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MERTHYR COUNTY COURT. Friday. — Before His Honour Judge G wilym Williams. N-iii DEFAULT SCMJIONSKS.—A. Bullock, of Belfast, for whom Mr. W. K. Smyth appeared, sued W. Thomas, diaper, Hat House, Merthyr, for £ 5 8s. 6d. for goods sold.—Defendant did not appear, he having, it was stated, executed a deed of assignment for the benefit of 1118 creditors.—Judgment for plaintiff for amount claimed, with costs.—-W. H. Flett and Co of Liver- lxiol, for whom Mr. Beddoe appeared, sued Hariis and Company, grocers, Dowlais, for £ 9 5s. 6d. for goods sold.—Judgment for plaintiff for full amount, with costs. -J. D. Lloyd and Son, Merthyr, for whom Mr. W. W. Meredith appeared, sued Joseph Trace, grocer, Tre(legar, for JE:3 4s. 5d., balance of account due for goods sold. -,Judt-n)en t for amount claimed, with co.sts.-S. W. Fine, of Troedyrhiw, for whom Mr. W' W. Meredith appeared, claimed £9 9s. 6d. from Alfred Mayo, Aherdare Junction, for the value of furniture had by defendant from plaintiff on the hire system, and wrongfully sol(1 by defendant. Judgment for plaintiff for amount claimed, payable in instalments of 71;. 6d. a mouth. A DOLI.S HOU.SK.—Mr. G. J. O'Neill, Dowlais, sued Mrs. Williams for the amount of 95 7". 3d. due for a doll's house supplied to the defendant, who is a schoolmistress in the employment of the Aberdare School Board. —Mr. Beddoe appeared for plaintiff, and Mr. C. Kenshole, Aberdare, for defendant. —The sum of JS2 10s. had been paid into court.—The plain- tiff said the doll's house had been to the de- fendant, it having been ordered by Mrs. Rosewarne, plaintiff's sister, and an assistant teacher at Mrs. Williams' school. A bill was sent to the defendant for the house; defendant wrote saying she had not ordered the article, and was therefore not liable however, as the house had been made and senc, she would endeavour to get the Board to pay for it. This had been done, but the Board refused to pay. Ul- timately the defendant returned the houxe, and it was now at the Great Western Station. Dowlais. The key had been sent by post, but plaintiff returned it. -Cross-examined by Mr. Kenshole He had not had any direct communication with the defendant. The order came tbrougli his sister. No price had been mentioned.—In reply to His Honour The model was of deal it contained four looms and a staircase. Clara Rosewarne,plaintiff's sister,sfioke to a conversa- tion she had had with defendant, who expressed a desire to have a doll's house for the school. Witness said her brother was a cariienter, and would make one for her. The model was made and sent, and it re- mained in the school for nine months. Defendant never disapproved of the model. — Cross-examined by Mr. Kenshole Defendant, in the conversation with witness, had not mentioned any price or design.— —John Williams, builder, Castle-street, Merthyr, aid, he\liad seen the model, and valued it at £ 5 7s. 5d. —Mrs. Williams said she had had a conversation with heraMistant, Mrs. Rosewarne, about getting a dolls' house for the school. She had not asked Ml*. Rose- warne if she knew of anyone who could make a dolls' house. Mrs. Rosewarne said her brother would make one for the school. The house came, and soon after a. bill followed. Witness showed the bill to Mrs. Rosewarne, and asked what it meant. Mrs. Rosewarne replied that the did not think the amount would have been so much. Witness said she did not think any charge would have been made. She suggested the Board might pay because plaintiff hud gone to the trouble of making the model. Mrs. Rjsewarne, as an assistant-teacher at the school, was naturally interested in the progress of the school, and witness thought the model was a gift from her assistant's brother to the school.- Thomas Roderick, builder, Aberdare, valued the model at £2 10s. This witness caused much merriment by criticising the details of the valuation put in by a previou: witness. —Judgment for plaintiff for 24. Dot; RUN OVEK.—DAVIES V. CARTKR. — In tiii- case plaintiff sued defendant for E3 10s., the value of a Pomeranian dog, which was run over by defendant's cart and killed on the road near Aberfan.—His Honour held that plaintiff had no case, and judg- ment was given for defendant.—Mr. Beddoe appealed for plaintiff, and Mr. Sidney Simons for defendant. PHOSSER v. FINE.—Mr. David Prosser, Treharris, ¡ sued Fine Brothers for JB25, rent and damages due in respect of 32, Perrot-strect, Treharris. The question was whether the tenancy was annual or monthly. Mr. D- I. Phillips. Mountain Ash, appeared for plain- tiff, and Mr. Beddoe fo- decendi>nt. Tie premises in question were Qiigin;illy a. private house, but plaintiff, at defendant's repeated requests, converted them into a shop, at the ex pen ie of £ 50. The plaintiff argued that he would not have gore into this expense had the tenancy been a monthly ( n«. The defendants, on the other hand, said the rent was paid monthly, and that the tenancy of all the plain- tiff's houses, or most of them, was a monthly c n-Jii 'g;jieitt for 1)1,tiiltiff for the full amoun*, t) be paid forthwith. DtSCHAM.K.-Mr. W. Webley, dealer in fancy goods, Bethesda-street, who became bankrupt several years ago, applied for his discharge. The report of the Official Receiver, showed that the assets realised J629 6s. 7d., yielding to the creditors a dividend of Is. 2d. in the £ .—His Honour granted the discharge, subject to susjiension for six months.—Mr. Beddoe appeared for the applicant.





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