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YAYNOH PARISH MEETING. On Monday night the Vaynor annual paris), meet- ing was held at the Infant Schoolroom, Cefn for the purposo of electing fifteen parish councillors for the ensuing year. There was a fair attendance, Mr. John Rogers, J. P., the retiring chairman, presiding pro tern. After explaining the object of the meet- ing, All. Rogers vacated the chair, and some time elapsed befure a chairman was forthcoming. Nearly a dozen names were proposed, each declining, and eventually Mr. Jan.es Wilkin- of the Church Tavern Inn, Vaynor, was selected. Nomination papers were then handed in, and after being alphabetically arranged, the names of candi- dates, 28 in number, were read out as follows, together with the proposers and seconders :— 1.— Erancis Allan, High-street, railway guard proposed by David Williams, seconded by Joseph jjlewelyn. 1 2.—Daniel W. Davies, 41, Pontstici!road, farmer, proposed by Thomas E. Jones, seconded by Ihomas Morgan. ^•"RP^S Ga.l_,ej licensed victualler, promised by y ams' ■eeond«l by Joseph Llewellyn. William Bowen Griffiths, Baptist minister, pro- posed by J. H. Davies, seconded by H. Simons. John Harpur, Cefn Cottage, ptoposed by John Rogers, seconded by Roliert Davies. 6.— illiam Harris, 4, Bank-terrace, proposed by David Wdbams. seconded by Itees Galje. 7. 'Villiam Ittiglie. 69, High-street, grocer, pro- posed by David Williams, seconded by William Morgan, Pontsticill. 8.Daniel Jenkins, Cwmtaf, proposed by David Williams, seconded by.Joseph Llewelyn. ^• ^•I- E. Jenkins, rector of Vaynor. proposed by David Williams, seconded by Joseph Llewelyn. Isaac Jones, Goitrecoed-road, proposed bv James Davies, seconded by Thomas Morgans. H-~Edward Lewis, 14, Field-street, proposed by Joseph Llewelyn, seconded by John Williams. J0"56)''1 Llewelyn, collier, proposed by David Williams, seconded by Rees Gabe. 13.-Lewis Meredith, Vaynor, proposed by Rees Gabe, seconded by William Harris. Watkin Meredith, Cemetery Lodge, proposed by J. H. Da vies, seconded by Thomas Morgans. Is*—John Morris, proposed by Richard Price seconded by W. B. Griffiths. homas Morris, Pontycapel Brewery, pro- posed by Thomas Powell, seconded by Lewis Harris. 17.Matthew Owen, schoolmaster, proposed by Isaac Powell, seconded by E. Price. 18- James Parry, Pontsticill, proposed by John Morgan, seconded by James Jones. 19.—Morgan Parry, proposed by Joseph Llewelyn, seconded by David Williams. 20- Richard Price, 29, High-street, Cefll, teacher, proposed by E. Jones, seconded by William Hughes, grocer. 21.—John Rogers, secretary to Cyfarthfa Works, proposed by John Harpur, seconded by Robert Davies. 22.-Hev. Thomas Salathiel. proposed by Matthew Owen, f-econded by William Pickeral. M.—WiUiam Silvanus, proposed by William iidwards, seconded by Watkin Meredith. 24.-U illiam Skim, proposed by James Jonrs, seconded by Ree< Gabe. 25.—Richard M. Watkins, farmer, proposed by Samuel Roderick, seconded by John Thomas. 1> 26. --David Williams, 1. Farm Houses, proposed by Reed Gabe, seconded by William Harris. 27. -Watkin Williams, Cefn, proposed by Robert Davies, seconded by John Harpur. 28.—William Williams, 9, Old Church street pro- posed by William Edwards, seconded by James Williams. The Chairman then invited the electors to ask any of the candidates any questions they wished, and in reply to motor, Mr. Price, one of the deputation appointed to see Mr. D. A. Thomas, M.P., with regard to the Cilsamvs Mountain, explained the action he had taken, which appeared to give satis- faction. In accordance, with Jaw, five minutes were allowed any of the candidates to withdraw, and before the expiration of the given time Edward Lewis (Xo. 11), and William Williams (No. 28) withdrew their candidature. A considerable time was then taken up in counting votes by dlOw of hands, the proceedings lieing more than once interrupted with cnes of Let's go to the poll," "Let's have it fair and square," the Chairman remarking that the votes must be taken first. After the counting of the votes, the result was made known as follows :-1, William Hughes 2, D. W. Davies; 3, Richard Price, Abermorlais: 4, Matthew Owen 5, John Rogers; 6, Watkin Meredith 7, James Parry 9, John Morris 9, David Williams; 10, W. B. Griffiths; Rev. W. Silvanus: 12, Rev. Thomas Salathiel; 13, Watkin Williams; 14, Jos. Llewelyn; 15, Thomas Morris. Messrs. Lewis Harris and Richard Pond then demanded a poll, and it was accordingly decided to allow the election to be fought in the usual way. The 26 candidates will therefore go to the poll. Sin,—I dare say your reporter will give a detailed account of the above meeting held on Monday night. I wish, however, to express my regret at the action of these persons who have invoh cd the parish in an expensive and unnecessary election. It is more than probable that the constitution of the next Parish 't Conneil would have been amicably settled except for the unwise interference of three persons who must be held responsible for this extra burden. And who are these ? Cefn people are well aware that rates, bo they light or be they heavy, are of very secondary consideration with them. Of Mr. Lewis Harries and Mr. Joseph Llewelyn, who were loud in their demands for a poll, I ask how much of this unnecessary expense will devolve upon them ? Mighty little. Mr. Llewelyn, as a member of the School Board, ought to know that the rates of the parish are already exorbitantly high, owing mainly to the heavy precepts issued by the Board, and yet he has the effrontery to demand a poll, in order to satisfy the whim of a few irresponsible persons whom he thinks he lepreKeits. Ratepayers of Vaynor Will you allow yourselves to be led by the no<e by tactics of this sort ? Show your strong disapproval of such methods by bidding these would-be candidates turn- about-face. The laIJt Council was a splendid one. Are the new candidates proposed at the meeting superior to the old members ? I trow not. 1 tm: t, therefore, that the old members? will be triumphantly returned.—Yours, &u., BKTCHAN.







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