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FINE FAMILY FLOUR /o'/ /o FOR THE HOUSEHOLD. <& a I k /&/ pm,E j y Wheaten MEAL //V L J F0U /&/ BROWN BREAD. Recommended by the best Analysts and Physicians.^ To be obtained in Sacks and Small Bags from all Provision Merchants in this District. ytwmu*rR0M j. REYNOLDS & Co., 3e11) ALBERT MILLS, GLOUCESTER. Public aunounccmcntg. MISS P. LEWIS, DRESSMAKER, 86, Lower Thomas-street, Merthyr ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. BEST WORK GUARANTEED. MODERATE CHARGES. 1-5659 FIATHS, LAVATORIES, 1\1\<1 WATER CLOSETS, A SPECIALITY. FRANK S. williams PLUMBBB, Ac., HONG KONG PASSAGE, IIIGH ST., door to Mr. Daniel Jones, Eootmaker, MERTHYR HVMBING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. 2 the shortest notice, and at vcr7 c"rg«8. PBITATf APPWSS: 50. WILLIAM STREET, MERfHYR. Orders by Post rco-ne immediate attention. Workshop: HONO KONG PASSAGE, MERTHYR. ATLAS FURNISHING CO. LIMITED, "JjAYES J^UILDINGS, £ 1ARDIFF. BV TAB THS MOST BXTESSIVB COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS IN THI PRINCIPALITY. We Supply Every Requisite tor the Cumplete Iur- Otshingof COTTAGE, VILLA, OR MANSION tX Ca,b' or Pn Easy Terms considerably Cheaper ^imost the Firms who advertise to bell ^y. Tbi* we are able to do through being LARGE BUYERS OF MATERIALS ANTI BON AIlDE^l AN UFACT URER3 | Principal C^dTwe Bel!. An appreciable idea J of the I j EXTENT OF OUR STOGK I* Rained by making • 'tour'^oug^ir "bowrooais. Warehoubes, and Workshops. £ 50,000 WORTH OF STOCK to select from. lf «»ired, terms mnv be arranged to suit customers' ^vertience. })on't forget tnat we are .31, J^EMIER 'JJOUSE JpURNlSIIERb IK WALES. A* immense Stoek always on hand of CABUsET& SUITES, MIRROR^ BOARDS,' CHIFFONNIEHS, CARPET., ^'OLEUMS, FLOORCLOTHS, and all kinds of | furniture, Watohee, Clocks, Jewellery, etc. *Uc?««ors to HUTC'HINS A CO. for the bole Agency of WHEELER AND WILSONVS E WING Li A C H IN E a A"Wled«dto be ore of the Beit Machines iu the World. AGENTS VOR CARL OTTOS TEIZE MEDAL PIANOS. ALER3 IN ALL KINDS OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. ■Catalogue, with Prices and Terms, tree on Application. ALl. GOODS DELIVER ED FREE WITHIN 100 MILES. UrR" J) ECORATIVE JJEPAIRTMENT THE FINEST AND BEST IN CARDTL 1 • BALLROOMS, CONCERT ROOMS, & ARTISTIC ALI A' DECOR AT ED. FECIAL DECORATIONS FOR THE TOWN HALL ASSEMBLY-ROOM^. ^HAIRS, SETTEES, AC., LENT ON HIRE TERMS* MODERATE. ON CyLT ADI'RESS IN CARDtff _.II JjUILTMNCiP, £ 1ARDIFi\ ) 4f •MNMBMB-STREEr, LONDON, W.C'. public Bnnouncementa. T. WHITTY EVANS, LICENSED AUCTIONEER, VALUER, AND ACCOUNTANT, REQUESTS the honour of your favours and ) recommendation. Prompt settlements. Offices: EAGLE INN, ABERDARE. [5606 STRONG, THII: POWERFUL, B D CO.'H EVER RISING. VR! A RT BRISTOL DISTILLING Co., Lrr. lOAD1, C'ilEF.SB LANE, BRISTOL -Xamfl'ti and Prices en application. BUYING AGENTS WANTED. [5469 DAVID EVANS, ACCOUNTANT AND AUCTIONEER, 51, Gwaelodygarth Terrace, MERTHYR. ENGLISH AND WELSH SALES ATTENDED. J. LL. ATKINS, F.A.I., AUCTIONEER. VALUER, ACCOUNTANT, and GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT. Offices: Gcllyfaelog Cottage and 20, Upper Union- Street, Dowlais. Agent for the Liverpool, London, and Globe Insur- *nc« Co., the United Kingdom Temperance and Provident Institution, snd the Ocean Railway Acci- dent Co. Also for the White Star Inman, and 1 American Steamship Companies. LLANDOVERY COLLEGE. ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS, .1A: ,1396. | Two of £ 25 a year each. Two of £20 „ Two of jE15 „ Two of £ 10 Six of £8 Be. „ 'The EXAMINATION will begin at 3 p.m. in the SGIIOOI Hall, on WEDNESDAY, Jan. 15tb. Three grades of iwlw-r.-t will be—Senior, Intermediate, and Junior. The School Fees 40 guineas a year for board, and £883. a. year for tuition. The Distinction" List for itie year 1895 iu- dudes Six Scholarohips and Exhibitions at Oi- ford and Cambridge, one being the First Mathe- matical Scholarship. JC100 a year, at Hert- ford College, Oxford 21 Higher Certificates, and 23 Distinctions from the Oxford and Cam bridge Schools Examination Board, bracketed in the 10th place in the tinml-er of Certificates, and m the 7th place in the numher of Distinctions, in the 1st place in the number of Distinctions in Mathematics, in the 1st place in the number ot Distinctions in Mechanic", and in the 2nd place in tha number of Distinctions in Enclibh 6th place, with flO prize in Honours, London Matriculation, June, 1895. There are about 180 boys in school, of whom 150 are boarders. The resident staff consists of 11 Graduate* of Oiford and Cambridge. There are classical and modern bides in two distinct departments, boye' studies and reading-room, a large librarr, a laboratory, and a eaniiorium. Poy) are prepared for the Uni- versities, for the professions, for the Civil Service, J and for business. There are three fields for cricket and football, one covered and two open fi tw-oourt-, and a gymnasium. Regular instruction is given to the whole school in drill. Next Term will begin on FRIDAY, January 17th. Boarders return previous day. For particulars apply to the Warden, College, Llandovery. To House and Property Owners Generally- R. H. LUSCOMBE, PAINTER AND DECORATOR, Ac., 44, Victoria-street, Dowlais, R.H.L. bege to thank his customers for their liberal support in the past year, and respectfully draws their attention to the large and cfaoic* stock of Paperhany- ings, Paints, Varnishes, Ac., 4c., which he has. FAFP!RHAXGl.Tc.s.-10,000 pieoes ofChoic* PaperhanR- ing for the ooming season, comprising Pulps," from id. per piece to 2?. 6d.; Satins," from lOd. upwards Sanitaries," from 5 £ d. to 3s. 6d.; Golds," plain, from 7d.; emboMed, from la. Id. to 7«. 6d. per piece. from 7d.; emboMed, from Is. Id. to 7-. 6d. per piece. Having secured the sole representation of one of the leading ENGLISH Manufacturers, I am able to give a Special Discount of Is. in the £ on all orders orer £1. PAIKTS of the finest quality only, from 4id. per pound. VAKNISWKP. Copals," "Crystals," "Church Oak," "Hard Oak," "Body Varnish," "Carriage Varnish," "Elastic," and "Spirit Varnish," of the best makers only. PAIXTINM AXD DECORATING. R.H.I,. giveis personal attention to all branches of the above trade. Sign Writing, Decorations, and Gilding: C;ias<? Kmboseinjf. A mtaf of experienced workmen kept. All orders rec«i^e prompt attention, and general satisfaction guaranteed. Orders by Poet promptly attended to. Agent for "Secootino" for sticking everything. CryBtoffraphs." Windsor and New ton's Artists' | Materials, Ac., Ac. Choice selection of all things kept in btojk. LADIES AND THEIR AILMENTS. It is frequently a subject of considerable debate in a Ladv's mind aa to what is the most effectnal and Certain Remedy to Relieve and Correct all 1 rregularlties of the System, especially as there are now so) many unprincipled and recently- t-prung-up Advertising Quacks, who have no medical experience whatever. L ADIES! Do not delay and waste precious time and money on Worth- less Rubbish, but send etamped- addreesed en velopefor i>articula is of the GOLDEN and RE- LIABLE Medicine which has Relieved Thousands, to Established) A. DASMAII, (Specialist) (50 years of 30 years experience, and you will secure RELIEF and EN.IOV HEALTH,TlAvri- NESS, L'BOS- rriiiTT, and FnXEPOlf. A. DASMAIL, Ili-, I^angdalc, WALTHAMSTOW.

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