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public announcements. The St. David's Church Choir CONVERSAZIONE AND DANCE, THURSDAY, APRIL 9TH, DRILL HALL. T. RHYS LEWIS' BAND. U.cJi MR. H. FENNELL, MR. HOWY POWELL, MR B. HAVARD, MR. J. FRAYNE, MR. W. THOMAS. DANCING TO COMMENCE AT 8. Tickets, 2s. 6d. 3s. at Door. W. LLOYD MATTHEWS, Sec. Mining Machinery (For Students), By HENRY DAVIKS. The only Book of its kind in the market. Contain- ng Exercises and Examination Questions fully answered and worked out, on Engines—Winding, Hauliner, Pumping, Ventilating—Ropes, &c., as well as other important matter. Handsomely and Ex- tensively Illustrated. Supplying a great want in Mining Literature. No Student need fear an Examin- ation in this Subject after mastering its contents. PRICE 5s., Post Free. FIFTEEN YEARS' EXAMINATION QUESTIONS. Arranged and classified with full particulars as to the INSPECTORATE.-Mining Questions set at Cardiff (10 sets), Bristol, Manchester, West Lancashire, &c., Science and Art Papers. PRICE Is. Both the above to be had only from the Author, HENRY DAVIES, Couuty Mining Lecturer, Treharris, South Wales. [3690 PALM SUNDAY. WREATHS, CROSSES, &c. ALL OKl»KR« WVTI?I;STKH FLORIST J. GRAY, SEEDSMAN, 6, GLEBELAND, MERTHYR, Will be made up of the Choicest White Flowers and Maidenhair Fern. Prices 5s., 7s. 6d., 10s. 6d., 12s. 6d., 15s., 20s., 25s., 30s., and upwards. I have also taken the shop lately occupied by Mr. E. White, 7, Pontmorlais, Merthyr, which will be qpened on Saturday, 14th inst. Royal (Dick) Veterinary College, EDINBURGH SEVENTY-THIRD SESSION. Trustees: The LORD PROVOST, MAGISTRATES, and COUNCIL of the CITY of EDINBURGH. An EXAMINATION in GENERAL KNOW- LEDGE will be held on APRIL 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, and in JULY and OCTOBER. Next Term begins on TUESDAY, MAY 5TH, 1896. Further particulars will be given on application to Principal DEWAR, or Prof. METTAM, the Secretary. DR. MACKAY'S "MARVELLOUS" 5/6 FEMALE REMEDY. 5/6 LADIES will SAVE much EXPENSE, DELAY, and BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT by sending at first for this WONDER- FULLY SUCCESSFUL MEDICINE. POST FREE, 5s. 6d. POSITIVELY the ONLY TRUSTWORTHY and RELIABLE PREPARATION inTHE WORLDfor ALL IRREGULARITIES, NEVER FAILING in bringing about all that is desired SPEEDILY and SAFELY. Does not cause PROSTRATION and PAIN like most of the SO-CALLED REMEDIES, but by its invigorating and effective action promotes a healthy condi- tion of the system hitherto unattainable BY ANY OTHER PREPARATION. Thousands of flattering and Unsolicited Testimonials have been received EXTOLLING the VIRTUES of this REMARKABLE MEDICINE. Space, however, will not admit of them all being published. The following extracts are, therefore, specimens of sonic of the NUMEROUS GRATEFU L LETTERS that arrive daily Your remedy is worth its weight in gotd.-Mt-s. W." "The first two doses put n'e right.—Mrs. N." Your medicine relieved me almost instantly.—M.II." "Everything I tried had failed. Your remedy acted like magic.-L.W." Yours, indeed, is a mar- vellous remedy,-H,B." Not only alii I all right, but much improved in health.-A.S." I sincerely wjsh I had written to you before.-Mrs. K." Every female ought to know of your medicine.- Mrs. W." "Shall always send to you in future.—Miss R." "Many, many thanks for your truly effec- tive medicine.—Mrs. Y." All other remedies were useless. Three doses of yours benefitted me.—Mrs. S." LADIES, DON'T DELAY, SEND AT ONCE and test the Value of this Famous Medicine. 104, HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON. DR. MACKAY'S MARVELLOUS 5/6 FEMALE REMEDY. 5/6 [3479 ^if l REGISTERED^fSQflgp TRADE MARK a "DIWYDRYDD Y -CYMRY!' PARRY ^ND P,OCJKE, WELSH WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS SWANSEA. Manufacturers of guaranteed Welsh Hosiery, Flannels, Knitting Yarns. All tur rfoodn are labelled with our Registered Trade Mark for the protection of tusers. Should there he any difficulty in your obtaining our manufactures, please drop us a post card avid:-A-e will at once send you a, dress of nearest draper or dealer. SUPPORT YOUR HOME INDUSTRIES. Wholesale only. To be had of Retailers in every town in Wales. 3482 STOWERS LIME JUICE. NO MUSTY FLAVOUR. public announcements. MARKET SQUARE CHURCH. NEXT SUNDAY, MARCH 22ND. PREACHER—REV. J. G. JAMES. Morning Subject.—" Many Stripe* and Few Strii>ep." Evening Subject. —" Man, and his place in the World." Evening Subject. —" Man, and his place in the World." ¡ Merthyr Tydfil Urban District Council. UPPER NEUADD WATERWORKS. TO GROCjERS. INNKEEPERS, AND OTHERS. TENDERS are invited for the Right of Supplying GROCERIES and all other Prov isions, and also intoxicants at the above works. intoxicants at the above works. The perton whose tender is accepted will be re- quired to erect, at his own expense, the necessary building to be used as a store on a site selected by the Council, which will be shown on application to the Engineer of the Council. Tenders must lie accompanied by a scale of charges, and a full description of the building proposed to be erected.. Tenders, endorsed "Provision Stores at Upper Neuadd," to be sent to the undersigned on or before Tuesday, the 31st of March, 1896. GWILYM C. J AMES, 58, Thomas-street, Clerk to the Council. Merthyr Tydfil. Caerphilly Urban District Council. SUPPLY OF LIMESTONE BROKEN TO 2i INCH GAUGE. ALSO SCAVENGING. THE Council are prepared to receive TENDERS for the above from 31st March, 1896, to 31st March, 1897. Specifications can be seen and forms of tender obtained at the Council Offices, Caerphilly, on and after Monday, the 16 instant. Sealed Tenders, marked Tender for Stone" and Scavenging'' respectively to be delivered at the Council Offices, Caerphilly, on or before Monday, the 23rd instant. No Tender will be received unless made upon the prescribed form, and the lowest or any Tender will Uj 1 P»y Order, DAVID LEWIS (Clerk). 10th March, 1896. -N EW OPERA H OUSE, MERTHYR. Sole Lessee and Manager.MK. WILL SMITHSON. MONDAY, MARCH 23no, 1896, FOR SIX NIGHTS ONLY. MR. SILVAN US DAUNCEY AND MR. CLAYTON PHIPPS' COMPANY, Including Mr. G. H. Harker and Miss Helen Conwa.y In the Powerful Modern Drama, in Four Acts, Entitled :— THE RECKONING From the Globe Theatre, London. The Finale to the First Act of The Reckoning is one of the strongest in the literature of Drama." NEXT WEEK, "TRILBY." Time and Prices as usual. HEATRE OYAL, 'IARDIFF. rjlHEATRE DOYAL, CARDIFF. LESSEE & MANAGER, MR. EDWARD FLETCHER. THIS WEEK, MR. GEORGE EDWARDES' LONDON CO., Under the Management of Mr. E. R. Norman, AN ARTIST'S MODEL. MATINEE on SATURDAY, at TWO O'CLOCK. Prices, 6d. to B2 2s. Early doors, 6.30. Doors open a.t 7; commence at 7.30. Booking Offices, Messrs. Thompson and Shackell's. Telephone, No. 521. MONDAY NEXT, MARCH 23rd, Return Visit of Mr. W. S. Penlev's Company in CHARLEY'S AUNT." GRAND THEATRE, CARDIFF. THE PREMIER THEATRE OF WALES. LESSEE k MANAGER.MR. CLARENCE SOUNES. THIS WEEK Enthusiastic Reception of MISS CYNTHIA BROOKE and her London Company in the new play, JOHN CHETWYND S WIFE By F. C. PHILLIPS. Doors open 7, commence 7.30. Box Office Open at the Theatre Daily from Ten to Four. Telephone, 725. Revised Prices of Admission Dress Circle, 2s. 6d.; Upper Circle, 2s. Stalls, Is. 6d. Front Pit, Is. Pit, 9d. Gallery 6d. Early doori extra. Second price at Nine o'clock to all parts. MONDAY NEXT, March 23, the success of the age, TRILBY! TRILBY! TRILBY By PACL M. POTTER. FIRST TIME IN CARDIFF. ON TUESDAY AND THURSDAY, MARCH 24 and 26. ¡ 1896, Commencing at Two o'clock precisely each day, IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. MESSRS. J. G. MADDOX & SON WIU, SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at their AUCTION ROOMS, 25, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, on the above dates, an immense assemblage of very superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE (Removed from various residences for absolute sale) including 6 Hardwood Bedroom Suites complete, 6ft and 4ft. Wardrobes, Pairs of Handsome Toilets, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, several excellent Carpets, Fenders, Brasses, 5 excellent Dining and Drawing-room Suites, Rosewood and Walnut Cabinets, 6ft. and 5ft. Side boards, Bookcases, Dining and Occasional Tables, Walnut, and Gilt Overmantels etc., etc., in all about 400 lot3. On view morning of each day of sale. Arrangements made to paok and forward all goods purchased by country buyers. Established 1860. The Goods can be purchased any day privatelv if desired. fZ840 Situations Wanteb, &c. IF VOU WANT A SERVANT, a SITUATION, a HOUSE, APARTMENTS, or to BUY, SELL, or EXCHANGE ANYTHING. ADVERTISE In the PREPAID COLUMN of the Merthyr Tim-es, at the followiny SPECIALLY CHEAP RATES: 20 WR«DS 6d. 20 WORLS FOR THREE TIMES, Is. THREE SIX WORns. ONE TIMES. TIMES. s. d. s. d. s. d. 20 Words 00' 0 6 1 0 2 0 32 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 40 Words 1 3 2 6 3 6 48 Words 1 6 3 0 4 6 The above is the Prepaid Scale for Wanted, To lie Let, and To be Sold Advertisements only; for other Charges apply to the Manager, Times Office Merthyr Tydnl. ANTED AN INTELLIGENT LAD as TV Office Boy. Good writer.—Apply TimeJ Office. WANTED Young Gentleman to Share Sitting- room and Bedroom. Terms moderate.—5, Court-terrace. EN ER A I7 SER\rA NT~W ANTED, age 18 or 19 years.—Apply to Mrs. Williams, Boar's Head Hotel, Caerphilly. 126M GROCERY AND PROVISION TRADE. — Wanted, a Strong Lad as apprentice. Must know Welsh.—App!y WILLIAM HARRIS, 144, High- street, Merthyr. A PARTMENTS.—Front Sitting-room and Bed. A room suit one or two gentlemen. Excellent cooking references required.—30, Upper Thomas- street, Merthyr. FOR SALE. — BROWN LEGHORN EGGS (Listerkay and Pattens Strains); price, 3s. 6d. fer sitting.—Apply to Mr. GEO. GRATTAN, 13, David 'nce-stroet, Aberdare. [3609 INSURANCE.—London, Edinburgh, andGlaaurow AGENT'S INSURANCE BOOK FOR SALE; splendid investment; Dowlais district.-Apply, a* t M-U., OHicrs, Merthyr. I BOX MISSING.-Will the man who carried the- box from the Cobden Coffee Tavern, Merthyr, on Thtir-day last, about noon, kindly communicate with the Proprietor of the above Coffee Tavern. 1^°UND. on January 13th, Small Black Fancy Bitch, two white front paws, also white patch on breast. If not claimed in three days, will be sold. —Enqmre New Inn, Merthyr. [3691 1710R the convenience of West of England adver- tisers, a copy of the Mrrthyr Tinu:* is regularly filed and may be seen at Messrs. J ONES BttOS Adver- tising Agents, 39, Queen'a-road, Clifton, Bristol. RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN open to Collect Rents in Merthyr and surrounding district". Terms moderate. Guarantee given. E Titles Office, Merthyr. [3399 FISH Direct from Sea to Table. 7TbsT2s • ldibs~ 2s. 6d.; 131 bs., 3s. lSHw., 3s. 6d. Cleaned for cooking. Carriage paid. Basses of Prime from 3s. Schools, &c., contracted for. Lists free.— The ANGLO FRESH FISH COMPANY, Pontoon, Grimsby. TNDIG^TIONR- THE MEDICAL REFORM 1 n°?«nT^vVn nTTt>^RP a11 applicants an excellent BOTAMC CURE for Indigestion, Bilious- ness, Liver Complaints, Piles, Rheumatism, Gout and Bronchitis. Address — The Secretary, BOTANIC INSTITUTE, NOTTINGHAM. r3204 Til REST! FISH FRESH FISH !—S. Noble, MJ Fish Merchant, Grimsby, supplies fish of all kinds. Good quality. Low Prices. Regular supply guaranteed. A trial order respectfully solicited. Send at once for quotations and particulars. Fish fryers catored for. ^35 't)LAIBERG'S Arcade, Bute street, Cardiff. BLAIBKRG S Arcade.—Tapestry QuiltTfuIl splendid pattern, 6s. 6d. BLAllERG S Arca Je. Forfeited Concertina, 21s Maker, Laclnnel, London. BERG'S Arcade!^22ctT~ Wedding Rings, 19s., 3j;dwt weight and quality guaranteed: GENERAL Remarks of our Customers.—I buy almost everything from you. Let me have some Winter Goods, eheap.-Bla.iberA"S Arcade. GENERAL Remarks of onr Customers.—I have been buying here for the last 40 year« — Blailierg's Arcade. GENERAL Remarks of our Customers.—You have one, only 5*. 10id. (Railway Overcoats): you can work any weather.—Blaiberg's Arcade. C^ENERAL Remarks ~ot our Customers.—Red 1 kand Shirt, 2s. 6d., please. I am still wearing one bought here twelve months ago. I have come afl the way from Dowlais for one.—Blaiberg's Arcade. GENERAL Remarks of onr Customers.— Speak- mg about our 4s. Ansonia Alarm ClocksV Ik has saved me many a "turn.BIl\iberg- Arcade. GENIAL Remarks of our Customers.—My Silver Watch cost me 4Ss,, when we offered our best Gold Watch at 42s.—Blaiberg's Arcade. GENERAL Remarks of our Customers.-A friend of mine told me that yours was the best and cheapest place to buy a Gold Albert. -Blaiberg's Arcade. 0 GENERAL Remarks of our Customers.—South Wales Welsh Shirits, 4s. lid. "They cannot ue at the price. But they are. We guarantee it.— Blaiberg s Arcade. i-ILUB AGENls WANTED, to form Clubs for VV Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Silver Plate, Opeiii Glasses, Musical Instruments, &c. Members paylr* per week. Terms, catalogues, kc., KENDAL and DENT, 106, Cheapside, London. Splendid valu* Great success. Mention paper. Ladies' and Gent* Silver Levers, ""M., worth 70s. [3106 MON13Y. If you want it promptly, privately, and at a low rate of interest on vour simple promissory notes with or without sureties, apply a y' enc'0Sulo stamped envelope, to Mr. W. P. Thomas, 20, Market-street, AbertiUery, or to Rimer and Co., the Don, A herdare Junction. Special features:—No inquiry fees; reasonable interest which is quoted beforehand universal promptitude It day s notice beinggennrally sufficient; no oppression of hones* and solvent clients. The Carlton Bank td., for whom Mr. Thomas is Branch Manager, has' been established 10 years, and has a capital of £ 30 000 consequently r:o genuine and respectable application a ever refused. T2876 THE Inhabitants will be glad to bear that Pro fessor Desmane, the Specialist on all com plaints, has decided to stay in the district altogether and will give advice free of charge. Head address Merthyr: The Dispensary, Westbourne-place, Plv- mouth-road. Tuesdays and Sundays all Day, and until Noon other Days. Dowlais: Merthyr and Dowlais Coffee Tavern, Mondays, 3 until 9 p.m. Pontypridd: City Ooffee Tavern, High-street, near Station Gates. Wed- nesdays, 3 nntil 8.30 p. m. AI)er(lare Davies' Eat- ing House, 2, Market-street, Thursdays, 3 until 9 D.m. Ireharm: 33, Perrot-street, near Railway Station. Fridays 2 until 8 p.m. Times and placw as usual. Teeth Extracted, 3d. each. [157-9 Merthyr Working Men's Building Society. The 51sr APPROPRIATION BY BALLOT will ba held at the Offices of the above Society (No 1 Market-square, Merthyr), 011 TUESDAY NIGHT* APIUL 14TH, 1896. The c'lair will be taken at 8 retook sharp by Mv. J. i. Doctou, High-street, Merthyr.