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TIIKOAT IRRITATIOS AND Coco it. -Soreness and dryness tickling and irritation, inducing cough and affectinjr the voice. For these symptoms use Epps's Glycerine Jujubes, In contact with the glands at. the moment they are excited by the act of sucking, the Glycerine in these agreeable con- fections becomes actively healing. Sold oniy in ooxes,7!d. tins, Is. lid., labeIled ".JAMES Errs & Co., Ltd., Homoeopathic Chemists, London." Dr. Moore, in his work on "Nose and Throat Diseases," says "The Glycerine Jujubes prepared by James Epps and Co., are of undoubted service as a curative or palliative apent," while Dr. Gordon Ilolmet, Senior Physician to the Municipal Throat and Ear Infirmary, writes: After an extended trial, I have found yourGlycerine Jujultesof consider- •*>!• benefit, in almost all forms of throat disease Advt I buy FROM THE GROWER.! i S" I I TEA MKHCHAST Wg&!Btm8 £ TO PER MAJBSTY I I BY SPEOIAI. APPOINTMENT gggflggg THE QUEEN. | I LIPTON'S DELICIOUS TEAS I I HAVE THE LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. ■ ■ APPRECIATED EVERYWHERE FOR THEIR DELICATE FLAVOUR AND EXQUISITE AROMA. H „ NO HIGHER PRICE, NO HIGHER PRICE* I I PEK (jLB u 1 This is the Finest Tea Jf J the World Produces- I ( rEK (l/4t) 1B' Rich, Pure & Fragrant. pkh jm J '«• I 1 LIPTON^—y TEA PLANTER, CEYLON. I | Local Branches 4, MARKET SQUARE BUILDINGS, MERTHYR, and 19, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. ■ ■ 1UUXVHES EVKRYWIIKIW. CHIEF OFFICES CITY ROAD, LONDON. AO«SCI«S THROUGHOUT THB V..RIB. H i ,in INT THESE WILL 81811" CURE YOU. Only thosa who !Iii. e tried the effects HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS Can believe what vroiidei-ful CUM-, tbtv accomplish. All who are sick and ill, !.< y feeling, tired In mind and body, with a liaci and a nevec absent disagreeable taste in »!»♦• nio-it-h, ought to know that the Roim-dy < HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS I Will remove all these bad symptoms, and then aid ia building up a strong and robust constitution. 11:< EVEUV C.\bt: I KXOW OF ¡ IIUGILES'S Bl.OOD PILLS' HAVE DONE MURE GOOD THAN ANY. ELSE. FOR BOTH SEXES HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS Purify the Blood, Clear the Skin, Strengthen the Nenæ, Remove Dyspepsia and Indigestion, Roviv# the Liver, Cure Headache, SkinRaeh, Rheumatism, Constipation. lir THEY CURE WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE FAILS. Call at my Chemist or dealer in Patent Medicine, and get a Box with the shape of a heart on. They are sold at I! l^d., 2s. 9d,, 4s. 6d.; or Bend direct, euclqeing 1* 3d., ?.8. lid., or 4s. 9d., to Maker— JACOB HUGHES, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, PEKARTH ASK FOR HUGHESS BLOOD PILLS, WITH THE SHAPE OF a HK\RT THt:S NONE ARF GENUINE WITHOUT IT. GOMER'S BALM THE SURPRISING HEALER Of Wounds, Sores, Ulcers on Feet, Neck, Head, Erysipelas, Cuts, Bums, Sore Breasts and Nipples, Skin Eruptions, Bed Sores, Boils, Gatherings, Eczema. POSITIVE CURE for Skin Disease, Breakings out in Children's Heads, Neck, Face, Ears, &c., Tender Feet, Galling or Chaffing, Piles, Sunburns, Chapped Hands, Cliiiolains, Sore Eyes and Eyelids, Scurvy, Bruises. Ringworm, Inflamed Bunions and Coras Gout, Rheumatism, Stiff Joints, &c., Jfcc, THIS BALM is most singular and prompt in its action. Every external disease that the human body is subject to at once gives way to its greal curative virtues. IT IS NOTED in relieving all pain and sMsneM when applied to Wounds, Sores, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Gout, I lies, Sore Eyes, or any inflammatory parts of the body, cooling and allaying all Irritation, softening and reducing hard Swellings, relieving Rheumatic Pain, and making pliable Stiff Joints. IT IS HARMLESS AXD EASY OF APPLICATION. TRY IT. CURE IS CERTAIN. Ask for a Box from your Chemist or Dealer in Patent Medicine. Sold at 18. 1&{]., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d. by post free, Is. 3d., 2s. lid., 4s. 9d., from 1 MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, PENARTH. TRADES pILLS. EAT)F/S PILL8 All who suffer from Gout JL'J _IT or Rheumatism should EADE'S TJILLS immediately have recourse JL to EADE'S PILLS. Hun- EADE'S "PILLS dredsofTestimoniatshava li JL been received from all EADE'S TRILLS sorts and conditions of JCJ JL men testifying to the EADE'S 13ILLS wonderful power these JLJ JL Pills have in giving relief in the very worst cases. These Pills are purely vege- table and perfectly safe in their action. INSTANT RELIEF AND RAPIDLY CURE THE WORST FORM OF GOUT, RHEUMATISM RHEUMATIC GOUT. PAINS IN THE HEAD, FACE, AND LIMBS, And have the largest recommendation ever given any Patent Medicine of its class. I SHOULD NOW BE ILL IN BED. O U T 107, Jubilee-terrace, X Wol ve rhampton-road, Wallsall, Nov. 22nd, 1893. RH E U M A T I S M Dear Sir,—I write to thank you for the very Gi O U T great amount of benefit I IT have received from using your marvellous Goat aDd RHEUM A T I S M rheumatic Pills. hmglad to think lam able to wnte, Go U T M had it not been for your grand Pills I should han been unable to do so, and am quite certain RH E U M A T ISM I SHOULD NOW BE ILL IN BED. G1 O L T I am extremely th&nful, r < T can still keep at my work. I hhal) uoe every endeavour RH E U M A T T S M to make your Pills more widely known. You may Go U T use this how you think proper.—I remain, your* faithfully, E. GUKST. RH E U M A T I S M Mr. George Eade, 72, Goswell-read, London. EADE'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. Arc sold by all Chetnists in Bottles, la. lid. and 2s. 9d., or sent free for Postal Older by the Pro- prietor, GEORGE EADE. 72, Goswell-road, E.C. Ask for and be sure you obtain, EADE'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. Jg A D E S pILLS. THOMSONS GLOVE FITTIXU (DORSET PERFECTION 1 Sold by all Drapers. One Million Pairs Annually. D JO,'6 F. 8/6 }' 6/6 G 5/. I,OX' WAISTY.n _BLACKS, 1/. EXTRA. Approy..d hy the whole polit-e 'world. TWELYE FIRST MED.U.I. If your Dr».pl\t' cannot ,>upp]y you, write dired t..) enclosing P.O.O., aud the Corset will at once bo sent you. W. S. THOMSON k COMPANY, LIMITED, MANUFACTURERS. Made in Lengths, 13, 14, and 15 in-he*. A Large Stock of these Good Vulv Corsets a!war* on hand at Messrs. J. E. Da una & Co., Ten pin of Fashion, High-stre2t, Merthjr. [117-302 Om HEALTH IN Wi.mkk,—Dr. Andrew Wilson, I writing iu Lloyd*a Jtfcwtpii'tr on diet, *ay.- "lhe teaching of tuiture should nev er bo noph-ctcd, and in the matter of winter food let u- see Wf»are not wron^ and take sufficient fat, for the changes that result- in the wear and tear of our bodies ;<re les t'npd in inten- sity by the fat of food, and the need for flesh is always less when fat forms a due proportion of our j The Doctor proceeds to enumerate natural products that are ndiniiah!<\ amonp: them "Cocoavr;ih its contained Coec a Batter. Relatively to this it may hw said that Kn 's PKKI'AUF.H COCOA ivtains all the stituent- of the natural Cocoa, including ths oil butter, intact. KcrTLCK. I'tipara'ili-1 -<! Suixtess in the treattnen Rupture i'V S..1. Sherman, Hernia Specialist, h h.-uuvry Lane, London. Write for h", new book- ftil« iufovv.uiti-i 11, 7M. pest free. Mi I t football • luX Wt'l'- is cat 's-,l fixtnre to: c*n Ve ^-one K-et an<i ch?i>p;H >v (be. Ttrntft rsnUng AVoik5,Htttbyr