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SIXTEENTH THOUSAND. Just Published, Crown 8vo., Cloth, Price 3s 6d.t HEAYEN OUR HOME. We have no Saviour but Jesus, and no home but Heaven. This volume, to which the author has not thought proper to attach his name, must be welcomed with especial gratification by those who look forward to that heavenly home which he so wondrously and delightfully portrays. It proves in a manner as beautiful as it is convincing, the doctrine of THE RECOGNITION OF FRIENDS IN HEAVEN It demonstrates THE INTEREST WHICH THOSK IN HEAVEN FEEL IN EARTH, and proves, with remarkable clearness, that such an interest exists, not only with the Almighty and among the angels, but also among the spirits of departed friends., —Glasgow Herald. 4 We are not in the least surprised at so many thou- sands of copies of this anonymous writer's books being bought up. We seem to be listening to a voice and lan- guage which we never heard before. Matter comes at command words flow with unstudied ease; the pages are fujl of life, light, and force; and the result is astir- ring volume, which, while the Christian critic pronounces it free from affectation, even the man of taste, averse to. evangelical religion, would admit to be exempt from "cant,| London Patriot, 'This work gives POSITIVE AND SOCIAL VIEWS OF HEAVEN, as a counteraction to the negative and unsocial aspects in which the subject is so commonly presented/ —Rug lis h Churchman. 'The name of the author of this work is strangely enough withheld. A social heaven, in which there will be the most PERFECT RECODNIJIOJ*, INTBB- COUUSE, FELLOWSHIP, and BLISS, is the leading idea of the book, and it is discussed in a fine genial spirit/—. Caledonian Mercury. 'Amid the works proceeding from an overteeming press, our attention has been arrested by the perusal of the above named production, which, it seems, is wending ita way daily among parsons of ail denominations. Certainly./Heaven our Home/ whoever may be tho author, is no common production.'—Airdrie Akdvertistr, "In boldness of conception, startiing roinuteaess of delineation, and oi»gi;Uty of illustration,work, by an anonymous autho v exceeds anything of the kind we have,over read.'—John o' Groat's Journal. Alfo, by the saint Author, Just Published, Prise 2U 6d each, 15th 1000, LIFE IN HRA YEN. 23rd 1000, MEET FOR REA VBN. *»* The above Popular Books have already attained (in this country alone) the large sale of 98,000 eopies. Edinburgh: William P. Nimmo. London: Simpkitu Marshall, & Co.; and aouUtou & Wright, Sold by Bookttltera.

,,.N ARB E R T H.