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DOWLAIS. Our Dowlais correspondent is Mr. W. Harris Evans, 26, Pantscallog, who will be glad to be notified of meetings, and to forward advertisements and orders for printing. E. TENNYSON-SMITH, renowned Temperance Orator (second J. B. Gough), Oddfellows' Hall, April 18th to 23rd, 1896. [3684 UNDERTAKING and all kinds of Carpentering and Joinery Work done. Hearse and Mourning Coaches to order. GKO. J. O'Neill, Frederick's Court, North Street, and Pond Street, Dowlais. SANITARY PLUMBING AND HOT WATER ESGIN- EERING.—W. AUSTIN AXD SOX have added the above to their old-established House Decorating Business. Beer Engines, Baths, etc., fitted and repaired. Good workmanship and moderate charges. The largest, cheapest, and best selection of Paperhangings in the district. New patterns for 1895. Paints, Varnishes, Union-street. and91. Caeharrit Dowlais. J. JKREMIAH, Plumber and Decorator, 36, High- street, Merthyr, and 2, North-street, Dowlais. J.J. has erected New Showroom at the rear of 36, High- street, Merthyr, where a choice selection of paper- hangings, &c., can be inspected. Side entrance, 35, High-street, Mertfiyr. All paper hangings, gas fittings, bar fittings, paints and varnishes at lowest prices in town. Visit my showroom if you want to save money. We regret that a parcel of Dowlais news con- taining several items of interest, has somehow gone astray this week. This accounts for the non-appear- ance of certain reports in this column. CAERSALEM HALF-YEARLY PREACHING SKBVICIS. TI e half-yea: ly prer c't eg s rvi. es)f Caersalem Welsh Baptist Chapel were helu on Siturcay, Sunday, and Monday last, when the following well-known preachers officiated :-Profes"or J. A. Morris, A'lerystwyth Rev. J. D. Hughes, Pontygwaith and Rev. W. Thomas, Hebron, Dowlais. SPIRITUALISM.—A well-attended meeting took place at the Assembly-room, Oddfellows' Hall, on Thurs- diy evening last, the chair being occupied by Mr. Charles Hemmings. Dr. W. Jones (Penydarren) read an excellent paper on Spirit and Matter," which was received with applause. Votes of thanks to the speakers and chairman concluded the meeting. SCHOOL WORK.—Our congratulations to Mr. R. H. Rees, headmaster of the Central Schools, and his ad- mirable staff, on the occasion of the school receivii g the excellent" grant from the Science and Art Department in the recent drawing examination. The result is all the more gratifying when we consider that nearly 600 boys were presented for examination. ST. JOHN AMBULANCE COMPETITION.—In January last various contingents from the different ambulance classes, comprising the Merthyr Centre, competed for prizes awarded by the Glamorgan County Council, the result of which has just come to hand. The first prize has been awarded to the Dowlais (Gwernllwyn) contingent, comprising the following Messrs. A. J England, John Evans, A. J. Chard, C. Price, and B. Swancott. Lecturer, Dr. It. L. Hughes, honorary life member examiner of, and examiner, to the St. John Ambulance Association. The n)<o\e result speaks for itself, and we beg to offer our heartiest con- gratulations to Dr. Hughes and his successful pupils. SOCIAL.—The threefold attractions of a soiree, concert and Cinderella, dance, organised by Mr. Lesley Powoll and friends, attracted a large number of pleasure-seekers to the Oddfellows' Ilall on the evoning of last Mabon's Day. After full justice had been done to the excellent catering by Mrs. Jones, of the Holly Bush Hotel, the audience enjoyed a well-arranged concert, in which Miss Maggie Powell, of Dowlais, and Mr. John O. Jones, of Merthyr Vale, contributed the serious portion of the programme with unqualified success. The comedy element was in the experienced hands of Mr. Patsy Lynch, Mr. John Protheroe, and Mr. Dan Kennedy, and the fun waxed fast and furious, encores being the rule. The entertainment concluded with a dance, which, in accordance with the traditional story of Cinderella, finished as the clocks were striking the hour of twelve. SOIREE AT MORIAH SCHOOLROOM.The annual soiree, held under the auspices of the Moriah Welsh Baptist Sunday School, took place on Thursday even- ing last. The schoolroom had been tastefully decor- ated with appro prist 3 ir.ot;oes, a.d pr a ntid a cosy appearance. At the tables, which were stocked with a choice assortment of delicacies, the following ladies presidedMrs. R. Jones, Regent-street, assisted by Miss Watkins (Garth Farm) and Miss S. Thomas (Garden-street); Mis. Jones (Overton stree ) assisted by Mrs. Howells (Berry-square), Miss The mas (Francis- street), Miss Evans (Francis-street), the Mis es Rachatl and Agnes Jenkins (Union-street), and Miss James (Russell-street); Mrs. M. A. Thomas (Berry-square), assisted by Miss Davies (Alma-street), Miss R. A. Owen, and Mrs. W. J. Jenkins (Berry-square). The cutters' department was allotted to Mrs. Prosser (Russell-street), Mi's. Davies (Wyndham-street), and Mr. J. Edwards (Balaclava Shop). Justice havinsr been done to the good things provided, a short pro- gramme was gone through, the pastor, Rev. B. Davies, presidingSolos by Mrs. David Howells, and Messrs J. James, D. Howells, and D. J. Davies; duet by D. J. Davies and D. Howells Miss E. A. Jones, Penydarren, contributed two elocutionary items in a splendid manner. Oranges having been distributed, the meeting terminated with the singing of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau." Great praise is due to the follow- ing Messrs. J. Saunders Davies, Richard Jones, and D. Jones, for the excellent arrangements which had been made towards making the soiree as success- ful as its predecessors. WELSH CONG REG AT ION A LI ST MUSICAL FESTIVAL.— For some time past the choirs connected with Bethania, Gwernllwyn, Bryn Sion, and Penywern, haTe been busily rehearsing the various hymn-tunes, chants &c., composing their programme for the festival under the leadership of the following gentle- men Messrs. William Hu?he.<,A.C Evan Thomas. I ihomas 1 horn as, Mial Williams. The conductor of the Gymanfa was Mr. Harry Evans, A.R.C.O., who is deserving of great praise for the really excellent singing which was heard throughout the day. The morning meeting was held at Bryn Sion Chapel, under the presidency of Mr. Thomas Thomas, Penywern, when the following hymns were sung with much fervour Abergele, Emlyn, Belmont, St.Aelred, Byd o Erlidiau, America, Sandon, the chant Croft, together with a duet by Messrs. Thomas P. Jones and J. Thomas, Penydarren. Recitation, "Gor- phenwyd," by Miss Davies, Broad-street, solo, "Penill ardderchog adroddodd fy Xhad," which was sung by Madame Annie Lewis-Jones. These were greatly enjoyed, and the committee are to be highly com- plimented for introducing these items into the programme. A prize was offered by the committee for the best hymn-tnne to the words, "Angau'r lesu," and the successful competitor proved to be Mr. Meth Lloyd, G.T.S.C. Mr. Harry Evans played the successful tune on the organ, and Mr. Lloyd was con- gratulated on producing a composition which would undoubtedly prove very popular. The afternoon! meeting was held at Gwernllwyn Chapel, under the presidency of the pastor, Rev. R. Trevor Jones, when the singing reached a higher pitch of excellence than was shown in the morning. Crugybar, Morningtcn, Wynnstay, Blaenhafren, I Bwy y Perthyn Mawl, Henryd, Hebron, were the hymns sung. The follow- ing also took part: —Recitation, Y Goron Ddraen." Mr. John Jones, Pant-road solo, Yr Arglwy(ld yw fy Mugail," tMiss Winifred ^Rees. Quartet,) "God so loved the World," by Misses M. A. Watts, E. M. Jones, Messrs. E. R. Evans and Evan Thomas, and the anthem, Y Mab Afradlon the parts of the father and son were taken by Messrs. E. R. Evans and Mial Williams, both the choir and the soloist acquitting themselves admirably. The evening meeting was held at Bethania, under the presidency of the pastor, Rev. R. S. Williams, when the spacious edifice was uncomfortably filled. The hymns St. Garmon, Shawmet, Treforis, Rhyl. Sychu y dagrau, Trewen, Pererin, Hiraethog, were given with great feeling. Madame Annie Lewis-Jones sang by special request, "Penill ardderchog adroddodd fy Nhad," which was without a duubt one of the richest items of the whole meetings. Mr. George Hicks recited Gorphenwyd in his usual masterly style, and Mr. Mial Williams contributed a bass solo. The requiem in memory of the late Eos Morlais, which was com- posed by Mr. Tom Price, Merthyr, received splendid treatment under the skilful conductorship of Mr. Harry Fvans, and had to be twice repeated. The chorus, "Hallelujah to the Father" was rendered with good taste, considering the great disadvantage which the choir laboured under owing to the great heat. The Rev. R. S. Williams at this stage of the meeting presented Mr. Meth Lloyd with a handsome book prize, and made complimentary references to Mr. Lloyd's able qualities as a musician. Thus ended the 1896 musical festival of the Welsh Congregational is ts, and all eoncerned have leason to bo proud of the results of their efforts, more especially their youthful conductor, who preved himself to be a master conductor of festival singing. RECHABITIJS.—A large number of juveniles and adults attended Caersalem Chapel, when a splendid lantern entertainment was gone through, the story being One of his Jewels." The lantern was manipu- lated by Messrs. W. J. Jenkins and Thomas Tnoma?, and Mrs. Shem Williams read the story. The chair was occupied by Mr. William Rees, and the evening's enjoyment was contributed to by Messrs. William Morris and Fred Hier, who sang solos. FORESTERS' SUPPER AT THE BEEHIVE HOTEL.—On Thursday evening last the annual supper, held in con- nection with the Ancient Order of Foresters, Court 4,858, took place in the spacious clubroom of the Bee- hive Hotel. There was a large attendance of mem- bers and friends to do justice to the splendid repast which Host Rawlinson had provided. After the removal of the cloth, the following programme was gone through, Dr. H. L. Hughes in the chairjr—Toast, The Queen," given by the Chairman song, "Sol- dier and a Man," Mr. James James song, The Diver," Mr. David Davies (encore song, Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep "); toast, The Court Lodge," given by Mr. David Lloyd, secretary, and responded to by Mr. Beytton song, I Can't Change It," Mr. R. Rawlinsou; song, "You Married Men Beware," Mr. John Thomas; toast, The Town and Trade of Dowlais." given by Mr. J. King Price, and responded to by Mr. Levinsohn song, Hob y Deri Dando," Mr. B. Williams song, The Drummer Boy," Mr. Kemp Mr. Crad Evaus contributed a comic song in good style. The proceedings terminated wi:h Mr. David Davies singing Hen WIad fy Nhadau."











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