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THE LONDON MARKETS METROPOLITAN CATTLE MARKET LONDON, MONDAY, November 17.—There was a full average number of foreign beasts and calves here to-day, but the show of foreign sheep was only moderate. Nearly the whole found buyers at full quotations, to a slight advance. Compared with last week the general quality of the beasts exhibited this morn- ing was tolerably good. The condition of the breeds, however, was by no means first-rate. On the whole the beef trade tMe- somewhat active, at an advance in the quotations of 2d per 81b. Prime Scots, crosses, &c, realised 5s per 81b. There were a few beasts on offer from Norfolk. From Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, and Northamptonshire, we received 2,760 shorthorns, &c from other parts of England, 550 of various breeds from Scotland, 24 Scots and crosses; and from Ireland, 800 oxen and heifers. With English sheep, we were scantily supplied, and their general quality was very middling. Downs and half-breds,. Leicesters and Kents, changed hands freely, at fully last Monday's currency -the top quotation being 5s 8d per 81b; but all other breeds moved off slowly on former terms. We were well supplied with calves. Choice veal in trade request, at from 4s 8d to 5s per 8 lb; but inferior calves were dull, at about stationary prioes. Pigs— the supply of which was tolerably extensive—were very firm in prut, ana the demand for them ruled steady. Choice porkers rwliwd 5s per 81b. Hit. to link th* offal* ocom and imferior a. d. a. d. Primecoarstwoolled a. d. a. d J j 5 shaep 4 10 I 4 SwaM quality dittt S t 4 o Prime South Bowa PriIM lar!e oxU 2 4 8 Sheep. S fl » S Priaw Scot*, &«. v.. 4 10 5 0 Large coars* calves S 10 4 8 CoatM *»* inferior Prime small ditto i t b fi4 •h**p 5 14 0 Large hoqrs 4 H»Hl' • leooud qmOtty ditto 4 4 8 Neat small parkers 4 I i • tuekinf Calve* 10s to *&dQ<T*rterold3tor* figr Sis to Ms. eaca.. CORN EXCHANGK, MONDAY, November 17. —1Th jre a short supply of wheat from Essex and Kent; that of barley, beans, and peas, was Illotlerate; with good fresh arrivals of oats Iron: Ireland. The imports of foreign wheat and oats have been large; with fair quantities of other articles of the trade. past week opened very wet; afterwards four severe white frosts were experienced, but a change occurred on Saturday, when in the day slight rain fell. Wind north. Yesterday and tlu» morning the weather has been fine and open. English wheaE came forward in rather better condition; the sale for dry pies was, however, slow, at Is decline. Damp parcels were lea over, not being wanted, although offered at a,greater reduction in price. There was a limited retail demand for foreign wheat, good useful qualities were about Is per quarter lower, whilst So many cargoes having arrived in very had condition, these were offered freely at low prices. Town-made flour was unaltered country marks sold slowly at varied and irregulur prices, brands of American were quite as dear. Select malting barley met a good sale at former quotations. Secondary sorts were dull, but not pressed, at any material change in value. There was a steady demand for malt, at former quotations for all Beans were unaltered in price. Boiling peas met more inquW> and rather dearer. The superabundance of foreign oats brouglj forward the large dealers, but with all the supply fresh choice qualities were scarce, and't!iese only about d per quarter cheaper, whilst inferior and heated cargoes were fully tspej. quarter, and many of these must go to granary for want o buyer.?. Linseed was firm in price and fully as dear. Rapesee? commanded as much money with a moderate sale. Canaryse^J brought full prices. Not much clorcrseed offering, and quite &= high rates demanded. BRITISH. Shillings per Qr. Shillings {> f j Wheat-—Essex and Kent, Oats—English feed 21 white, 45 58 Poland 24 '[ Ditto, red 41 iiS Scotchfeed 25 Norfolk, Lincoln, and Ditto potato 27 Yorkshire, red 4 i 52 Irish feed, white 21 jo Bftrlet)—Mai ting 35 42 Ditto, black lj| Distilling 31 -it Beans-Green. 60 Chevalier iniks 3 Grinding 28 29 £ ar«>w s' I I<RT*ON .» ro ,.o Peas—Wliite boilers'! 41 Ji Suffolk, pale 62 &G M.lnip 42 h Chevalier GreP 35 Kingstone.Ware.&town FW_fown;' household 50 Jl I)made ?8 79 Household 40*1 B'wn •><> Country 29 *1 Rye 33 3S NorfoLK and Suffolk J IMPERIAL AVERAGES. FOR TUB LAST SIX WEEKS. Wheat 49s 3-1 Rye 33< 1'? Barley od Beans. 30' .1 Oats 2i.i 5 1 I Peas 41^.