday week the son of MrAllen Long,of Pembroke Street, fell from a wall near his father's house and bro his arm. BAZAAR IN AID OF THE NEW MECHANICS' L'VSTL' TUTE.—On Monday and Tuesday last, the above came off under the most favourable circumstances-^ spot selected for holding it vas in every way suitabl" being a field opposite the hut encampment. darll Monday a party of those members of the Institute vrbo manifested their interest in the matter by deeds not *°r. were actively engaged in adorning the marquee, measured about 100 feet by 30. As soon as the spacer- apportioned out for the stalls and the heavier part of V* decorations completed, the gentler sex commenced IhOll manipulations arranging with all the dexterity 0 practised shop women those miscellaneous articles, & ful and ornamental, which their fairy fingers ha«e the last few months been exercised upon. fore 2 p.m. the Bazaar was opened from which tio>e its close about 9.30 p.m., great numbers of the the neighbourhood, and parties of dock yard meobaoi and their families might be seen wending their and fro. On entering the marquee we observed a coj" modious platform erected (tastefully decorated evergreens, flowers, &c.,) which was occupied by band. It is almost superfluous for u& to say that W music was good, when we state that the Ribbon fa»llV assisted by Mr Hancock, leader of the dock-yard ban » and a few others, were the performers. As soon #8 V could get out of the clutches of a number of those gable ladies and gentlemen, who 'just wanted one tao name to make up the raffle,' we turned our attenUO to the stalls the first on the left of the entrapce .wasicb the style of an open counter on which a r{ assortment of fancy articles was laid out, anyone of wDi you were informed by Miss Strickland, or Miss you had a chance of winning by trying your luck if wheel of fortune.' Next came Mrs Vennings' stalhy „ which we observed a beautiful assortment of mats, stO°'g caps, &c., we had scarcely got past this t-tall whe» were assailed with the launch of the ship, stereoscoP^ views, and the wonders of the microscope, all to be & at the low charge of two pence. On satisfying this modera demand the curtain was lil ted we& passed in just is to hear Mr Richardson, draughtsman of H. M. dock-Y II explain the process of launching a ship, illustrated by very nice model of a ship with 4 launching gear' plete., The stereoscopic views were well chosen, anJ'hi' microscope remarkably powerful Next to this eX iM tion stood Mr Taylor's stall, on which we observed 8 .8 of very pretty little articles, just calculated to meet wants of the rising race. Passing by (hot without admiring a monster cactus in full bloonO* came opposite the stall presided over by Miss and Mrs Burdwood. The light, tasteful manner in this stall, and likewise the next, Mrs Fiucham'Si arranged, was beautiful. After spending a few at the Refreshment Stall, managed by tbe Misses B we proceeded to finish off the affair, as far as we f { concerned, by having a look at «Uncle Sam,' and Sally.' The former clad in a chintz dressing-goWB» presenting a very undignified appearance, bis haing widely distended, into which some larger growth' were vainly endeavouring to throw balls, whilst another party was engaged in equally endeavours to shift the position of Aunt Sally's Wy Here, Jtoo, the scene wa9 enlivened by the martial s'r ju produced by the drum and fife band of tbe dep" '«m conclusion we are happy to say that the whole passed off admirably, the profits amounting to ihabout



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